Sim-Lab P1X Pro Released: The New Best 8020 Rig?

Sim-Lab has unveiled its newest sim racing rig, and it looks set to be one of the very best and sturdiest 8020 sim rigs. Here is a look at the new Sim-Lab P1X Pro.

Sim-Lab P1X Pro

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Sim-Lab has had a busy summer. They released an upgraded version of the GT1 Pro a few months ago which is one of the best mid-range aluminium profile sim rigs around. View our comparison of the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro vs the P1X Pro.

Following that product launch, Sim-Lab has stepped up its game by releasing an upgraded P1X cockpit. The new Sim-Lab P1X Pro sim rig looks to be one of the sturdiest 8020 sim rigs available. Here is all of the information about this new cockpit.

What is the Sim-Lab P1X Pro?

If you’ve ever shopped for an aluminium profile sim racing rig in the past, you’ll probably have stumbled across the Sim-Lab P1-X. For many years, the P1-X was seen as the best 8020 sim racing cockpit money could buy. It was sturdy, customisable, and simply a joy to race on.

After many years, Sim-Lab has decided to revamp its product lineup by introducing Pro models into its range. This started with the GT1 Pro which was released at the end of summer 2023.

The P1X Pro is the next cockpit to see an upgrade. This new cockpit has been completely reworked from the ground up. It features entirely new lengths of aluminium profile, with almost every part of the sim rig being completely new.

Improvements and innovations

The uprights that support the steering wheel are now angled, which is a design choice to add rigidity and eliminate corner brackets. The rear support for the shifter and handbrake mounting area is also angled to increase overall rigidity.

Throughout the new design, Sim-Lab has utilised unique strips of heavy-duty aluminium profile. You’ll notice that the thicker strips of profile feature a smooth inner design with two slot gaps towards the edge.

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This makes the new design look a lot more appealing without removing any of the functionality. One criticism I had previously of the older P1-X was the rather industrial and not overly pleasing design. This new cockpit certainly doesn’t fall into that trap and is one of the better-looking aluminium profile sim rigs.

How much does the Sim-Lab P1X Pro cost?

OK, when we see a new or upgraded sim racing product, generally the price increases compared to the older model. However, that is not the case with the new P1X Pro.

This new Sim-Lab P1X Pro is actually cheaper than the older P1-X. It costs;

  • United Kingdom – £701
  • Europe – €785
  • United States – $849

That is a saving of around £20 / €30 / $50 compared to the original P1-X cockpit. You can shop the new Sim-Lab P1X Pro cockpit on their website here.

Sim-Lab P1X Pro release date

The Sim-Lab P1X Pro was announced on the 29th September 2023. Orders can be made for the P1X Pro with the first batch of pre-orders being dispatched from the third week of October 2023.

This means that the first customers should be receiving their P1X Pro in early November 2023.

Where to buy the P1X Pro

Sim-Lab ships its products globally directly from its own website. This makes their own web shop the best place to purchase Sim-Lab gear including the new P1X Pro.

Sim Rig – Sim-Lab P1X Pro
Price – From €785/$849
Where to buyBuy from Sim-Lab

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