How To Use A MOZA Steering Wheel With A Fanatec Wheel Base

The MOZA FSR Formula wheel includes a USB data port for the first time ever. This allows the FSR and future MOZA wheels to be used with other wheel bases including those from Fanatec.

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MOZA FSR Wheel Gameplay

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In December 2022 MOZA announced a new range of products which expand their compatibility massively. Among these products, there were two in particular which will now allow you to use your MOZA steering wheel with a Fanatec wheel base.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to use your MOZA steering wheel with a Fanatec wheel base.

Using MOZA wheels with Fanatec wheel bases

With the launch of the MOZA FSR formula wheel in 2022, MOZA Racing released the first-ever MOZA steering wheel that is compatible with other wheel bases. Before the FSR wheel came along, you could only use MOZA steering wheels with MOZA wheel bases.

There are ways of combining any MOZA steering wheels with other wheel bases using adaptors and quick releases. However, all of these methods would not allow any data or inputs on the MOZA wheel to be used in-game.

The MOZA Racing FSR Formula Wheel includes a dedicated USB data port on the rear of the wheel. This data port is the magic sauce that allows you to use all of the functionality on the wheel while it is connected to any wheel base.

This port allows you to hard wire your MOZA FSR steering wheel to your computer via a USB cable. Then you can use a quick release adaptor to physically mount the FSR steering wheel to any wheel base.

Everything you need to use a MOZA steering wheel with Fanatec wheel bases

So to be able to use your MOZA FSR steering wheel with a Fanatec wheel base, you need a few additional MOZA accessories. These accessories are the only official way of connecting your MOZA steering wheel to a Fanatec wheel base while keeping all functionality such as the inputs and the screen working.

You will need;

  • MOZA Universal Hub
  • MOZA Wheelbase Mount Adapter
  • MOZA FSR Steering Wheel
  • Fanatec wheel base
  • Fanatec quick release & hub

MOZA Universal Hub

The first accessory you’ll need is the MOZA Universal Hub. This allows you to connect your MOZA FSR steering wheel via a cable to your PC.

MOZA Universal Hub

The Universal Hub will allow all of the electronic functions of the MOZA FSR wheel to continue to work, even when mounted to a third-party wheel base.

You will be able to use all of the buttons, encoders and inputs on the wheel, and the display on the front of the FSR wheel will continue to work when hardwired to the Universal Hub.

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MOZA Wheel base Mount Adapter

The second accessory you’ll need is the MOZA wheel base mount adapter. This will form the physical connection between your MOZA steering wheel and Fanatec wheel base.

The shaft of this adapter features the same quick release slots allowing you to easily attach and detach any MOZA steering wheel.

The base of the adapter features a range of hole patterns which is how you will attach the mount to your Fanatec quick release, or any other wheel base.

There are both 50mm and 70mm threaded holes, and it’s the 70mm holes you will be using to mount this adapter to a Fanatec hub.

MOZA FSR Steering Wheel

MOZA FSR Wheel Gameplay

Of course, to be able to connect a MOZA wheel to a Fanatec wheel base you’ll need a steering wheel. Currently, the MOZA FSR Formula wheel is the only MOZA steering wheel which can remain fully functional when connected to a Fanatec wheel base.

However, you can still mount any MOZA steering wheel to a third party wheel base using this method. Just know that none of the electronics or inputs will work without the hard-wired connection that the FSR wheel utilises.

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Fanatec wheel base

You’ll also need a Fanatec wheel base such as the CSL DD, GT DD Pro or the DD1 and DD2. Any of these wheel bases will work perfectly with the MOZA FSR wheel using this method.

And each of those Fanatec wheel bases are excellent choices and among the best sim racing wheel bases you can buy in 2023.

Fanatec quick release/hub

Fanatec Podium Hub Quick Release

The final piece of the puzzle is to ensure that you have a Fanatec quick release and hub of some kind. Almost any Fanatec hub will work with this method, including the Podium Hub, Universal Hub and Universal Hub V2.

You need a Fanatec hub to ensure that force feedback will work. This is because a Fanatec wheel base won’t produce any force feedback if it doesn’t detect that a wheel is attached.

You can trick the wheel base and use any steering wheel along with a Podium Hub or Universal Hub. The electronics inside these hubs allow the wheel base to work as intended.

This Fanatec quick release will act as the mounting point for the MOZA adapter.

How to connect your MOZA wheel to a Fanatec wheel base

Once you have all of the pieces above, you can start to connect all the pieces.

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need to do is attach the MOZA wheel base adapter to the Fanatec hub. You can do this by lining up the holes on the adapter and the Fanatec hub.

Use the screws that come with the Fanatec quick release to attach both pieces.

Step 2

Once the adapter and hub are attached together and the bolts are secure, you can then attach the Fanatec quick release to your wheel base.

This is simply a case of pushing the quick release onto the base if you’re using the QR-1 or Podium Hub. If you’re using the QR1 Lite, you should tighten the screw to ensure it is securely mounted to the wheel base.

Step 3

Then, attach your MOZA FSR wheel to the MOZA adapter, just like you would when attaching it to a MOZA wheel base. Simply push it on until you hear the click that lets you know the wheel is firmly attached.

Step 4

The final step is to hard wire your FSR wheel to your PC via the MOZA Universal Hub. Do this by connecting the FSR to the adapter with an RJ12 cable.

And then, connect the adapter to your PC via USB cable. Once you make the connection and power everything on, the FSR wheel should be showing up in the MOZA Pit House software.

Which MOZA wheels are compatible with Fanatec wheel bases?

Currently, only the MOZA FSR steering wheel features a USB port allowing it to function with Fanatec wheel bases.

Despite the FSR being the only steering wheel which will fully function correctly, you can physically mount any MOZA steering wheel using the wheel base adapter.

However, without the port on the rear of the steering wheel you won’t be able to use any electronic functionality of the steering wheel.

The addition of the wheel base adapter and Universal Hub to MOZA’s product range does lead us to believe future steering wheels will also include the USB port at the rear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a MOZA steering wheel with a Fanatec wheel base?

Yes, you can use any MOZA steering wheel with any Fanatec wheel base as long as you follow the method described in this guide. However, only the MOZA FSR will fully function when connected to a Fanatec racing wheel.

Can you use a Fanatec steering wheel with a MOZA wheel base?

You can also use a Fanatec wheel with a MOZA wheel base. I describe how to do just this in this guide.

What do I need to use a MOZA wheel with a Fanatec wheel base?

You can’t simply connect a MOZA wheel to a Fanatec wheel base without a few accessories. In total, you will need the following accessories, MOZA Universal Hub, MOZA Wheelbase Mount Adapter, MOZA FSR Steering Wheel, Fanatec wheel base, Fanatec quick release & hub.

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