Simucube Buyers Guide: All Simucube Products Explained

Simucube produces some of the most premium sim racing hardware from wheel bases to force feedback pedals. Here is our ultimate buyer's guide for the entire Simucube ecosystem.

Simucube ecosystem explained

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If you’ve been sim racing for a while or you have started looking at upgrading your hardware to more premium products, you’ve probably come across Simucube. Based out of Finland, Simucube are manufacturers of some of the most premium sim racing hardware on the market.

Making the leap from more budget or entry-level sim racing wheels and pedals to the high-end products that Simucube produce is a big step. However, it is a step that can be worth the investment if you are looking to maximise performance, immersion and enjoyment.

In this Simucube buyer’s guide, I’m going to run through the entire Simucube ecosystem with the goal of helping you narrow down which products you could be interested in. I’ll look at every Simucube wheel base, steering wheel, pedal set and other peripherals and bring you our recommendations on the best picks from their extensive hardware lineup.

Where to buy Simucube products?

Before I jump into looking at each product lineup in more detail, I first want to address a question I get asked reasonably often. That is where can you buy Simucube products from?

If you are based in the EU or US, the best place to purchase any Simucube products is often directly from their website. They ship directly to EU countries and anywhere in the United States using DHL and GLS. This can result in a pretty quick shipping time from 1-7 days depending on the shipping method you choose.

The main benefit of buying directly from the manufacturer is that you get access to the complete warranty without question. Depending on other resellers, buying elsewhere may make the warranty process a little more complex, as you will most likely need to go through the reseller to make a warranty claim.

Read our complete guide on the best places to buy Simucube products. In this guide I look at all resellers that are located in different regions around the world.

SimucubeFull manufacturers warranty
Fast shipping to EU and US
Trak RacerDelivers globally to some regions Simucube cannot
GSIDelivers globally to some regions Simucube cannot

You can view a full list of resellers here.

Simucube resellers north america

Simucube wheel bases

I’m going to start this buyer’s guide by looking at Simucube’s wheel bases. This is arguably where everything began for the Finnish company, with the Sport, Pro and Ultimate wheel bases often being looked at as the pinnacle of sim racing hardware and force feedback.

Currently, there are three individual wheel bases available that make up the Simucube 2 lineup. Each one varies in both performance and price, but each is compatible with all other Simucube products and are all PC-based products.

Below is an overview of each Simucube wheel base currently available.

Racing wheelInfoPrice
Simucube 2 SportSimucube 2 Sport17Nm peak torque€1233 / $1199
Simucube 2 ProSimucube 2 Pro25Nm peak torque€1438 / $1379
Simucube 2 UltimateSimucube 2 Ultimate32Nm peak torque€3130 / $3949

Whats the difference between each Simucube wheel base?

You can see from the comparison above that Simucube currently sell three different wheel bases. All three look relatively similar in terms of design, especially the Sport and Pro models. The Ultimate wheel base is considerably larger than the others.

If you compare the peak performance and the price of all three Simucube wheels though, you will notice a big difference. All of the models that Simucube offer are premium direct drive wheels. This means each wheel base is firmly in a premium price category. These racing wheels are a long way from budget wheels such as the Logitech G923 and Thrustmaster T248.

Despite all three wheel bases being premium options, there is a big difference in the three models available.

Simucube 2 Sport

The Sport is the most entry-level wheel base that Simucube offers. This wheel still packs a punch thanks to the 17Nm of peak torque available. This is more than many sim racers will feel comfortable racing at, meaning this is often the most popular wheel Simucube sells.

Simucube 2 Pro

Moving up in the range, the next wheel base is the Pro. This increases the peak performance to 25Nm of peak torque, and this matches or beats the performance of the most powerful wheels from popular brands such as Fanatec, MOZA Racing and Thrustmaster. There is a price increase from the Sport wheel, however, it isn’t an overly large increase compared to the big jump in force feedback performance.

Simucube 2 Ultimate

Finally, the range-topping Simucube wheel base is the Ultimate. This creates a class-leading 32Nm of peak torque, which is almost unmatched across all other wheel bases from other brands. The Simucube 2 Ultimate wheel base offers incredible levels of performance and is really only required by sim racers who are looking to maximise the performance from their sim racing setup.

In comparison to the relatively small price increase from the Sport to the Pro wheel bases. There is a huge leap in price from the Pro to the Ultimate, with the most powerful Simucube wheel base costing over double that of the Pro model.

Simucube sim racing pedals

Simucube is a brand that was originally known for producing the incredibly high-performance direct drive wheel bases that I looked at above. However, recently, they have branched out into producing other sim racing hardware. Much like their wheel bases, all of Simucube’s other sim racing products are targeted towards the high-end and performance market.

Their range of sim racing pedals is a great example of this, with their revolutionary ActivePedal costing over €/$2000 for a single pedal. These high prices are almost unheard of among the sim racing community. Even the highest-performing hydraulic sim racing pedals from brands such as Heusinkveld cost no more than €/$1500 for a complete three-pedal set.

Simucube is targeting an extremely small section of the sim racing market with its pedal hardware, tapping into a market consisting of real-world racing drivers and those looking for the highest level of performance available.

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Below is an overview of each of Simucube’s current lineup of pedals.

Simucube ThrottleSimucube ThrottleLoad cell throttle€337 / $369
Simucube ActivePedalSimucube ActivePedalFFB brake pedal€2398/ $2299
Simucube PedalsSimucube PedalsComplete Pedal bundle€2928 / $2889

Simucube pedals explained

Despite offering a range of different bundles and configurations of sim racing pedals, at its core, the Simucube pedal lineup consists of just three products.

There is a throttle pedal which combines a load cell sensor and a high level of adjustability. There is the Simucube brake pedal which Simucube has named the ActivePedal. This is a game-changing force feedback pedal that offers incredible feedback as you brake. Finally, there are pedal bundles that offer different combinations of the throttle and ActivePedal as well as an optional baseplate.

Simucube 2 Pedal Set Gameplay
Simucube throttle

The throttle pedal that Simucube has designed is offered as a standalone pedal or as part of a larger bundle. Much like many brake pedals from other brands, the throttle pedal includes a load cell sensor. This load cell is designed to measure the pedal position providing an accurate in-game translation of your input.

This throttle pedal has really been designed to be user-friendly thanks to the easy adjustments that don’t require any tools to make. It is also the perfect pairing with an ActivePedal, and a much cheaper option compared to using an ActivePedal as a throttle input.

Simucube ActivePedal

The ActivePedal is an incredible piece of hardware that brings true force feedback to your braking inputs. This is something that hasn’t really been done before in sim racing, and after using the ActivePedal, it’s hard to think why it hasn’t been attempted.

The ActivePedal doesn’t use a hydraulic cylinder like many high-end sim racing pedals. Instead, it uses its hardware to provide feedback through the pedal itself. These come in the form of vibrations that help you decipher ABS and traction control effects.

Simucube ActivePedal Components

They give you feedback on how your brakes and tyres are interacting in the sim. For example, if you brake too heavily in a title such as iRacing or Assetto Corsa Competizione and your ABS starts to activate. You’ll feel the vibrations in the pedal giving you the information you need to adjust your inputs.

This level of force feedback in the pedal allows you to understand how you are applying your throttle and brake inputs, and lets you adjust your driving style to maximise your performance.

Pedal bundles and choice

The Simucube Throttle uses the ActivePedal to power it and connect to your PC, meaning if you are looking at buying the throttle, you’ll need an ActivePedal as well. Simucube has created a few different pedal bundles that combine a variety of pedals to make purchasing a complete pedal set as easy as possible.

You can opt for a set of two ActivePedals and a throttle for a complete three pedals set, or a different combination. Our recommendation would be for a single ActivePedal and the throttle pedal as well as the base plate to mount it all two.

Simucube steering wheels

The good news when buying a Simucube wheel base is that it is widely compatible with a range of other sim racing brands. There is a Simucube quick release adapter that can be mounted to most third-party steering wheels. This allows you to mount steering wheels from brands such as Cube Controls and GSI to a Simucube wheel base.

There isn’t any data transfer through the quick release adapter, meaning you will need a steering wheel that can send data either wirelessly or via a USB cable, which all Cube Controls and GSI wheels are capable of.

Over the past few years, using a third-party steering wheel with a Simucube wheel base was the only option. However, recently, Simucube has released its own lineup of steering wheels. These first-party steering wheels come with the correct quick-release adapter pre-installed, letting you use it with any Simucube wheel base right out of the box.

Below is an overview of each of the Simucube steering wheels currently available to buy. You can slo purchase third-party steering wheels from brands including Ascher Racing directly from Simucube.

Steering wheelInfoPrice
Simucube Tahko Round Steering WheelSimucube Tahko RoundCircular leather wheel€822 / $819
Simucube Tahko GT-21 Steering WheelSimucube Tahko GT-21D-shaped Alcantara wheel€822 / $819
Simucube Valo GT23 Steering WheelSimucube Valo GT-23D-shaped Premium wheel€974 / $999

Simucube Tahko GT-21 wheel

The first steering wheel that Simucube released was the Tahko GT-21. All Simucube steering wheels follow the same design language, and the GT-21 was the wheel that set this design principle.

The wheel itself is a premium and well-built wheel rim utilising high-end and durable materials such as a CNC-finished steel chassis and suede hand grips. There is a good amount of functionality included with magnetic shifter paddles built-in, ten push buttons and a couple of rotary encoders.

The shifters can be adjusted and the inputs can all be mapped in-game to control any aspect of your car whilst driving. There is also wireless technology included letting the steering wheel communicate with your PC and your sim without the requirement for any cables.

Simucube Tahko GT-21 Steering Wheel Mounted To Simucube Wheel Base

Simucube Tahko round wheel

The round Tahko steering wheel is an evolution of the Tahko GT-21. The core functionality is the same with the same inputs and high build quality. There is a circular design in place of the D-shaped wheel rim, and this is wrapped in genuine leather.

If you are looking to drive rally cars, drift cars or road cars, this is a perfect alternative to the D-Shaped Tahko GT-21. This steering wheel is priced the same as the GT-21 and offers increased versatility across a wider range of disciplines.

Simucube Valo GT-23 wheel

The most recent Simucube steering wheel is the Valo GT-23. This wheel utilises a slightly different design, with extra inputs included compared to the GT-21. This steering wheel is designed to be an improvement over the older GT-21 and comes with a slightly higher price tag.

Simucube Valo GT-23 Steering wheel gameplay

Much like the GT-21, the Valo utilises a D-shaped rim shape and is wrapped in Alcantara for a genuine motorsport aesthetic. The additional inputs include an extra couple of rotary encoders, a set of joysticks and two extra paddles at the rear that are designed as a dual-clutch system.

How to connect Simucube products to your PC

Connecting Simucube products together is relatively simple. You can always connect hardware such as the wheel base and ActivePedal directly to your PC via a USB cable. The throttle pedal has to be connected to an ActivePedal and any Simucube steering wheel can wirelessly connect to your PC or Simucube Link.

With the potential of up to three different connections running from a Simucube set up to your PC (wheel base plus two ActivePedals), cable management can sometimes become an issue. This is where the Simucube Link comes in.

How Simucube Link works

The Simucube Link is a separate piece of hardware that can act as a hub for all Simucube products to be connected to. With all of your hardware running into the Simucube Link, this limits the number of USB cables running to your PC to just one, which comes out of the Link hub.

Simucube Link is a relatively new piece of hardware that is required for some Simucube products such as the newer Valo GT-23 steering wheel. The Finnish sim racing brand has stated that future product releases will require a Link hub, so it may be worth adding one to your Simucube setup, especially if you are planning on future purchases from Simucube.

Are Simucube products worth the premium price?

There is no escaping the fact that Simucube hardware, whether it is a wheel base or pedal set, carries a high price tag. In fact, an entire Simucube sim racing setup can cost much more than other brands. However, with this premium price point comes an incredible level of performance and hardware quality.

Some big names are using Simucube products including former IndyCar driver Tony Kanaan, current IndyCar driver Sting Ray Robb and ex-Formula 1 driver Heikki Kovalainen. These high-profile case studies go a long way to endorsing the quality of Simucube products, as do the highly positive reviews that their products receive.

Simucube company reviews

Many other sim racing brands receive much more negative feedback on review aggregator websites, while Simucube’s reviews are universally positive.

If you are looking to maximise your performance and immersion from your sim racing setup, Simucube would be one of my biggest recommendations to achieve this.

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