Where to Buy Simucube Sim Racing Products: USA, UK & Europe

Should you buy Simucube products directly from Simucube's web store or from a third party reseller? I look at the best places to purchase Simucube wheel bases, steering wheels and pedals.

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Simucube is well known as one of the best premium sim racing brands around thanks in part to the success of the Simucube 2 wheel bases and more recently the ActivePedal. Most Simucube sim racing products carry a premium price tag but deliver class-leading performance and receive incredibly positive reviews from customers. Just check out Simucube’s reviews on TrustPilot or Reviews.io!

Operating out of Finland, Simucube has shipping hubs in both Europe and the United States. This allows them to deliver to a good portion of the globe directly. However, if you are located outside of the EU or US, buying directly from Simucube isn’t an option. Fortunately, they have developed a large reseller network with partners located across all continents.

In this guide, I’m going to look at the best places to buy Simucube products across the world.

Read our buyer’s guide for Simucube where we explain the entire Simucube ecosystem, which products they sell and which we’d recommend.

Find a Simucube retailer in your region

As mentioned, Simucube has partnered with a wide variety of resellers who can officially sell Simucube products. These include popular sim racing and electronics stores located in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

If you are located outside of a direct shipping location of Simucube, using one of these resellers is the next best choice. If you are located in North America or the EU, and you can purchase directly from Simucube though, I would probably recommend it to ensure you maximise your warranty and can get direct Simucube support if needed.

Below is a list of some of the largest Simucube resellers divided into regions. This list isn’t the entire list, with some additional resellers available.

EuropeNorth AmericaAsia
Trak Racer (Global)Trak Racer (Global)Trak Racer (Global)
Demon Tweaks (UK)Micro Center (US)MRP (NZ)
Race Anywhere (Global)Podium 1 (US)Zenkai (JP)
Puresims (Global)GSI (Global)
Virtual Racing Store (DE)Advanced (CA)
GPerformance (SK)

View all Simucube resellers.

Is it better to buy Simucube products directly or through a reseller?

Deciding on whether it is better to buy from Simucube directly or via a reseller is a tricky question. There can be benefits to using either a reseller or shopping directly on Simucube’s website.

Simucube resellers north america


Buying directly from Simucube is only possible if you are located in an EU country or in the United States. If you are located outside of these regions it means Simucube cannot currently deliver to you. In this scenario, you’ll need to look at buying from a reseller who can ship globally or directly from the country you are located in.

Even if you are located in the EU, you may find that Simucube products could be cheaper if purchased from a reseller. If a reseller is located in the same country as you, you may be able to avoid any import charges and access cheaper shipping fees, although this isn’t always the case.


Resellers are independent of Simucube meaning they set their own prices. This can result in Simcube products sometimes being cheaper on a reseller’s website compared to directly from Simucube. This also can work the other way.

Due to Simucube manufacturing their own products, they can potentially sell them at a lower price than a reseller who has purchased the stock. Simucube may run deals and promotions throughout the year, making their official website the cheapest place to purchase their hardware.

It is important to check the sales tax and shipping fees though, as many resellers only show these extra costs at the checkout, making the products appear artificially cheaper up until that point.


The final thing to be aware of, especially if using a reseller is the warranty and returns policy. Simucube doesn’t accept direct returns if you purchased from a reseller. If you do have an issue with your Simucube hardware after purchasing from a reseller, you’ll need to go through the reseller to either return the product or have the issue sorted via warranty.

Below is a quick overview of a few pros and cons of shopping directly with Simucube compared to buying through a third-party reseller.

Where to buyProsCons
Buying from SimucubeCan return directly to Simucube
2-5 year Simucube warranty
Only ships to EU & US
Possible import tax
Buying through a resellerResellers located globally
Prices can be cheaper
Have to contact reseller in case of an issue
Warranty & returns with reseller, not Simucube

How long is Simucube shipping?

When ordering directly from Simucube, your delivery times will depend on your location. Remember, you can only buy directly from Simucube from the EU or US.

  • When buying from the United States, you get free shipping as standard using either UPS, FedEx or DHL.
  • When buying from Europe, there are two shipping options. Free 5-7 day GLS shipping, or express DHL delivery which costs extra (normally around €35-€40).
Simucube shipping times

Simucube prides itself on fast turnaround times for its orders. On its website, Simucube states that when ordering from the EU store, in stock products made before 12pm Finnish time will be dispatched the same day. This can lead to a complete turnaround time from order to being delivered of just 1-7 days depending on whether you choose express delivery.

When ordering from the US Simucube store, its website also states that the order will depart the warehouse either the same day or the next day at the latest as long as the items are in stock.

Where to buy Simucube sim racing products in the US and Canada?

When buying Simucube products from the United States, you have a good selection of places to buy from. Your best bet would always be to check Simucube directly as they have very good shipping times and give you direct access to Simucube support in the case of an issue.

Shopping around a few Simucube resellers that are located in the United States or North America is not a bad idea. You may find a cheaper price on the hardware you are after which could result in a big saving given Simucube’s large price tags.

Below are the most popular options when purchasing from the United States or Canada.

Where to buy Simucube products in the UK?

If you are based in the UK just like we are, purchasing products from Simucube directly isn’t an option as the UK is no longer in the EU. Instead, we need to purchase via a reseller that is either located in the UK or delivers globally. If the reseller is located in the UK, this will often result in the best price as import tax won’t be applied to the order.

There are a few options that fit these requirements. These include brands such as Trak Racer, Race Anywhere and Demon Tweaks. All of these either ship directly from the UK or can be delivered to the UK from Europe.

How long does delivery take to the UK?

Delivery times to the UK will be entirely dependent on the reseller you use. For example, Trak Racer states that they allow 5-10 working days for most deliveries while Race Anywhere only state that they process the delivery within 2 working days. I would recommend checking the checkout before placing your order to see a more accurate delivery estimate.

Where to buy Simucube sim racing wheels in Europe?

Buying Simucube products in Europe will give you the largest pool of resellers to choose from, as well as the option of buying directly from Simucube. The Finnish company use DHL and GLS as its primary shipping partners in the EU and gives you a few delivery options to choose from including free shipping.

If you are shopping around to try and find a more local reseller to buy from, you have a good choice. There are over 20 different official Simucube resellers in Europe to choose from. Each reseller will have a different delivery estimate and cost, meaning it can be time-consuming to shop through all resellers.

Based on the overall value of most Simucube products, it can sometimes pay to spend a little time shopping around before making your final purchase. Do remember to research the reseller’s policy on warranty claims and returns as these will have to be dealt with by the reseller if you do not purchase from Simucube directly.

Can you buy used Simucube products?

Given the value of Simucube products, purchasing second-hand or used hardware can save you a lot of money. The main thing to be wary of when purchasing second-hand Simucube hardware is how long has it been around for, if it is an old product or a newer product and whether it has any warranty left.

Simucube products come with either a 2 or 5-year warranty as standard depending on the product you opt for. Simucube 2 Ultimate wheel bases and ActivePedals have a 5-year warranty whilst most other products only have 2 years.

Simucube build its products to an incredibly high standard and failures and issues aren’t commonplace. Looking at customer reviews for Simucube products gives confidence in how long products will last and how well-built they are. This means second hand products should last a good amount of time, and can save you a lot of money.

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