Sim Racing Wheel Benchmark Comparison Table

Sim Racing Wheel Benchmarks
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When shopping for a new sim racing wheel, it can sometimes be hard to decide which wheel to buy. You may often find yourself comparing various reviews from different sim racers, whilst also trying to compare different wheels with one another.

As you can imagine, this can be a tricky process to manage. And it can be hard to ultimately decide which racing wheel is best for you.

Well what if I told you that you can save a lot of the hassle by simply comparing every wheels benchmark score?

Professional racing driver Felix over at, has collated all of his wheel reviews to form a huge benchmark graph. This graph shows you the most popular racing wheels, and the review score that it was given. All at a quick glance.

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Racing Wheel Benchmark Comparison Table

If you don’t know Felix, he is an ex Esports racer, who has dabbled in a few real world motorsport series across the years. He most recently competed and won a prolific and international iRacing competition.

Since then, he has decided to share his knowledge and passion with other sim racers, by reviewing products and creating excellent product guides for sim racers. He even wrote a guest post for us, on the best high end racing wheels you can buy today.

Looking at this benchmark comparison, I believe this is the first instance I’ve seen of a full racing wheel benchmark comparison table by a single reviewer. And it serves a great purpose, allowing potential buyers to quickly narrow down their choice of wheel, or even benchmark two wheels against one another.

The benchmark table also goes in to the detail of listing various variants of each product, including multiple product bundles. So for example, it compares different Fanatec CSL Elite bundles with each other to allow you to quickly see which bundle gives the best bang for your buck.

It also allows you to see a very quick price comparison across all products. Which should in theory cut down decision making time when comparing various bundles.

If you are in the market for a new racing wheel, or just fancy having a look at the comparisons. Head over to to view the full benchmark table. A direct link to the benchmark table is below.

View the full sim racing wheel benchmark table.