Best Place To Buy Logitech Racing Wheels In The USA, UK & Europe

Logitech sim racing wheels are widely available from a variety of different resellers and retailers around the globe. But where is the best place to buy a Logitech racing wheel from?

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Many sim racers, including myself, start their journey into sim racing with a Logitech racing wheel. Some of the best entry-level racing wheels have been produced by Logitech. These include older wheels such as the G27 and G29, through to the most recent G923.

Logitech is a brand that heavily utilises a reseller network to sell their products. You can buy from Logitech directly, and their prices are often competitive making them the best option in many instances. However, if you shop around their various resellers, you may be able to find cheaper Logitech sim racing products.

In this guide, I’ll look at the best places to buy Logitech racing wheels around the world.

Logitech resellers

Logitech doesn’t list its resellers on its website, more than likely because it would like you to buy directly from its own store. However, there are a range of places where you can buy Logitech racing wheels around the globe.

Below is a small selection of resellers that do stock Logitech products. There are more resellers out there, so it is always worth searching around to see if there is a local reseller.

EuropeNorth America
Logitech (EU)Logitech (US)
Currys (UK)Micro Center (US)
Computer Universe (DE)
Cool Blue (NL)

Where to buy Logitech sim racing products in the UK?

Logitech sim racing products are some of the easiest to come across no matter where you are in the world. Unlike brands such as Fanatec, Asetek, Simucube and others, Logitech has inventory in a much larger number of countries. If you purchased a sim racing product from any of the brands I just mentioned, you’re likely to have to pay import tax as they are often shipped from only a small number of warehouses around the world.

If you’re based in the United Kingdom, buying from Logitech directly can result in incredibly fast shipping and no import tax. Logitech’s standard shipping in the UK is 2-3 days, while you can pay for expedited shipping which reduces this down to just 1-2 days.

The same is true if you opt to purchase a Logitech racing wheel from Amazon. You can often get next-day Prime delivery on Logitech products, and the shipping is likely to be free as well. This makes Amazon a fantastic option for those who prioritise fast and cheap delivery.

The UK also has a range of other resellers including Curry’s and Argos that stock the Logitech G923. Prices at these retailers may not be as competitive as Amazon or Logitech directly. However, the wide choice of retailers that sell Logitech racing wheels means you can often shop around for a good price.

Does Logitech charge import fees in the UK?

With Logitech stocking a wide variety of sim racing products directly in the United Kingdom, you most likely won’t need to pay for any additional import tax. This is also true if you buy from Amazon or another local reseller.

Where to buy Logitech sim racing products in the US and Canada?

Much like the situation in the United Kingdom, Logitech stocks the majority of its sim racing products in warehouses and distribution centres across the USA and Canada. This means delivery times are often very fast when buying directly from Logitech.

Other big retailers such as Micro Center sell Logitech racing wheels and other Logitech products, and these serve as a great place to compare prices.

I would recommend checking Amazon as your first stop, as they often have the lowest price on the Logitech G923, even beating Logitech’s website. If you do find a good deal from Logitech directly, it would be a good place to buy from as you will have direct contact with their support team if anything does happen to go wrong.

Where to buy Logitech sim racing products in Europe?

Logitech has regional websites available for those shopping in mainland Europe. You’ll be able to buy directly from their localised store to ensure fast delivery. If you can find the cheapest price on their own website, I’d recommend opting for that route due to the direct warranty available. Purchasing through a reseller will limit your warranty to the reseller who might have a different process.

Again, much like in other regions, I’d highly recommend checking on Amazon. They always have competitive prices and are often the cheapest reseller.

Should you buy used Logitech products?

Logitech has a large market share when it comes to budget racing wheels. Many sim racers use products such as the Logitech G923 as an entry point into sim racing. Then after a while, they may upgrade to a more performance-focused sim racing wheel.

This means that there are a large number of Logitech racing wheels available on the second-hand market. Places such as eBay and Facebook marketplace are great places to find used Logitech racing wheels.

When buying a used Logitech G29 or G923, just remember that these wheels are quite old. The G29 has been around since 2015 and the G923 since 2020. This means that most used products won’t have any warranty. However, Logitech does implement high standards concerning build quality, meaning many original racing wheels are still running today.

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