Sim-Lab GT1 Pro: Sim-Lab Release Brand New Sim Racing Rig

Sim-Lab has just launched their newest sim racing cockpit, the GT1 Pro. This all-new sim rig offers increased stability, rigidity and performance when used with high performing sim racing products. Here are all the details.

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Sim-Lab GT1 Pro Sim Rig

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Sim racing cockpit brand Sim-Lab has just announced a complete refresh of their sim rig offerings for 2023.

The brand new GT1 Pro cockpit features an all-new design compared to the original GT1 Evo and is designed to be more adaptable, customisable and sturdier.

What is the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro?

The all-new Sim-Lab GT1 Pro is an evolution of the entry-level GT1 Evo cockpit. The older GT1 Evo has been Sim-Lab’s entry-level cockpit for a little while, although it had a few weak points.

These included the extended racing wheel mount and the floating shifter mount. The GT1 Evo was an excellent cockpit, but the new GT1 Pro has been designed to correct any issues that the older cockpit had.

Read our comparison of the Sim-Lab GT1 Evo vs GT1 Pro to see if this new cockpit is worth upgrading to.

The new GT1 Pro features an all-new design, with slanted uprights that make the overall design much more aesthetically pleasing.

As well as improving the appearance, the new design means that no more corner brackets are required. This helps with overall rigidity and helps make construction easier and reduces flex.

The goal of this new GT1 Pro sim rig seems to be to make it more accessible to pick up a sim rig capable of handling high-powered sim racing gear.

Sim-Lab GT1 Pro vs GT1 Evo: What is different?

Pretty much the entirety of the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro is new compared to the older GT1 Evo. Sim-Lab has put in a big effort to improve this iteration of the GT1 cockpit in almost every way.

New design

As I mentioned earlier, the GT1 Pro cockpit features a brand-new design. This design is reminiscent of the Next Level Racing GT Elite which also utilises a slanted design for the vertical pieces of aluminium profile.

This not only improves the overall stability and rigidity of the entire sim rig, but it also improves the design. It reduces the box-like nature of an aluminium profile sim rig and goes towards making it appear sleeker.

Improved stability and rigidity

The approach of using slanted uprights is one of the tools used to improve the overall rigidity of the GT1 Pro. Sim-Lab makes a pretty big deal out of the additional rigidity and lack of flex that the GT1 Pro offers.

The removal of corner brackets, the addition of more support on the side-mount as well as the vastly improved wheel deck all make this sim rig much less likely to flex.

The new and improved wheel deck in particular is a huge improvement over the older wheel deck on the GT1 Evo. The new design attaches the wheel deck to both side columns directly. This adds a lot of rigidity to the plate where you mount your racing wheel.

Additional mounting options

As well as improving the rigidity by redesigning the wheel deck, Sim-Lab have also added a lot more mounting options. These help support various sim racing brands.

You can now mount a lot more racing wheels to the wheel deck, and more pedals to the pedal deck. Sim racing has grown a lot in the past few years since the original launch of the GT1 Evo, and Sim-Lab have embraced the new brands and products by opening up compatibility.

Should you buy the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro?

The new and improved GT1 Pro looks to improve on the GT1 Evo in almost every area. It is worth noting that the price has increased compared to the original GT1 cockpit.

This price increase does make the GT1 Pro slightly less affordable than the GT1 Evo, but it still offers high-end sim racing at a much lower cost than more premium sim rigs.

If you are looking for an aluminium profile sim rig, but your budget doesn’t allow for the more premium Sim-Lab P1-X, then the GT1 Pro is a compelling offer.

Where to buy the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro

Sim-Lab sells all of its products directly via its own web shop. They ship globally making them the best place to buy any Sim-Lab gear. You can use the links below to shop the GT1 Pro cockpit.

Sim Rig – Sim-Lab GT1 Pro
Price – From €589/$699
Where to buyBuy from Sim-Lab

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.