Sim-Lab Release Brand New X1-Pro Sim Racing Cockpit

The brand new Sim-Lab X1-Pro Sim Racing Cockpit looks to be one of the sturdiest, most professional sim rigs released. Here are all of the details including price, release date and more.

SIM Lab X1-Pro Racing Cockpit

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Sim-Lab has often been known as one of the best sim racing cockpit builders around. They have had great success with products such as the GT1 Evo, and the P1-X. These 8020 aluminium profile sim rigs are often viewed as among the best you can buy.

But now, Sim-Lab has decided to up the ante, by releasing a professional-level sim racing cockpit. The brand new X1-Pro cockpit is designed to outperform even the P1-X cockpit.

What is the X1-Pro cockpit?

Sim-Lab has taken all of the knowledge that they previously learned from the P1-X, and applied it as a base for the X1-Pro.

The X1-Pro cockpit takes on a different approach to the P1-X, but utilises a similar design philosophy.

Gone from view are the chunky aluminium profiles that characterise 8020 rigs. Instead, the X1-Pro uses a similar 40x120mm profile structure, but in a podium format. This means that the sim rig is much more accessible and easy to climb in and out of.

The floor

The aluminium profiles are still there, however, they are now packaged in a format where they aren’t on display as much. The main chassis is disguised by a purpose-built floor that is constructed from 5mm thick powder-coated aluminium.

X1-Pro Floor

The floor is extremely rigid and allows you to easily step into and out of the X1-Pro cockpit. In the center of the floor is a mounting hole for your pedals, which can be adjusted. The pedal tray can be moved up down, forward, and backward, all without making contact with the floor.

Zero flex

The whole premise of the X1-Pro sim rig is to be zero flex, even when paired with the most professional and powerful sim racing hardware such as direct drive wheel bases and hydraulic pedals.

This mentality is plain to see in the pedal construction as well as throughout the sim rig. The pedal mount is extremely rigid and constructed from solid pieces of aluminium.

Steering wheel mount

One of the ingenious parts of this new sim racing cockpit, is how Sim-Lab has managed to engineer the steering wheel mount. At first glance, the steering wheel hangs right out, away from the frame and over the driver’s lap.

X1-Pro Wheel Mount

This looks like it is asking for flex, especially if you’re running a high-powered direct drive wheel base such as the Simucube Ultimate.

The X1-Pro utilises its 40x120mm aluminium profile construction to allow the steering wheel to jut out from the vertical structure, with absolutely zero flex.

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Using the DDU bracket, you can mount almost any direct drive racing wheel to the X1-Pro. And there is a 120mm wheel extension included with the cockpit to accommodate different wheel positions.

Monitor mount

Much like the steering wheel mount, the X1-Pro includes an aggressive-looking monitor mount that hangs a single monitor over the top of your wheel base.

X1-Pro Cockpit Construction

This system is adjustable and allows you to position the monitor as close to your steering wheel as possible. The holy grail for sim racers is to have a monitor positioned right behind their steering wheel, and this solution allows you to achieve that. Again, all of this is with zero flex during use!

The included monitor mount has a 100x100mm VESA mount for a single monitor only. If you are a sim racer who loves their triple screen setup, there is an upgrade option for a triple screen mount available.

How much does the X1-Pro cost?

Being a high-end, professional-level sim racing cockpit, the new X1-Pro isn’t cheap. It sits at the top of Sim-Lab’s current lineup of sim racing cockpits.

The Sim-Lab X1-Pro cockpit costs €1,799.

The Sim-Lab X1-Pro is currently discounted to €1,619.10, saving you €170 if you were to purchase before Black Friday. As well as the X1-Pro being discounted for Black Friday, Sim-Lab has also reduced every product in their store by 10%.

You can view all of the Sim-Lab discounts and reductions at our live sim racing Black Friday deal tracker.

What is the Sim-Lab X1-Pro release date?

The Sim-Lab X1-Pro sim racing cockpit is available to purchase right now. You can purchase it directly from Sim-Lab’s own web shop, with delivery available immediately.

This means that you could be racing around the Nurburgring in the professional-level X1-Pro before Christmas 2022!

Sim-Lab Black Friday discount

The good news if you are looking at purchasing an X1-Pro cockpit, or any other Sim-Lab products, is that Sim-Lab has started their 2022 Black Friday deals.

You can view all of the Sim-Lab discounts and reductions at our live sim racing Black Friday deal tracker.

For Black Friday this year, Sim-Lab is running a 10% discount across all products, including the brand new X1-Pro cockpit. This represents a mighty saving of around €170 off of the X1-Pro cockpit if purchased before Black Friday.

What’s even better, is that Sim-Lab is running a bonus promotion. When you spend over €500 during Black Friday, you will be entered into a prize draw to potentially win a Porsche RSR replica steering wheel.

The Porsche RSR replica wheel is manufactured by Grid Engineering (Sim-Lab’s sister company) and is worth € 2,499.

For more details on the Porsche RSR replica wheel, check out our guide about this brand new sim racing wheel.

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