Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus The First Ever Go Kart Sim Rig

Next Level Racing has released the first-ever sim rig that emulates a go kart. The Go Kart Plus is available now and is an incredibly unique sim rig. Here are all details including price.

Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus gameplay
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There are currently a huge number of sim racing rigs and cockpits available. From small wheel stands through to high-performance Formula 1 cockpits and everything in between. Shopping for a sim rig in 2023 has never been more accessible.

Despite the variety of sim rigs, Next Level Racing has created a world’s first with their go kart cockpit. The Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus is the first sim rig that is designed to emulate a go kart’s driving position.

In this guide, I’ll run through everything you need to know about this sim racing go kart cockpit, including the price, when and where you can buy one.

What is the Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus?

The Go Kart Plus is a unique sim racing rig that sits you almost on the ground, emulating a realistic go kart driving position. This sim rig includes everything you need to be able to mount your sim racing gear.

The design accommodates people of all heights which means younger children can use it to train for real-world karts. And adults can also jump in and sim race much like any other sim rig. The Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus accommodates those between 110-200cm in height.

Wheel stand

There is a vertical wheel mount which sits between your legs. This wheel mount is strong enough to mount direct drive racing wheels up to 13Nm of peak torque.

That makes it compatible with a large number of popular racing wheels from the Fanatec CSL DD, to various MOZA Racing wheels like the R9 and R12, and even the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel.

The wheel mount is pre-drilled to allow for easy mounting. The wheel plate has both height and angle adjustments available. You can lean the wheel plate back to angle your racing wheel up.

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The main downside of this approach though is the vertical support that sits between your legs. This could make it rather tricky to get into and out of your seat.

Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus
Pedal plate

Towards the end of this go kart sim rig sits the pedal plate. Much like the wheel plate, this plate is pre-drilled to accommodate the majority of sim racing pedals from brands such as Fanatec, MOZA, Logitech and more.

There is angle adjustment available for the pedal plate allowing it to be adjusted for individual requirements. You can also make some pretty big adjustments to the position of the pedal plate thanks to two slot gaps that allow the pedals to slide along the frame of the sim rig.

The seat

The racing seat that is included in the Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus is much shorter than most sim racing seats. Again, this is designed to replicate a real-world go kart seat as closely as possible.

The seat features both leather and fabric with red cross stitching which makes it look rather nice. And there are plenty of adjustments available with the seat as well. You can adjust the angle and distance to the pedals and wheel mount.

Overall design

Unlike many sim rigs which try to take up as little floor space as possible, the Go Kart Plus has some extra design flair in the form of both a front and rear bumper. These bumpers are entirely for aesthetics and are designed to mimic the bumpers on a real-world go kart.

These bumpers do give the whole sim racing cockpit a distinct go kart vibe which could be missing if they were removed. The rest of the sim rig’s construction uses a coated black metal tubular design. This should allow for good rigidity throughout. The wheel mount uses a thicker vertical support with multiple anchor points to make it as sturdy as possible.

How much does the Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus cost?

This Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus certainly isn’t designed to be a budget sim racing cockpit. It features a unique design that is really tailored to those who race karts either in the real world or in the sim.

The high-quality construction makes it sturdier than some budget sim racing cockpit options. And the price tag matches this increased quality.

The Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus costs;

  • United Kingdom – £599
  • Europe – €649
  • United States – $599.99

You can purchase the Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus here.

Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus release date

The Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus was officially announced on the 28th September 2023, and it is available to buy right away. It is in stock in various resellers worldwide, with Amazon currently having stock in various regions.

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