When Will The Fanatec 2022 Black Friday Sale Start?

With Black Friday 2022 fast approaching, many are asking when is the Fanatec Black Friday sale going to start. Read our guide for all of the 2022 Black Friday news.

When Will The Fanatec Black Friday Sale Start

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Update – The Fanatec 2022 Black Friday sale has been announced. All information can be found here including details of their deals.

There is up to €300 / $300 off of some products including the Podium DD2 wheel base. View all Fanatec Black Friday deals.

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November is here, and that means companies are shifting their attention towards sale and holiday season.

Many brands have already announced their Black Friday deals and started their sale early including a range of sim racing brands.

But so far, sim racing giant Fanatec are yet to announce their Black Friday deals.

So when will Fanatec start their Black Friday sales and will they even have any discounted items for Black Friday? Well, below we have the answer.

When Will Fanatec Start Their 2022 Black Friday Sale?

In previous years, Fanatec announced their Black Friday sale and their discounted items at different points in November.

In 2020, their deals were announced on Black Friday itself. And in 2021, Fanatec started their sale early, around mid-November.

This makes it pretty tricky to guess when they will announce their 2022 Black Friday deals.

With many other sim racing brands starting their Black Friday sales earlier in 2022, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Fanatec Black Friday announcement around mid-November.

The best place to keep an eye on Fanatec potential sales is either by following their Twitter account, or by checking our Black Friday hub.

Our Black Friday hub highlights all of the latest and best sim racing Black Friday deals in 2022.

What Products Will Be Discounted In Fanatec’s Black Friday Sale?

Across the past few years, Fanatec has discounted a range of different products.

2020 saw the mighty CSL DD wheel base discounted along with a large range of other products.

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2021 was a little more subdued with fewer products seeing a Black Friday discount.

Fanatec rarely runs site-wide discounts, instead opting for a more select group of products to include in any sale. This typically means that a few products will be discounted including steering wheels, pedals, and potentially wheel bases or bundles.

Fanatec CEO Thomas said in his statement a few years ago that;

“We always offered just a few products with a decent discount and even announced limited editions (Formula 2018) or new products (McLaren). 

There will be only one or two products (bundles or individual products) on discount. There will never be a general discount of X% on all products or free shipping. This would just accumulate most sales to this one day and create massive handling and logistic problems.

The discounted products will be popular sellers, but unlikely to be newly launched products or products we’ve had on sale before.”

Will There Be A New Product Announced in 2022?

Fanatec has previously utilised sale events to launch new or limited edition products. In the past, this has seen some upgraded steering wheels launching along with limited edition colourways.

Much like all products that Fanatec discounts, there is typically only ever a limited amount of stock released.

This is normally indicated on the product page with a countdown and means that if you fancy picking up any of the products on offer, you’ll have to act relatively fast.

As soon as any Black Friday discounts or announcements have been made, we’ll update our Fanatec Black Friday hub, along with this article.

How Big Will The Discounts Be During A Black Friday Sale?

Typically, Fanatec Black Friday sale events have seen discounts of up to 30% across a range of products.

This discount isn’t guaranteed, however, we can estimate it’ll be within this range due to previous sale events.

Where Can I See All Of The Fanatec Black Friday Deals?

Finding deals and discounts can be tricky. Any sale event may be announced on Fanatec’s website, Twitter or their forum.

For this reason, we’ve created a Black Friday hub where we will show you every Black Friday deal as soon as it’s announced.

View all of the Fanatec Black Friday deals and discounts on our dedicated Black Friday discount hub here.

We will be updating this list daily in the run-up to Black Friday 2022, giving you a one-stop place to view all of the best sim racing discounts.

If you just want to keep an eye on Fanatec Black Friday deals, we have a dedicated Fanatec deals page here. Where we will only show you Fanatec discounted items.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.