Sim-Lab Launch Accessories Sale: Up To 50% Off

Sim-Lab has just launched a sale on a range of accessories and wheel stands. The sale includes discounts of up to 50% off. Here are all the details.

Sim-Lab Digital LED Dash
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Sim-Lab produces some of the very best sim rigs, including a range of excellent (8020) aluminium profile sim rigs. Today, Sim-Lab has just announced an accessories sale with discounts of up to 50% off.

If you own a Sim-Lab sim rig, this is the perfect opportunity to complete your sim rig with a range of accessories, from pedal racks to wheel mounts, LED displays to complete wheel stands.

What is included in the Sim-Lab sale?

A range of accessories and wheel stands are included in this accessories sale. Below is a complete list of products that are in the sale.

Wheel stand discounts

Sim Lab WS Wheel Stand
WS-Pro Wheel Stand

One of the biggest discounts that you can knab during this Sim-Lab sale, is on the WS-Pro Wheel Stand. This wheel stand gives you the complete platform to mount your racing wheel and pedals. Just add a racing seat, and you will be ready to race. The WS-Pro Wheel Stand is one of the best collapsible wheel stands, and you can save 30% during this sale.

Wheel and pedal mount discounts

There is a range of wheel and pedal mounts that are included in this Sim-Lab sale, with all receiving a 30% discount. You can pick up wheel adapters for the Fanatec DD1, DD2, CSL DD and GT DD Pro allowing you to side mount your Fanatec wheel to your Sim-Lab rig.

There are also a couple of front mounts on sale for the P1-X and GT1-Evo sim rigs. These are compatible with a range of racing wheels from Simucube, Fanatec, and more.

And finally, there is an inverted pedal rack included in the sale allowing you to completely invert your sim racing pedals.

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Check out all of the products included in this sale over at the Sim-Lab website.

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