Looking At The New Simons S1 Cockpit

The Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit promises an all-in-one cockpit at a competitive price. Here are all of the details about this new sim racing cockpit including price and shipping date.

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Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit Design

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While most sim racing cockpits embrace one design philosphy, be that aluminium profile or a tubular design, the new Simons Gaming Solutions S1 cockpit is a hybrid cockpit. It utilises both aluminium profile components along with a tubular frame to produce a solid sim rig.

This new cockpit promises a sturdy platform to sim race on, capable of supporting direct drive racing wheels. It also includes a racing seat, a shifter mount and LED lighting. You get all of this for a very competitive price. Here are all of the details of the new S1 cockpit.

What is the Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit?

The S1 Cockpit is the first sim rig from the new brand Simons Gaming Solutions. This cockpit is designed unlike most cockpits, utilising both aluminium profile and tubular elements. The inclusion of a fiberglass racing seat and a shifter mount seem to make this a very competitive cockpit.

The cockpit comes in at 600x1200x1100mm, making it smaller than most aluminium profile sim rigs. There is a range of adjustment in the seat including the forward and back position thanks to an included seat slider. You can also tilt the racing seat aross 12° to find a comfortable driving position.

Both the wheel deck and pedal tray are pre-drilled to be comaptible with the most popular sim racing hardware including brands such as Fanatec, MOZA and Logitech.

Is the cockpit aluminium profile or tubular?

The zero-flex design is comprised of an aluminium profile base providing the support and rigidity at its core. There are then a series of metal tubes which form the mount for a racing wheel. This combination is designed to offer both the rigidity that an 8020 sim rig can offer with the design flare and streamlined nature of a tubular sim rig.

How much does the S1 cockpit cost?

Many aluminium profile and tubular sim racing cockpits can cost up to four figures. And many don’t include accessories such as the racing seat and shifter mounts.

The S1 cockpit really impresses with its price, which is incredibly low at just £454, $577 or €618. This includes sales tax, meaning that other than potential shipping costs, it depends on your location (shipping is free for some countries). This is the price you’ll pay for the entire cockpit.

Optional accessories

You can purchase a range of additional accessories for the S1 cockpit, although none are required, as it does come with everything you need to start sim racing right away.

When is the release date?

The S1 cockpit is available in a limited run. This shouldn’t be a surprise as Simons Gaming Solutions is a relatively new company, and the S1 cockpit is its first product release.

If you order your S1 cockpit in the coming days, you can secure one of the 178 pre-order slots which is due to start being dispatched around the 2nd week of June.

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy the S1 cockpit?

Currently, the only place to purchase an S1 cockpit is directly through the Simons Gaming Solutions website. You can purchase from various regions and have relatively quick processing and delivery time.

How much is the shipping from Simons Gaming Solutions?

While Simons Gaming Solutions is a European company, it is currently offering free shipping across various regions. The free shipping will extend to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Free shipping to the UK has become rarer in recent years due to the exit from the EU. Ordering sim racing products from brands such as Fanatec, MOZA Racing, Sim-Lab, and others can sometimes involve more costly shipping fees.

Does the S1 cockpit come with a warranty?

The Simons S1 cockpit comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty, covering defects and issues arising from the manufacturing of the cockpit.

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