Where to Buy Asetek Sim Racing Products: USA, UK & Europe

There are a few places where you can buy Asetek Sim Sports products. In this guide, I'll look at all of the options on where to buy Asetek sim racing products from, including resellers in the UK, US, EU and Asia.

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Asetek Sim Sports may be one of the newer sim racing brands, however, they have launched an incredibly impressive ecosystem of racing wheels, sim racing pedals, steering wheels and accessories.

Asetek has primarily focused on premium sim racing equipment, but they do have a unique upgrade system in place. This upgrade path lets you purchase entry-level Asetek products and physically upgrade them to match the performance of their premium products.

When it comes to purchasing new Asetek Sim Sports products, there is a wide selection of resellers, as well as Asetek’s official web store. In this guide, I’ll look at the best options when choosing where to buy Asetek sim racing products.

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Is it better to buy Asetek products directly or through a reseller?

Asetek does have an impressively large reseller network across the globe. This can be useful for a few reasons, but primarily, it can reduce shipping times depending on where you’re located. However, there can be some drawbacks to buying through a reseller and not directly through Asetek’s website.

Below is a quick comparison of buying products directly through Asetek compared to purchasing through a reseller. As you’ll see, both options have pros and cons.

Where to buyProsCons
Buying from Asetek directly2-year Asetek warranty
Ships worldwide
Possible import tax
Buying through a resellerCan result in faster shipping
Sometimes less import tax
Warranty with reseller

Asetek warranty vs reseller warranty

I would personally recommend purchasing directly through Asetek as all products will come with a 2-year limited warranty. The official Asetek warranty will cover any defects and issues with your Asetek products, and the RMA procedure will be directly with Asetek.

If you do buy an Asetek product via a reseller, the warranty provider will be the reseller themselves. This means you won’t get direct access to Asetek’s support and RMA procedure. This can slow down the process of getting any issues resolved depending on how the reseller deals with their warranty claims.

Find an Asetek seller in your region

I will look at where to buy Asetek sim racing products in different regions in more detail in this guide. However, I thought I’d give you a quick overview of the best places to buy Asetek products depending on region. Below, you can quickly view and visit the best Asetek resellers in your area.

EuropeNorth AmericaAsia
Asetek (EU)Asetek (NA)Asetek (Global)
Upshift (UK)Micro Center (US)Gamer Gear (AU)
Digital Motorsports (IE)Podium 1 (US)Zenkai (JP)
RSeat (FR)SRC (US)Spec (CH)
GPerformance (SK)Advanced (CA)
SimTotal (CL)

Asetek shipping explained

When buying from Asetek directly, they do offer global shipping. They ship their sim racing products to over 40 different countries across Europe, North America and Asia. They also provide different shipping speeds. At the checkout, you can choose between express, economy and postal shipping.

Express shippingEconomy shippingPostal shipping
Most expensiveCheaper shippingSmaller packages
Fastest delivery timesSlower deliver times

Asetek has two shipping hubs, meaning depending on where you are located in the world, your delivery can come from one of two places. Generally, your order will be shipped from the hub that is closest to your location. However, as Asetek don’t have shipping hubs in each country, you may find yourself having to pay import tax in countries like the UK.

Where to buy Asetek racing wheels in the UK?

Asetek ships their sim racing products directly to the UK from their European hub. Since the UK left the EU, any deliveries to England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland may have import tax added to them. Typically, this means that the products won’t have any tax included when you purchase them from Asetek making them appear cheaper than other retailers. Then, the tax is added after shipping, and you’ll be invoiced by the courier.

I would recommend considering buying from Asetek directly as they are the only place to get an official manufacturer’s warranty. If you don’t mind about the warranty, you can order from a UK-based reseller. There are two resellers located in the UK, UpShift and PureSims. Both offer a range of Asetek products, although they don’t stock every single product available.

Are there import fees when delivering to the UK?

When buying directly from Asetek or any other European reseller, you are more than likely going to face import fees when shipping to the UK. This is due to the UK leaving the EU, and is the same with almost all products that are shipped from anywhere inside Europe.

How long does delivery take for the UK?

The time for Asetek to deliver your products from their European shipping hub to the UK will vary depending on the shipping method you choose. The express delivery option is the fastest and can arrive in just a few days.

Where to buy Asetek sim racing products in the US and Canada?

Asetek delivers directly to North America including the US, Canada and Mexico from their own shipping hub. This often makes Asetek’s own website the best place to purchase Asetek products in North America.

There is a selection of resellers offering Asetek products in the US and North America. However, there won’t be much of a difference in delivery times and cost.

Where to buy Asetek sim racing wheels in Europe?

Asetek is based out of Denmark in Europe, meaning the best place to buy Asetek products almost anywhere in Europe is directly from their own website. Shipping between European countries can be incredibly fast, resulting in Asetek offering the best overall service.

Can you buy used Asetek products?

Asetek Sim Sports is a fairly new brand, having only been operating for a few years. This will limit the amount of used Asetek products available, as many sim racers probably haven’t needed to upgrade their Asetek products just yet.

Also, Asetek operates a fantastic upgrade program that lets you upgrade your sim racing wheels and pedals to match the performance of their more premium products by using upgrade kits. This approach means there will be much fewer used Asetek products on the market as sim racers my opt to use these upgrade paths.

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