Simucube Starts Their Black Friday Sale

Simucube has announced their Black Friday deals with 10% off all of their sim racing products. The deals include the impressive Simucube wheel bases and the Tahko GT-21 steering wheels.

Simucube Black Friday Sale
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Simucube are one of the last sim racing brands to announce their Black Friday deals, but the wait may have been worth it. Simucube has discounted most of their products with a sweeping 10% off.

This means savings of up to €260 can be had on some sim racing products.

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What Simucube products are discounted?

Simucube produces some of the most high-end and performance-orientated sim racing products on the market. Products such as the Simucube 2 Ultimate direct drive wheel base have led the field in high-performance wheel bases for years.

Wheel bases

Good news for sim racers who are looking to upgrade their sim racing setup across Black Friday, all of Simucube’s wheel bases are discounted including the Simucube 2 Ultimate.

The deal also extends to the lower-performing direct drive wheel bases such as the Pro and Sport models. Although saying lower-performing doesn’t do the Pro or Sport wheel bases justice, as they are both incredibly powerful.

  • Simucube 2 Sport – €925.20 €1,028.00Buy Now
  • Simucube 2 Pro – €1,071.00 €1,190.00Buy Now
  • Simucube 2 Ultimate – €2,339.10 €2,599.00Buy Now
Steering wheels

During 2022 Simucube launched their first sim racing steering wheel product, the Tahko GT-21. This steering wheel expanded the Simucube product lineup beyond being just a wheel base manufacturer.

The Tahko GT-21 was designed to appeal to all sim racers with a range of features that could be used across different sim racing titles. It was built using high-end materials to give a premium finish to ensure the quality matched the high quality of their wheel bases.

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The Tahko GT-21 is also included in Simucube’s Black Friday sale.

  • Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wheel – €616.50 €685.00Buy Now
  • Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wheel Black – €616.50 €685.00Buy Now

If you already own a Simucube wheel base or steering wheel, you may be shopping for accessories to pair with it. The good news is that Simucube has also discounted both of their most popular accessories.

The SQR quick release is on sale, and so is the emergency stop button.

  • Simucube SQR Quick Release – €49.50 €55.00Buy Now
  • Simucube Emergency Stop Button – €98.10 €109.00Buy Now

When does the Simucube Black Friday event start?

While Simucube were one of the last sim racing brands to announce their deals, they have started their sale right away. The Simucube Black Friday sale is now live, with discounts available right now.

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Free delivery

As a little sweetener on Black Friday, all of Simucube’s products purchased from Digital Motorsport include free shipping. This can help to save a good chunk as shipping a heavy product such as a wheel base can be expensive.

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Simucube Black Friday FAQs

Has the Simucube Black Friday 2022 sale started?

Simucube has announced and started their Black Friday sale.

What products are included in the Simucube sale?

Simucube has discounted their most popular sim racing products. All three Simucube wheel bases are discounted by 10% and their Tahko steering wheels are also included in the sale.

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