2023 Sim-Lab Launch Their Black Friday Deals

Sim-Lab has launched their Black Friday deals with all discounts live on their website. Here is all of the info about the Sim-Lab Black Friday sale for 2023.

Sim-Lab P1X Pro Pedal mounting
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It may be a couple of weeks until Black Friday officially starts, however, Sim-Lab has launched their Black Friday 2023 deals early. You can grab a reduced Sim-Lab sim rig, seat, pedals and more from today!

To view all of the Sim-Lab Black Friday deals, visit our Sim-Lab Black Friday deals hub.

When does the Sim-Lab Friday sale start in 2023?

Sim-Lab started its Black Friday 2023 sales event early, launching on the 10th November 2023. Their sale will be live until Cyber Monday, giving you plenty of time to grab a reduced cockpit or sim rig. The discounts are live on Sim-Lab’s website now, with all reductions in place.

Shop all of Sim-Lab’s products on their webstore.

Watch our 2023 sim racing Black Friday deals video

Below is a video that rounds up all of the best sim racing Black Friday deals of 2023 so far. I’ll include the highlights from this year’s sale including the deals that Sim-Lab are currently running.

What deals are there in the Sim-Lab Black Friday sale?

Sim-Lab has launched the same Black Friday offer that they have run in previous years. They are offering a 10% discount off everything they sell. This means that you can save a good chunk off the original price of a sim rig, or you can look to pick up some extra accessories at a discounted price.

The discounts extend from their range of cockpits through to their seats, pedals and accessories. This sale even includes brand new products such as the mighty P1X Pro cockpit and the popular XP1 load cell sim racing pedals.

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Below is a snapshot of some of the best Sim-Lab discounts that you can grab during this sale. There are plenty more items that are included in the sale, so head over to Sim-Lab’s website to view their full store.

ItemOriginal PriceBlack Friday Price
P1X Pro Cockpit£707£637
GT1 Pro Cockpit£530£477
GT1 Evo Cockpit£354£318
X1-Pro Cockpit£1327£1194
XP1 Loadcell pedals£177£159
XB1 Loadcell handbrake£177£159

To view all of the Sim-Lab discounts, visit our Sim-Lab 2023 Black Friday deals tracker.

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