How To Stop Racing Pedals Sliding On The Floor

When you first start sim racing, often your setup will involve racings pedals just sitting on the floor under a desk. But how do you stop them from sliding when applying brake pressure. In this guide I'll show you a variety of ways to stop your sim racing pedals sliding.

Stop Racing Pedals From Sliding On Floor
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When I first started sim racing, I used to have all sorts of issues with my pedal setup. My wheel was mounted to a desk, and the pedals… Well, they were just floating around under the desk. Of course, every time I even tried to brake the whole pedal set would slide away from my foot. Not great!

However, this problem doesn’t have to be the norm if you don’t have a wheel stand. There are a wide selection of methods to stop your wheel pedals sliding on the floor. And most don’t cost a lot to implement.

In this guide I’ll run through the best options to stop your racing pedals from sliding on your floor. And I’ll point out which ones I’d recommend implementing.

Option 1 – A non-slip mat

Going back to when I was rocking a racing setup that consistent of a desk mounted wheel and pedals just laying on the floor. The way I stopped my pedals from sliding was by using a non-slip mat. In fact, this approach saw me through a good year of sim racing before purchasing an actual wheel stand!

A non-slip mat is the perfect option for stopping your racing wheel from sliding. Especially if you have a wooden floor.

To be honest, the small rubber feet that manufacturers such as Logitech attach to their racing wheels are terrible at stopping the pedals from sliding. On a hard floor such as wood or laminate, these small little feet simply aren’t grippy enough to hold the pedals in place.

Introducing a non-slip mat to the equation will increase the grip between your pedals and the floor massively. The rubber feet on the bottom of the pedals themselves will grip better to the top of the non-slip mat. And the non-slip surface underneath the mat, will prevent any slippage between the floor and the mat.

Non Slip mat to stop pedals slipping

And you can purchase a non-slip mat for a very low price. In fact, if you search for non-slip matting on Amazon, you’ll be present with a whole host of options for under $10 / £10.

Other options which fall into this category, could be a yoga mat, or a door mat which you may not be using. If you have a yoga mat laying around, pop that under your pedals and it should instantly increase your grip between your pedals and the floor.

Option 2 – Carpet grips

Many sim racing pedals available come with in-built gripping mechanisms. And some work surprisingly well.

I mentioned above the small rubber feet, which do not work that well. But racing wheels such as the Logitech G923, include an in-built carpet grip.

This is a pop out strip with little serrated teeth on the under side. And the idea is that if you are racing on carpet, these teeth will grip in to the floor to prevent slippage. And in practice, these do actually work.

If you haven’t tried the built in carpet grip, and you are racing on a carpeted floor. Flip your pedals over, and give the carpet grip strip a go. It may solve all of your problems in one.

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How To Stop Racing Pedals Sliding On The Floor

Not all racing pedals have this in-built grip feature, but that’s not a problem. Just like the non-slip mat option above, you can purchase carpet grip strips for as little as $10 / £10. Search for them on Amazon and you’ll find re-usable strips like the image below.

These work in a similar fashion to double sided sticky tape. You stick them to the underside of your racing pedals, and they will simply grip to the carpet. There isn’t any sticky residue on the underside of the pads which is in contact with the floor, so they wont cause any mess or damage to your carpet.

Option 3 – A larger sized rug / mat

You may already have something in your house which you can use as an anchor for your pedals. You have a medium to large sized door mat, or rug which you aren’t using.

If it is large enough, you could sit your pedals on one end of the door mat, and position your chair over the other end. This will allow your chair to act as an anchor to prevent your pedals moving.

To do this you will need a mat which is probably around a meter in length as a minimum. Essentially you just want it to be able to reach from your pedals to just underneath your chair. If you’re using an office chair, having it so the end of the mat is tucked under the first few feet of the chair should be enough to anchor your pedals.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a rug especially for this approach, as the two options above will do a better job for less than $10/£10. But if you have a small rug laying around, this could solve your pedals slipping on the floor issue for free!

Option 4 – DIY option

If you’re a dab hand with a hand saw and drill, you may want to create a more semi-permanent fix. Across the past few years I’ve seen plenty of DIY sim racing rigs, and the creativity sim racers have is amazing.

From a small wooden structure to house just the pedals, through to a fully custom built rig. The DIY option is fantastic if you fancy a small project.

One of the easiest ways to DIY a fix to stop your pedals from moving is to either anchor them to your seat, or to anchor them to a wall.

A simple piece of wood which is attached to your pedals, and extends and attaches to your chair will do the trick. Or taking the opposite approach. You could wedge a piece of wood behind your pedals, between the pedals and the wall. This would stop them physically moving backwards.

DIY Pedal mount for G920 from r/simracing

Option 5 – Wheel stand

The last option in this guide, is without a doubt the best. However it is also the option which requires the most investment. But that investment doesn’t always have to be extraordinarily high.

You can pick up a wheel stand for under $150/£125, which compared to the price of racing wheels themselves, isn’t too bad.

Brands such as GT Omega produce fantastic wheel stands which can be easily folded away and stored. This will also free up some extra room around your desk or racing area when you aren’t deep in to an endurance race.

Stop Racing Pedals From Sliding On Floor

If I were to recommend any wheel stand, it would without a doubt be the GT Omega Apex wheel stand. It is one of the best on the market, offering a range of adjustments. And it’s also priced very competitively.

View GT Omega’s full range of wheel stands on their website. You’ll also get a 5% discount on all products when using this link


Hopefully, with the above options I’ve provided a good selection of solutions to the common problem of racing pedals slipping on floors. There are a variety of cheap and easy ways to prevent your sim racing pedals from slipping, no matter the type of floor your racing on.

Over time, if you feel you are sim racing more and more often, perhaps look at investing in a wheel stand. A stand similar to the GT Omega Apex wheel stand can help you find a comfier and sturdier sim racing setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way of stopping pedals slipping on the floor?

The absolute cheapest way of preventing pedal slippage, is to use a non-slip mat or sticky pads to stop your sim racing pedals from moving.

How do I keep my pedals from sliding on hard floor?

The best way to stop your racing pedals from sliding on hard floor is to use a non-slip mat. This will create extra grip between your pedals and the floor and prevent them from moving.

How do I keep my pedals from sliding on carpet?

To stop your racing pedals from sliding on carpet, you can look at installing carpet grip strips on the underside of your pedals. Alternatively you can DIY a solution to prevent your pedals from moving, as mentioned in this guide.

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