MOZA Steering Wheel Guide – Which MOZA Racing Wheel Is Right For You?

MOZA Racing have a pretty wide range of sim racing wheels to choose from. But which MOZA wheel should you look at buying? This guide will help you choose which wheel is right for you.

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MOZA Racing Steering Wheel Comparison

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MOZA Racing Wheel Comparison Guide

MOZA Racing has really taken the bull by the horns in 2021 and 2022. They’ve released a total of five different steering wheels in a relatively short amount of time.

While MOZA is a pretty exciting new sim racing brand, it may be tricky to narrow down which steering wheel you should look at buying. If you currently don’t have any MOZA products, the good news is that every steering wheel on offer works with every wheel base.

That means you aren’t locked into purchasing a specific steering wheel for compatibility reasons. And it opens up the ability to use any MOZA steering wheel.

Well, in this guide, I’m going to run through each steering wheel that MOZA Racing currently offer. I’ll look at the pros and cons of each wheel, with the aim of hopefully helping you narrow down which wheel is right for you.

MOZA Wheel Comparison

Before jumping into each wheel in detail, I thought I’d bring you my top three picks straight away. If you don’t have time to read this whole comparison guide, these are the three wheels you should look at first.

Best Formula Wheel


Best Budget Wheel


Best All Round Wheel




PC + All MOZA Wheel Bases & Some Third Party Wheel Bases


PC + All MOZA Wheel Bases


PC + All MOZA Wheel Bases


From £579 / $649


From £249 / $279


From £449 / $499

MOZA FSR Formula Wheel

  • Price – From £579 / $649
  • Release Date – September 2022
  • Buy FSR Wheel
Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel Review

I want to kick off my in-depth look at each wheel with the newest steering wheel MOZA released, and my personal favourite. The FSR Formula wheel marks MOZA’s expansion into the premium market.

It is over £/$100 more expensive than any other wheel that MOZA has offered. And this is justified when you see the large 4.3″ HD screen that adorns the front of the wheel.

The FSR Formula wheel is designed to be the ultimate formula-style sim racing wheel. It takes the great foundations from the GS wheel and pushes them with the inclusion of the 4.3″ screen.

This new screen makes the FSR wheel feel much closer to the steering wheels found in Formula 1 cars and really helps to improve immersion.

Pros of the FSR wheel

The FSR Formula wheel has a lot going for it. The rotary encoders and backlit RGB buttons are all borrowed from the GS wheel, and they feel great to use. Each rotation of the dials is intentional, and the button clicks are very positive.

There are the same thumb encoders as on the GS wheel, and the same magnetic shifters and dual-clutch paddles on the rear. Each shift feels very positive and requires just enough force to avoid any miss-shifts.

The wheel itself is covered in a carbon fibre weave which looks great, and almost everything that isn’t constructed from carbon fibre is instead made from metal. The hand grips are wrapped in a perforated leather material, and I much prefer this to the Alcantara found on the GS wheel.

Then, of course, there is the large screen. This display features a wide selection of different layouts which can be changed while racing. Each screen shows a different range of information, from tyre temperatures to lap time and current position.

Each screen layout is well thought out and really helps elevate the immersion levels while racing. Instead of relying on in-game HUD elements, I now find myself glancing at the wheel, much like a real-world race driver would.


I did mention the use of high-quality carbon fibre and metal throughout the FSR wheel. But there are some plastic elements, mainly around the front-facing buttons and rotary encoders. This does detract a little from the rest of the wheel’s high-quality aesthetic.

I also have to mention the RGB light bar, as it isn’t as functional or nice to look at as individual LED lights that are found on wheels from other brands. The lights blend together and this makes the leading light appear blurry rather than sharp. This will be a common complaint as every MOZA wheel to date uses this same diffused light bar.

Also, much like the GS wheel, the shifters are a little loud to use. Although this can be partially resolved by installing the silencing pads that are included in the box.

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And finally, I noticed on my FSR wheel, that the rubber moulding around the light bar at the top has a slight gap between the moulding and wheel face plate. This does let a little light escape but is only really noticeable when looking at the wheel from above which rarely happens.

Buy FSR Wheel


  • Price – From £449 / $499
  • Release Date – March 2022
  • Buy GS Wheel

The MOZA GS wheel was the first formula-style racing wheel that MOZA launched back in early 2022. It was designed as a rival to wheels such as the Fanatec Formula V2.5. And it bought a lot of functionality and design to the table.

Pros of the GS wheel

I’m going to start by saying that the MOZA GS is a fantastic sim racing wheel. It brings a lot to the table including a good number of inputs. These include RGB backlit buttons, front-facing rotary encoders, thumb encoders, joysticks and magnetic shifters.

That’s a pretty strong offering for any steering wheel. And all of those inputs are positioned pretty perfectly. You won’t need to keep removing your hand from the wheel to make in-game changes.

Everything is packaged into a real carbon fibre and metal package, with limited use of plastic on the wheel. The carbon fibre is forged giving it a unique and aggressive texture, and I really like this.

The magnetic shifters on the rear are also constructed from the same forged carbon fibre, and they feel fantastic to use.


Now one of the small negatives that I found with the GS wheel started as soon as I unboxed it. And that is its size. It comes in at 300mm in diameter, which is ever so slightly larger than Fanatec Formula wheels and the MOZA FSR wheel which sits at 280mm across.

This increase in size is small, but it is noticeable when racing. It means you have to apply more input to the wheel, rotating your hands further. And this impacts what can be seen past the wheel.

My monitor sits right behind my steering wheel, meaning when I position the wheel at 90 degrees, some of the screen is covered. I have positioned my monitor perfectly for a 280mm formula wheel. Meaning the 300mm GS wheel covered just a little too much of the screen when steering.

Much like the FSR wheel, the shifters are a little loud on the GS wheel out of the box. And it uses the same diffused light strip as a rev bar which I’m not a fan of.

Finally, my last complaint is that I’m not a fan of the Alcantara hand grips. These are much more delicate than leather or rubber, meaning they wear much more quickly. And they almost force you into racing with gloves on to prevent sweat from ruining the finish.

MOZA FSR vs GS wheel

The MOZA GS and the newer FSR wheel share a lot of similarities. That’s not surprising when you think that the FSR was heavily based on the successful design of the GS wheel.

The main difference between the two wheels is that the FSR introduces a large screen. This has a lot of benefits when racing in-game, allowing you to access a lot of in-game information.

The screen isn’t the only difference. The FSR wheel also has a USB data port on the rear which will allow it to be used with wheel bases from other brands in the future. This is pretty huge and opens up a much wider range of compatibility.

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MOZA KS Steering Wheel

  • Price – From £279 / $259
  • Release Date – June 2023
  • Buy KS Wheel

The MOZA Racing KS steering wheel is MOZA’s entry-level formula-style steering wheel. It features a good number of inputs that are found on the GS and FSR wheels, but comes in at a fraction of the price.

MOZA KS Wheel and R12 Wheel base

Pros of the KS wheel

One of the things I really like about the KS wheel is its proportions. It follows the trend of the GS GT wheel with a larger diameter than many formula-style wheels. At 300mm across, it feels more realistic.

There are also a really nice choice of materials in use. The hand grips are a TPE rubber which feel nice in the hand and are incredibly grippy with or without gloves. These hand grips are also really well moulded with a groove for your thumb that feels really comfy.

The wheel itself uses a carbon fibre composite. This allows the wheel to remain light, but it has that traditional carbon fibre weave that is common place across motorsport.

The inputs that are included give you everything you’ll really need during a race. There are three rotary encoders, two thumb encoders, a couple of joysticks and ten push buttons.

Each push button features RGB backlighting for complete customisation, and there are individual rev lights on the top of the MOZA KS wheel for the first time ever.

Around the back are a set of paddle shifters and a couple of dual clutch paddles. Overall, this is an incredibly well thought out and put-together formula-style steering wheel.

Cons of the KS steering wheel

A couple of small negatives for this wheel start with the paddle shifters. For me, the positioning of the shifters is a little close to the body of the wheel. On occasion, I hit my thumb while shifting, and this resulted in me having to use a slightly different grip when racing with the KS wheel.

Other than that, there really aren’t many more cons. This is just a very good formula-style steering wheel!

Buy KS Wheel

MOZA RS V2 Steering Wheel

MOZA Racing RS V2 Steering Wheel

The RS steering wheel was the first ever wheel MOZA released in 2021. Since then, it has been drastically updated with a completely new design. It now sits as MOZA’s premium circular wheel rim.

Pros of the RS V2 wheel

The design of the MOZA RS V2 steering wheel is much more premium than the previous RS wheel. There is the use of forged carbon fibre throughout to match some of MOZA’s other steering wheels.

All of the buttons and inputs are now finished in black, giving the wheel a dark and aggressive look. Each of these buttons is RGB backlit, allowing you to customise the colour of each button.

It’s clear that MOZA hasn’t skimped on the quality of the materials used. Like many of the steering wheels that followed this RS wheel, there is heavy use of carbon fibre, Alcantara and leather. The chassis itself is constructed from aluminium.

These high-quality materials make the RS V2 wheel feel like a true premium wheel when in use. There is also a good selection of inputs from push buttons to joysticks and rotary encoders. These make controlling your car in-game super easy.

On the rear are two very large magnetic carbon fibre shifters with two additional no dual-clutch paddles. The size of these paddles really makes shifting easy, especially when rallying or driving a car with a 900-degree steering lock.


Really, there aren’t too many cons for this RS V2 wheel, other than the price. At around £450, this is expensive. Although you can argue that the quality of materials used does make up for this larger price tag.

Overall, the RS V2 wheel is a fantastic offering and a wheel I can highly recommend!

Buy RS V2 Wheel

MOZA CS Steering Wheel

  • Price – From £249 / $279
  • Release Date – June 2022
  • Buy CS Wheel
MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel

MOZA released the CS wheel to fit into a very specific category, that their steering wheel offering lacked. It’s an extremely versatile wheel, and it doesn’t command as high of a price tag as some of its other products.

Coming in at under £250 / $280, the CS wheel is the cheapest wheel in MOZA’s current lineup. It features a smaller range of inputs on the face of the wheel compared to the GS, FSR and RS wheels.

Pros of the CS wheel

But importantly, it still includes a selection of push buttons and two rotary encoders. All of these inputs can be programmed to control your car in-game. The rotary encoders in particular are a nice inclusion, allowing you to increase and decrease in-game elements such as brake bias, or traction control.

Despite the lower price tag, the CS wheel still feels relatively premium. The materials used in its construction are very good. There is a metal face plate and leather hand grip. And all of the inputs feel more towards the premium side than they should at this price point.

The circular design allows this wheel to be used in a wide variety of racing disciplines. You can go rallying with the CS wheel, or hit the track in a road car or even drift your car.


While the CS wheel is extremely versatile, it does it all in a rather bland-looking design. Unlike the GS wheel with its crushed carbon fibre, or the RS wheel with its Alcantara flourishes. The CS wheel doesn’t really bring an interesting design to the table. Simply put, it’s rather generic to look at.

The CS wheel does offer a selection of inputs allowing you to control your car in-game. But it could really do with a few more. There are just six push buttons, two encoders and two directional joysticks.

The RS wheel for example includes around double the amount of inputs. That wheel is around double the price though, but there is plenty of room on the face of the CS wheel to include a few more inputs. It’s probably best to think of the CS wheel as a stripped-back RS wheel.

Buy CS Wheel

MOZA ES Steering Wheel / R5 Bundle

  • Price – From £539 / $599 (R5 Bundle price – Not sold separately)
  • Release Date – September 2022
  • Buy ES Wheel
MOZA ES Steering Wheel R5 Bundle

The ES steering wheel is a really unique proposition from MOZA. It is the first steering wheel that isn’t purchasable individually. Instead, the only way to get hold of the ES wheel is to purchase the R5 bundle.

This bundle consists of the new R5 direct drive wheel base, the ES steering wheel, the SR-P Lite pedals and a table clamp. It is designed as an easy way to get into the MOZA ecosystem. It includes everything you need to go sim racing, and brings you direct drive performance on a budget.


The R5 bundle offers extreme value for money. It is MOZA’s answer to Fanatec GT DD Pro bundle which offers a similar thing. MOZA have undercut Fanatec with their aggressive pricing, making the R5 bundle the cheapest direct drive bundle available on the market.

The power on offer from the R5 bundle in 5Nm, which is more than good enough. It trumps the force feedback strength and detail found in other budget racing wheels such as those from Logitech and Thrustmaster.

MOZA CS vs ES wheels


The ES wheel in particular though isn’t as impressive as the bundle. It has been designed to meet a certain budget and you can see that right away. It is much closer to the budget offerings such as the Logitech G923, and further away from the high-quality steering wheels MOZA normally offers.

The wheel itself does feature some metal and leather finishes, but the buttons feel cheaper than other products. And there are no rotary encoders at all. This limits the amount of control you have with the wheel.

It is also much smaller in diameter than any other MOZA wheel. This makes it feel much closer to a toy than a replica steering wheel. But the real value with the R5 bundle is with the budget direct drive wheel base. You can then look to upgrade your steering wheel to any other wheel MOZA offers.

Buy ES Wheel

Which MOZA wheel should you choose?

Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down which MOZA Racing wheel is right for your needs.

With everything said and done, you cannot really go wrong with any MOZA wheels. Each product is built to a high quality, and every wheel works flawlessly with all of MOZA’s current wheel bases. They all feature the same excellent MOZA quick release allowing you to interchange them at will.

My personal favourite wheel is the newest FSR Formula wheel due to its screen and my focus on Formula 1 games. But to further help you choose, I have highlighted a few potential scenarios that may apply to you. I’ve recommended a MOZA wheel for each scenario.

If you are still undecided about which wheel to choose, hopefully, these recommendations will help!

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