The Best Place To Buy & Sell Used Sim Racing Gear

Where is the best place to sell your used sim racing gear? In this guide, I'll show you the best options for both buying second hand sim racing gear and selling your old racing wheels, pedals and more.

Sim racing marketplaces buy and sell gear

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Sim racing is a hobby that certainly requires a fair amount of gear. While you can enjoy most racing games using just a controller. You can also add items such as a racing wheel, pedals, gear shifters, a full cockpit and more while chasing increased immersion.

Over time, you may want to upgrade your equipment, maybe for a better racing wheel or a new gear shifter for example. But when you do upgrade, what do you do with your old gear? You could store it in your garage to never be seen again. Or you could sell it online.

In this guide, I’ll look at the best places to sell second-hand sim racing gear, as well as great places to buy already used gear. This second item can save you a lot of money compared to buying everything brand new!

Where to buy and sell second-hand sim racing equipment

Like selling any second-hand products, you can opt for tried and tested methods such as Facebook marketplace, or eBay. You could also try using forums on sim racing websites, or places like the sim racing Reddit. An alternative option is to use a dedicated platform that is designed entirely around second-hand sim racing gear.

Below is a quick overview of the best places to both buy and sell used sim racing gear. I’ve included a couple of main pros and cons for each service, which I’ll explore more in this guide.

eBayLarge audienceHigh sales fees
Facebook MarketplaceFree listingsNot targetted
Sim TraderTargetted at sim racers
Free listings
Not many listings
Simplace MarketplaceTargetted at sim racers8% sales fee
ForumsLarge sim racing audienceHard to navigate

Choosing between eBay, Facebook and a dedicated sim racing platform

Both eBay and Facebook Marketplace are two tried and tested platforms to both buy and sell anything. However, neither of these platforms are targeted towards sim racers. This can make it hard to find products close to you and make it tricky to find buyers for your second-hand gear.

Choosing to sell on either of these platforms can result in long listing times or results in items simply not selling. Of course, this isn’t always the case.

The issues with selling sim racing equipment on eBay

As an example of this, at the time of writing, there is a nearly new Gomez Sim Industries GXL Pro Tony Kanaan Edition Sim Racing Wheel listed on eBay at £500 + £9.50. This is a great deal taking into consideration that this is a wheel that costs over £800 brand new.

Sim racing ebay listing

However, while this is a great deal representing around a £300 discount, the listing has been live for 6 days and doesn’t have a single bid on it.

The reason that this racing wheel may not be selling on eBay is due to it being a very niche product. Also, being high value may make it trickier to sell on a generalised platform such as eBay.

Choosing a dedicated sim racing marketplace

As someone who has purchased and sold second-hand sim racing gear in the past, I can agree with how hard it is to find a buyer or seller on a general marketplace platform. Thankfully, in the past 12 months (at the time of writing) a couple of new dedicated sim racing marketplaces have been launched.

These platforms provide a place for only sim racing gear to be purchased and sold. This means that everyone visiting the website should be looking to buy or sell sim racing gear.

A platform that has just sim racers using it makes it much easier to find potential buyers for your used equipment. But just how good and how popular are these platforms? After all, if there is very little to buy or very few users, they may not be worth using.

The best dedicated sim racing marketplaces

To find out whether a dedicated sim racing marketplace is the best place to buy or sell used equipment, we need to take a look at the best options. Currently, there are two viable sim racing marketplaces that are competing to be the best used sim racing platform.

Sim racing marketplaces buy and sell equipment

There is which is run by pro-racing driver David Perel who also has websites such as SimGrid in his portfolio. Alternatively, there is which is a part of, a large reseller of various sim racing equipment.

Both platforms launched within a month of each other around March-April 2023. Coincidence? Below is a quick comparison of both of these sim racing marketplaces.

Simplace MarketplaceThe Sim Trader
8% fee upon saleFree listings
Many more items for saleOnly 11 listings (at time of writing)
More European listingsMore United States listings
Lower web traffic*Higher web traffic*
*Web traffic checked using SEO tools at time of writing, and may have changed since

You can see from the comparison above that both platforms have their pros and cons. And while they both do things in a similar way there are also distinct differences.

The Sim Trader overview

The Sim Trader has some pretty big credentials. It is owned by racing driver and sim racing enthusiast David Perel. Yes, he’s raced at Le Mans and won the Spa 24 Hour race, twice. He also has a range of other sim racing websites in his portfolio including The Sim Grid and Coach Dave Academy.

You can instantly see from visiting the website that the design is as professional as both of those websites. This makes using The Sim Trader incredibly easy to do.

The Sim Trader
Buying on The Sim Trader

While shopping for used sim racing gear, you can do so with relative ease on The Sim Trader. All listings are displayed nicely in a grid format, with filters allowing you to search by region or product category.

Finding an advert is easy due to the great layout. Once you do find an item you wish to purchase, buying is done via a contact form with the seller. You contact the seller and then arrange payment and shipping from there. This is a little unorthodox, as no payments are taken on site.

Selling on The Sim Trader

If you wish to list your sim racing gear for sale, you can do so completely free. There are no fees to creating a listing, and you won’t pay anything once you sell your gear. This is one of the major positives to selling on The Sim Trader.

You can pay for premium services such as promoting your listing which allows it to appear first in the listings. These aren’t essential, but can increase discoverability.

Simplace Marketplace overview

While Simplace Marketplace does many things in a similar way to The Sim Trader, there are also big differences. is one of the biggest resellers of various sim racing gear in Europe. The marketplace is a division of Simplace which specialises entirely on used equipment.

Simplace Marketplace
Buying on the Simplace Marketplace

Initially, finding items for sale is very much the same as The Sim Trader. The listings are displayed nicely in a grid with various categories to the side.

When it comes to placing an order things are different though. You can actually buy an item directly through the marketplace by inputting your card details and placing an order much like you would on any shopping website.

You also have the option to contact the seller if they haven’t supplied their payment details. This will enter a conversation where you arrange to make payment outside of the marketplace.

Selling on the Simplace Marketplace

Listing items for sale on Simplace Marketplace is relatively similar to The Sim Trader. You can list any item for free, and there are no fees for doing so. However, when you sell your item, SimPlace will take an 8% fee.

While this fee isn’t as large as eBay, it is still considerable. Selling a racing wheel for £200 will cost you £16 in fees.

Which platform is best for buying and selling sim racing gear?

Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing which platform to sell your sim racing gear on, or where to look when trying to find a second hand bargain, the best place comes down to a few factors.

Best place for selling used equipment

Both eBay and Facebook get much higher traffic than either dedicated sim racing marketplace, but that traffic isn’t targeted. Selling gear on these sites can cause your listing to get lost among thousands of other listings.

The Sim Trader is much more focused on US and UK traffic currently, although there are some European listings. The free listings are a real plus point for The Sim Trader, and lack of other listings can help yours be found easily.

Simplace Marketplace is more focused on European listings, and allows for payments to be taken directly. This is great as it can avoid awkward instances of trying to receive money from a buyer. The fees though will impact how much you receive from your sale.

  • Best free listings – The Sim Trader
  • Best for hassle free selling – Simplace Marketplace
Best place to buy used sim racing gear

Finding sim racing gear at lower prices can be done on any of the sites mentioned above. Both eBay and Facebook Marketplace have a much higher number of used gear. But narrowing down and finding the right gear in your country, can be tricky due to lack of filters.

Both The Sim Trader and Simplace Marketplace have much fewer items for sale, with Simplace Marketplace having around 3-4 times the number of items that The Sim Trader currently has.

Currently, I would say The Sim Trader has a slightly nicer UI across the site, with better filters and a nicer design. Despite the lack of items for sale, this site is easier to use, giving it the edge in this department over Simplace Marketplace.

  • Best for quantity of listings – eBay or Facebook Marketplace
  • Best for ease of use – The Sim Trader

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