Where to Buy Fanatec – USA, Canada, UK & Europe

Fanatec don't have many official resellers, meaning 90% of the time Fanatec's official shop is the best option. In this guide I'll run you through all of the best places to buy Fanatec products across the globe.

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Where To Buy Fanatec

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Below are the quick links for the best places to purchase Fanatec products across the globe. For more information about these options, and info on delivery, import tax etc, please read our in-depth guide below.

Where To Buy Fanatec Wheels In The UK?

Fanatec don’t have any official resellers in the UK, meaning the best place to purchase Fanatec products in the UK, is from Fanatec themselves. While Fanatec are based in Germany, they do offer good shipping and delivery to the whole of the UK. You will occassionally find Fanatec products for sale on Amazon, however this is rare, and most are marked up heavily from third party unofficial sellers.

We would highly recommend avoiding third party sellers, and purchasing from Fanatec directly. This way you will know you have full support and warranty available from Fanatec themselves.

Are There Any Import Fees Delivering To UK?

Update – 2023 – Since leaving the EU, products shipped from Fanatec’s European web store are now subject to import duty fees when being delivered to the UK. These fees aren’t calculated when you purchase from Fanatec directly. Instead, they will be calculated by the delivery company used.

Who Is The Official Fanatec UK Distributer?

Update – 2023 – Digital Motorsports, an Irish-based sim racing brand, also sell brand new Fanatec products. This is handy for UK residents who are looking to potentially avoid importing products directly from Fanatec in Europe.

However, because Digital Motorsports are based in Ireland, import duty is still potentially payable on deliveries to the UK. Despite this, it is good for UK sim racers to have a second option when it comes to purchasing.

How Long Is Delivery To The UK?

When buying Fanatec wheels in the UK, delivery comes directly from Fanatec’s German distribution center. This does mean that all products need to be shipped through Europe, across the English channel and then to your door.

Generally, when ordering from Fanatec directly, it will take around a week or less to receive your order. Usually within 1-2 days, Fanatec will confirm your order and send you a tracking number for your delivery. Then, depending on the delivery method, you should receive your order within 4-5 working days after shipping confirmation.

Where To Buy Fanatec In Canada?

Buying Fanatec racing wheels in Canada can sometimes be a little more costly than in the USA. This mainly comes down to extra shipping costs to get the products in to Canada. Almost all Fanatec racing wheels and other products that are delivered to Canada, come from their official stockist in California.

When looking where to buy Fanatec wheels in Canada, there are two good options.

Fanatec Official Canadian Store

The German company’s official web store is still the cheapest place to purchase a Fanatec racing wheel in Canada. As mentioned, the shipping and delivery costs from Fanatec are a little higher when delivering to Canada. However the official web store is the cheapest place to find the products themselves.

Simulation1 Sim Racing Products

There is another option for purchasing Fanatec racing wheels in Canada, and that is a Canadian sim retailer called Simulation1. Simulation1 is Canada’s largest sim racing centre, and has been in business since 2011. They have a physical sales showroom in Ontario, Canada, and are a great source of sim racing products for Canadians. They are an unofficial Fanatec retailer, selling Fanatec products from their own showroom in Canada.

Although Simulation1 are based in Canada, you will generally find that most products are priced higher here than with Fanatec directly. This is due to shipping, brokerage fees, import duties, and custom Fees. Because Fanatec don’t use any official retailers, there will be an increased price from any third party sellers such as Simulation1.

Where Is Best To Buy Fanatec In Canada?

When you account for the cheaper product price, official product support and warranty, the Fanatec official webstore is the best place to buy Fanatec wheels in Canada.

Where To Buy Fanatec In USA?

Fanatec have an official stockist in California on the west coast of the US. This means that when you purchase directly from Fanatec’s official US store, that your item could be delivered directly from California. This would result in relatively short delivery times, especially if you are situated on the west coast.

When the official Fanatec California stockist doesn’t have an item in stock, it will generally be sent from Germany or China to California, before being processed and sent on to you. However wherever your items are being delivered from Fanatec will give you a rough delivery schedule 1-2 days after you place your order.

Other than the official Fanatec US store, there aren’t any other official resellers of Fanatec products. Buy purchasing directly through Fanatec themselves, you are assured that you can contact official support should any issues arise.

Who Do Fanatec Use For Delivery & How Long Does Fanatec Take To Ship To US?

Fanatec state on their official US webstore, that they use UPS for all mainland US orders as their standard delivery option. This results on an average delivery time across mainland USA of 5-7 business days.

If you are delivering to a business address you receive a guaranteed delivery date, whilst some residential addresses in remote areas may take a little longer.

There are also other delivery options, such as air freight delivery which reduces the delivery time to around 2 days. With Fanatec having an official stockist in California, delivery times across the US are generally on par with delivery times around Europe.

Where To Buy Fanatec Racing Wheels In Europe?

There are a couple of places in Europe where you can buy Fanatec products. The two main places to buy are either from Fanatec directly, or from Amazon EU.

We would highly recommend purchasing directly from Fanatec as the same products on Amazon are often marked up to a higher price. We can only imagine this is due to the commission that Amazon take from any order placed.

You will often find that Fanatec products sold on Amazon within the EU are from unofficial third party resellers. These products are generally second hand stock that unofficial sellers have come across, and some may not come with a full warranty. For this reason, purchasing directly from Fanatec is the best option.

Due to Fanatec being based in Germany, in the heart of Europe, shipping costs for various parts of Europe are among the cheapest that Fanatec offer. This is another good reason to trust Fanatec’s official store.

Where To Buy Used Fanatec Wheels?

Due to Fanatec’s large infrastructure of different wheel peripherals and products, purchasing all of these from Fanatec directly can sometimes become either unpractical or very expensive. Due to this, some sim racers may look to purchase some aspects of their sim racing rig second hand or used.

If you are looking to buy used Fanatec products, eBay would be the best first stop. eBay is rich with used products, although we have found their isn’t often too many sellers selling used Fanatec products. This is a testament to how well built Fanatec products are, as it appears most sim racers are keeping their products for a long time.

Another good place to look for used Fanatec products, would be the official Fanatec Reddit. The Fanatec subreddit is one of the best places to visit to interact with other Fanatec owners. You will find a lot of good resources here, including Fanatec owners occasionally selling used peripherals.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.