New Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE Unboxing & First Impressions

Logitech G923 Unboxing

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Update – 13th October 2020 – Since this unboxing, I have spent a lot of time with the Logitech G923 racing wheel. Myself and good friend Felix from have written a combined review for the G923. Check out that Logitech G923 review on SimRaceReview website.

To celebrate the release of the new and improved Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE Racing Wheel, Logitech kindly sent us a G923 to test out and review.

So I thought we would bring you our initial thoughts, while I unbox this new racing wheel. To read my thoughts scroll down below the video, however if you are like us, and are a much more visual person. Watch our unboxing video below.

Logitech G923 Unboxing Video


Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE Racing Wheel First Impressions

The box itself is very reminiscent of other Logitech boxes, featuring the usual marketing spiel and new features. So I’ll gloss over that, and get right to the nitty gritty of the wheel and pedals themselves.

The biggest immediate improvement is the inclusion of the rev lights and the 24 point rotary dial, as the G920 we currently have in the studio doesn’t have these built in. So that is an instant bonus for any Xbox users.

But as a whole, this certainly looks the part. Nice black metallic shifters, they’re different, as they used to be bare metal on the old wheel.

It also looks like the main part of the wheel itself has a different finish to it. This is much more of a matte black affair, here, with the entire wheel appearing darker as a whole compared to the G29.

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Looking at the base itself, everything appears to be in the same configuration as the old wheel. We have the usual twisty knobs that let you mount the wheel to a table, and underneath you have the same canals so you can feed wires through.

Logitech have added a new TRUEFORCE sticker to the side of the wheel though, so that alone should help you find a few tenths of a second a lap.

But let’s move on to the pedals. At first glance they look identical to the old pedals, apart from the new Logitech logo on the front. They’re nicely constructed with metal pedals, and some form of plastic base plate.

But, behind the scenes, there is a new and improved progressive brake pedal.

Now a lot of people used to complain that the old brake pedal was too stiff, although to be fair I found it alright to use. But there were a whole host of mods to soften it. So we’ll have to see how the new pedal feels when we jump in to testing it.

Flipping the pedals over, you’ll see there are the usual mounting holes, which is what I’ll use to mount it to my rig, but there are also some sticky parts so it can be used on hardfloor, and a carpet gripper here.

As a whole, the new G923 looks great, as all Logitech wheels do. I mean, if there’s one thing Logitech know how to do and do well, it’s design and manufacturer a quality product.

But I am left a little confused as to where this racing wheel sits in the marketplace. Like many sim racers, I did get a little excited when I saw Logitech where releasing something new. I thought it might have been a more advanced belt driven, or even direct drive wheel to compete with other high end wheels.

But instead it’s a sort of upgraded version of the G29 and G920, rather than a revolutionary step forward. So we’ll just have to see how it performs when we get it plugged in and set up.

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