Simucube ActivePedal Game & Peripheral Compatibility: Which Games Support ActivePedals

Find out which sim racing games support Simucube ActivePedals and all of its force feedback functionality. I'll also look at which third-party sim racing pedals the ActivePedal can be used with.

Simucube Pedal mounting baseplate

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The Simucube ActivePedal is a pretty revolutionary piece of hardware. We are all used to force feedback being sent through a racing wheel, however, until this point, I had never experienced force feedback via my pedals. The ActivePedal delivers exactly this by creating vibrations and rumbles from an internal motor.

In this guide, I’m going to look at ActivePedal compatibility. I’ll show you the sim racing games that work with ActivePedal, and which other sim racing pedals can be used with an ActivePedal.

What is the Simucube ActivePedal?

The Simucube ActivePedal is a new generation of sim racing pedals. It uses an internal motor to dictate almost every part of the response, movement and feedback.

The motor is also responsible for handling the pedal travel and resistance doing away with the usual potentiometer and hydraulic technology. All of this functionality does make the ActivePedal a very premium sim racing product, but it’s one that completely changes how you race in some sim racing titles.

The motor creates the vibration effects using data from within the game you are playing. This does restrict full compatibility to games that create this data and make it accessible, meaning some games do not support all of the ActuvePedal functionality.

Simucube ThrottleSimucube ThrottleLoad cell throttle€337 / $369
Simucube ActivePedalSimucube ActivePedalFFB brake pedal€2398/ $2299
Simucube PedalsSimucube PedalsComplete Pedal bundle€2928 / $2889

Which games are compatible with ActivePedal forces?

You can use Simucube ActivePedals with pretty much any sim racing title that supports external racing wheels and pedals. However, the real draw of the ActivePedals is the force feedback that they create. These forces give the driver real-time feedback on how they’re driving much like a racing wheel does.

These forces are generated using in-game physics, and this portion of the ActivePedal is only compatible with a variety of sim racing titles. Not every game creates the required data for ActivePedals to use, meaning they may not be compatible with some or all of the forces.

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Below is a list of sim racing games along with which ActivePedal forces they are compatible with.

Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Automobilista 2
EA Sports F1 Games
Dirt Rally 1 & 2
EA Sports WRC
Forza Motorsport
Live for Speed
Project Cars 1
Project Cars 2
Richard Burns Rally
WRC Generations

Compatibility with other pedals

The Simucube ActivePedal is unique in that it can be used as either a brake, throttle or clutch pedal with zero modifications. The internal motor and the Simucube Tuner software work to adjust how the pedal behaves depending on its assignment to either brake, throttle or clutch.

However, due to the price of the ActivePedal, it may be uncommon for sim racers to run three of the same ActivePedals at the same time. The most common scenario is to use the ActivePedal as a brake pedal. Then use a different pedal as the throttle and clutch.

Simucube cabling

Simucube does have its own throttle pedal which pairs seamlessly with the ActivePedal. This throttle connects directly to the rear of the ActivePedal and comes alive when the ActivePedal is in use.

However, this isn’t the only pedal compatible with an ActivePedal. You can use third-party pedals as well, with some having direct compatibility with Simucube’s software.

Below is an overview of sim racing pedals that are directly compatible with the ActivePedal.

Simucube Throttle€337 / $369Connects to rear of ActivePedal. Adjustable using Simucube Tuner
Heusinkveld SprintFrom €/$495Uses Simucube connector cable to connect to ActivePedal
Heusinkveld Ultimate+From €/$900Can be connected to PC individually or to ActivePedal using cable
Third-party pedalsCan be connected to PC individually and controllable using individual software

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