The Crew Motorfest Best Wheel Settings

Here are the best The Crew Motorfest wheel settings for the best force feedback on Xbox, PS5 and PC. Includes settings for all wheels, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, MOZA and Logitech.

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The Crew Motorfest Best Wheel Settings

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The Crew Motorfest provides a fantastic arcade racing experience. I mean, the Hawaiian map features multiple loops. If that doesn’t scream fun arcade racer, I’m not sure what does!

The handling in this Crew game is vastly improved over the past games. It feels a lot more realistic and weighty than previous titles, despite remaining true to its arcade routes.

Ubisoft does a great job of supporting a wide range of racing wheels in The Crew Motorfest across all consoles and platforms. Many racing wheels work right out of the box, and there are a range of different wheel settings that can be changed to improve force feedback.

In this guide, I’ll run through the best wheel settings for all racing wheels in The Crew Motorfest. There are quick links below so you can quickly jump to the racing wheel you have, either Fanatec, Thrustmaster, MOZA or Logitech.

What makes the best wheel settings in The Crew Motorfest?

When you are customising your racing wheel settings in The Crew Motorfest, you should aim to create the best feeling force feedback. Changing the settings to make a racing wheel in The Crew Motorfest feel more realistic is often the best route.

While The Crew Motorfest is an arcade racer, using a racing wheel allows for a semi-realistic feeling. Using the settings below for each racing wheel, you can make The Crew Motorfest feel realistic when racing with a sim racing wheel.

The Crew Motorfest global settings

You have a range of difficulty settings and global settings in The Crew Motorfest which can dramatically affect how the cars feel and behave. Changing these settings will increase the realism.

Many of these settings should be set to your personal preference and skill level. Ideally disabling a lot of the difficulty settings will make The Crew Motorfest feel more realistic.

Difficulty settings such as ABS, traction control and ESP are all core stability assists. Leaving these enabled will change the car’s behaviour under braking and while cornering. Disabling them will make the cars more difficult to control, but they will feel more realistic.

Both drift assist and counter steering assist affect the car’s behaviour during sideways or potential sideways moments. Enabling these will make drifting easier to execute, but will take away some of the realistic weight transfer.

Global wheel settings such as the gearbox, and all presets again can be set to your own personal preference. I have left the majority at default which creates a linear input curve. If you feel like you’d like a little more or less sensitivity in each area, you can customise the input curve to your own liking.

The Crew Motorfest Global SettingsValue
Traction ControlOff
Drift AssistOff
Counter Steering AssistOff
GearboxSequential / H-Shifter
Dynamic RangeOn
Steering PresetDefault
Throttle PresetDefault
Brake PresetDefault
Clutch PresetDefault

Fanatec wheel settings

If racing The Crew Motorfest on an Xbox or PS5 console, some of the best racing wheels that are compatible include those from Fanatec. Both the CSL DD and GT DD Pro racing wheels provide brilliant force feedback on these consoles.

If you want a more realistic driving experience, the more powerful Fanatec DD1 and DD2 provide incredible force feedback and strength. Using either of these wheels with The Crew Motorfest makes for one of the most immersive racing experiences you can get.

Below are our best Fanatec settings for The Crew Motorfest on Xbox, PS5 and PC.

Force FeedbackDamperVibration
Fanatec CSL DD909080
Fanatec GT DD Pro909080
Fanatec DD1858580
Fanatec DD2807580

You can shop all of Fanatec’s product lineup at Fanatec’s own webshop. Or view our Fanatec deals tracker to see if there are any active deals or discounts available.

MOZA wheel settings

MOZA Racing have a great lineup of direct drive racing wheels that span from budget-friendly wheels up to high-performance premium wheels. The newest R3 wheel is completely Xbox-compatible which is a first for MOZA Racing.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R3
Compatibility – Xbox, PC
Price – £399/$399
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

This wheel works brilliantly with The Crew Motorfest on Xbox, while all other wheels work with the game on PC. Below are our optimised force feedback settings for each MOZA Racing wheel in The Crew Motorfest.

Force FeedbackDamperVibration
MOZA R31009580
MOZA R5858570
MOZA R9858570
MOZA R12909075
MOZA R16858065
MOZA R21757565

MOZA Racing has a huge number of settings available to change in their Pit House software. You can spend a long time in Pit House tweaking everything from wheel weight, to return speed and even tuning force strength at different frequencies.

The core settings that you should change in MOZA’s Pit House software are all found in the basic settings screen. These affect important settings which change the global force feedback of your racing wheel. Below are our recommended basic settings in Pit House for all wheels.

MOZA Pit House Basic SettingsValue
Maximum steering angle900
Road sensitivity9
Game force feedback intensity100%
Maximum wheel speed50%
Wheel spring strength0%
Wheel damper50%

If you don’t currently have a MOZA racing wheel, you can view our complete MOZA buyers guide here. Or you can shop all MOZA products on MOZA’s website.

Logitech wheel settings

The force feedback settings below can be used for both the Logitech G923 and the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel. Both of these wheels are very different, so I have included two sets of settings, one for each wheel.

The first column shows our recommended wheel settings for the Logitech G923. The second column shows the settings for the more powerful Logitech Pro racing wheel.

You’ll see that the settings are different for each wheel. These have been tuned to get the most performance out of each wheel while maximising a realistic force feedback feeling.

The Crew SettingsLogitech G923Logitech Pro Wheel
Force Feedback8085

If you are racing on PC, you can also change some settings in G Hub. This is the Logitech software where you can update your racing wheel and change some core settings and profiles. Again, I would recommend different settings depending on which Logitech racing wheel you are using.

G Hub SettingLogitech G923Logitech Pro Wheel
Operating range900900
Centering spring strength20N/A
Audio effects8040
Force feedback filterN/A6

Thrustmaster wheel settings

Thrustmaster racing wheels are among the most popular wheels for sim racers. They offer great value for money and a good range of performance making them attractive racing wheels.

There is a large variety of Thrustmaster racing wheels, with most being compatible with The Crew Motorfest on Xbox, PS5 and PC.

The Thrustmaster T248 is one of the most popular Thrustmaster racing wheels, and is also one of the newest. It is a great pick if you want to buy a Thrustmaster wheel for The Crew Motorfest.

Below are our recommended Thrustmaster wheel settings for The Crew Motorfest on all platforms. Find your racing wheel in the list below, and copy across the force feedback, damper and vibration setting in game.

Force FeedbackDamperVibration
Thrustmaster T128909570
Thrustmaster T248758065
Thrustmaster T818858070
Thrustmaster T150909570
Thrustmaster T300808070
Thrustmaster TS-PC858070
Thrustmaster Control Panel settings

You can change a variety of wheel settings in the Thrustmaster control panel on PC. These will affect how your wheel feels in various ways. I would highly recommend leaving all settings in the control panel at their default value of 100%.

The only setting I would change in the control panel is the overall strength of forces. You can change this depending on which Thrustmaster wheel you’re using.

For most Thrustmaster wheels, I’d recommend a setting of 75%. For the weaker wheels such as the T128, TMX or T150 I would increase this setting to 95%.

The Crew Motorfest wheel settings explained

The Crew Motorfest keeps wheel settings relatively simple and not too overwhelming. This takes away some granular control that sim racers like to have, but it also makes tuning your force feedback settings easier.

There are only really three individual settings that affect the core force feedback from any racing wheel. These are the force feedback setting, the damper and the vibration setting.

The throttle, steering and brake presets all change the input curve and should be set to your personal preference. I leave these settings at default which represents a completely linear input curve.

Force feedback

The force feedback setting is the main control over the strength of all forces. Increasing this will increase the strength of all force feedback felt. Setting this to 100% may not be ideal as this can introduce clipping on some racing wheels.


The damper setting in The Crew Motorfest changes the overall feeling of weight in your racing wheel. Increasing this will make the wheel harder to rotate in fast corners or while your car is stationary.


The vibration setting changes the feeling of vibrations such as riding over kerbs or bumps. These are aside from the overall force feedback and can be lowered or raised to tune this sensation up or down.

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