Where to Buy MOZA Racing Wheels – USA, Canada, UK & Europe

MOZA Racing are relatively new to sim racing, but they have set up a good network of stockists and resellers, allowing you to purchase MOZA sim racing products from anywhere in the world. Here are the best places.

Where to buy MOZA Racing Products
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Below is a selection of quick links to the best places to purchase MOZA Racing products across the world. For more information about these options and information on delivery, import tax etc, please read our in-depth guide below.

United Kingdom
United States
Asia & Oceania

Where To Buy MOZA Racing Wheels In The UK?

If you’re purchasing MOZA sim racing products in the UK, you have three good options. You can purchase directly from MOZA Racing themselves. Or you can use one of their official resellers.

The resellers for MOZA in the UK are GT Omega and Abruzzi. Both of these resellers sell the majority of MOZA’s current product lineup.

Are There Any Import Fees Delivering To the UK?

If you purchase from MOZA’s own online shopfront, your order may be subject to VAT or import fees. MOZA typically deliver their products from their Chinese warehouse, meaning VAT may be payable once the products reach the UK.

Who Is The Official MOZA Racing UK Distributor?

As mentioned, there are two official resellers for MOZA products. Abruzzi stocks almost every MOZA product, and GT Omega stocks most MOZA products. Both of these UK resellers offer fast delivery to anywhere in the UK.

How Long Is Delivery To The UK?

When ordering from MOZA directly, you may have to wait for your order to be dispatched from China, and delivered across the world to the UK. Officially, MOZA state that this can take up to 7-12 days, however, can be much quicker.

Where To Buy MOZA products In the USA?

With MOZA Racing being a Chinese company, you may think that delivery to the US would be both slow and expensive. However, that is far from true.

MOZA does offer 3-7 day domestic US shipping for a variety of sim racing products.

When ordering from the official MOZA web store, you can have your order delivered to your door in under a week. This is possibly the best method of purchasing MOZA products.

Find out more about MOZA’s domestic US shipping here.

How Long Does MOZA Take To Ship To the US?

MOZA Racing do now offer 3-7 day domestic shipping to anywhere in the US. This means that you can have your MOZA Racing products within a week of ordering them.

Where is the cheapest place to buy MOZA products in the US?

Currently, the cheapest place to purchase MOZA products in the US is via MOZA’s own web store. Their current resellers both charge slightly more for the same products.

When you factor in MOZA’s own fast domestic US shipping, their web store is the best place to purchase MOZA products currently.

Where To Buy Moza Racing Wheels In Europe?

Depending on where you live in Europe, there is a selection of resellers available from a wide range of European countries. You can also purchase MOZA Racing products directly from their website and have them shipped anywhere in the EU.

For a full list of European resellers, visit MOZA’s reseller page.

Do I have to pay VAT on MOZA products delivered to Europe?

All prices on MOZA’s website and on their resellers sites exclude VAT. You will be charged VAT depending on which country you have your order delivered to. And this is the case no matter whether you purchase from MOZA directly, or from one of their resellers.

Where is the cheapest place to purchase MOZA products in Europe?

Prices of the same product vary from reseller to reseller. Some will offer the same price that you can find from MOZA’s store. While others list the products for slightly more.

In most cases, this makes MOZAZ’s own web store the cheapest place to purchase any of its products.

Where To Buy MOZA products In Canada?

Much like if you were purchasing from the mainland US, the best place to currently purchase MOZA products in Canada is from MOZA’s online store directly.

MOZA official resellers in Canada

If you want to purchase any products from a reseller rather than directly from MOZA, you currently have a choice of two different resellers.

Both Sim Motion and Pit Lane Sim Racing are official US resellers for MOZA. And both offer delivery and shipping to Canada.

Where To Buy MOZA products In China and Asia?

Those purchasing sim racing products from MOZA in China or Asia have a slight advantage over those in Europe or the US.

This is because MOZA is a Chinese company, meaning delivery and shipping to Asia can be much faster than in the rest of the world.

Due to MOZA’s location in China, it may be more efficient and cheaper to purchase their sim racing products directly from their online store.

However, MOZA has partnered with a range of official Asian sim racing resellers. You can view each reseller using the link below.

Where To Buy MOZA products In Australia?

If you live in Australia, you have a couple of options for buying MOZA products. You can either purchase from MOZA directly, or you can use their only official Australian reseller.

MOZA have partnered with Australian sim racing company Pagnian as their official Australian reseller. Products from Pagnian may be slightly more expensive than from MOZA directly, however shipping should be faster.

Where To Buy Used MOZA Racing Wheels?

As MOZA Racing are a relatively new brand, finding used products can be tricky. Most people will have only purchased a MOZA sim racing product in the past year or so, meaning there isn’t a large used market currently.

As the years progress and MOZA release more and more products, it will become easier to find used products. But as of now, your best bet is to purchase a product new from MOZA or one of their resellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is MOZA Racing delivery?

The time it takes MOZA to deliver to you depends heavily on your location. Across the UK and Europe, delivery can span up to 7-12 days. Whereas if you re in the US, delivery can be as quick as 3-7 days.

Where do MOZA deliver from?

MOZA Racing are a Chinese company with warehouses in China. They do also use a reseller network all over the globe, allowing for faster delivery in some locations

Do MOZA use third party retailers?

MOZA have partnered with a variety of sim racing shops to create a strong reseller network across the world. This can allow them to offer products at more competitive prices as well as utilising quicker delivery.

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