MOZA RS V2 vs RS vs CS Steering Wheel Comparison

MOZA Racing now have three circular steering wheels, the RS V2, the RS and the CS wheel. Here is our comparison of all of these three wheels to help you decide which is the right sim racing steering wheel for you.

MOZA Racing RS V2 vs CS vs RS Wheel Comparison
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MOZA is building a nice lineup of sim racing steering wheels. These include a variety of formula-style steering wheels such as the GS and FSR wheels. It also includes a nice variety of round steering wheel rims which can be used for a wider variety of racing such as rally, drift, road cars and more.

Most recently, MOZA Racing has just released its upgraded RS V2 Steering Wheel. This wheel takes the tried and tested formula from the original RS wheel, and applies a variety of upgrades. The goal is to make this steering wheel the class-leading round sim racing steering wheel.

But with a range of circular wheel rims now available, which MOZA steering wheel is right for you? In this guide, I’m going to compare the RS V2 steering wheel with the older RS wheel and the cheaper CS steering wheel.

MOZA Steering Wheel Overview

Each of these three wheels offers a similar experience, but they each come with their own feature list and different price tag. They are different enough in terms of budget and functionality to each stand alone, but it makes deciding which to purchase a little tricky.

Below is a quick overview of each of these MOZA steering wheels.

New Release

MOZA RS V2 Wheel

Original Wheel


Budget Option


Vertagear SL5000
noblechairs HERO
Razer Iskur


All MOZA Wheel Bases


All MOZA Wheel Bases


All MOZA Wheel Bases


Genuine Leather + Forged Carbon Fiber


Alcantara or Nappa Leather + Forged Carbon Fiber


Microfiber Leather + Forged Carbon Fiber


Backlit RGB Buttons

Magnetic Shifters
Dual Clutch
Wired & Wireless
10 Buttons


Magnetic Shifters
Dual Clutch
Wireless Only
10 Buttons


Magnetic Shifters
Wireless Only
6 Buttons


From £449 / $469 / €499


From £249 / $279


From £249 / $279

MOZA RS V2 Steering Wheel

The new MOZA RS V2 Steering Wheel is the newest steering wheel released by MOZA Racing. It takes the old RS Steering Wheel formula and adds a few nice improvements to turn it into this second iteration wheel.

Push button design

The main difference that you will see right away is the change in the push buttons. The older RS wheel featured brightly coloured plastic buttons. However, these have now been swapped out for much classier all-black buttons. And the new buttons are also RGB backlit by individual LEDs.

This change gives the wheel a much classier overall appearance and allows you to also customise the LED colour behind each button. This gives you much more personalisation of how the wheel looks during use.

You can group certain buttons using the same coloured LED, or you can pick out individual buttons in a specific colour. You may want to set your DRS button to green, and your pit limiter button to red for example.

Genuine leather hand grips

Moving on from the button change, this new MOZA RS V2 wheel also gets an upgraded hand grip finish. The older version of the wheel came in either Alcantara or Nappa Leather. This new version 2 wheel is finished in genuine leather.

That is a pretty nice upgrade, especially as not many sim racing steering wheels on the market actually use genuine leather. Instead, most utilise synthetic leather. And that allows this wheel to feel a little bit more premium than some other wheels within this price range.

Wired connection

Another addition comes in the form of a wired connection at the rear of the steering wheel. This allows you to connect this wheel to the R5 wheel base.


You can buy this MOZA Racing RS V2 wheel right away from MOZA’s official web store. It costs;

MOZA CS Steering Wheel

The CS steering wheel is MOZA’s more budget-friendly option when it comes to circular wheel rims. It takes on a similar approach to the more expensive RS V2 wheel but has a few features stripped out of it.

On the front of the wheel, there are fewer buttons, 6 in total compared to 10 on the RS V2 wheel. You also don’t get the same dual clutch paddles, but you do still get magnetic paddle shifters.

There are still a couple of rotary encoders on the front, similar to the RS V2, although with a slightly different design.

The hand grip is wrapped in microfiber leather rather than genuine leather. And the front of the wheel is constructed of aluminium rather than carbon fibre. Although the shifter paddles are still constructed using forged carbon fibre which is a nice touch.

The features that the CS steering wheel does offer are pretty impressive given its price range. It features 2 magnetic shifter paddles, 2 rotary encoders, 6 push buttons and a fully customisable LED rev bar.

As you can see, a few additional features of the RS V2 wheel have been stripped out and some of the materials used in construction have been paired back a little. This allows the MOZA CS steering wheel to sit at a much lower price point.


You can buy this MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel from MOZA’s official web store. It costs;

MOZA RS Steering Wheel

The original RS steering wheel was actually MOZA Racing’s first-ever sim racing steering wheel. It was released way back in 2021 and was the companies high-end steering wheel offering for a long time.

It is still available for sale today, although that might change due to the recent release of the RS V2 steering wheel that I spoke about above.

The original RS wheel offered a lot of what the CS and RS V2 wheels offer, but in a slightly less polished package. The push buttons aren’t quite as nice as the new RGB backlit buttons on the RS V2.

There isn’t as much use of high-end materials. For example, the original RS doesn’t feature as much carbon fibre on the front of the wheel as the newer model, and the hand grips were wrapped in Nappa leather rather than genuine leather.

The RS wheel came in a few varieties, including two different shapes. You could get it in a circular shape or with a D-shaped wheel rim. And you could choose between Alcantara and Nappa leather hand grips.

All in all, the original RS steering wheel was very good but has certainly been surpassed now by the upgraded RS V2. If you want to buy this wheel check out our links below, although it may soon be discontinued due to the release of the newer model.

Which wheel should you buy?

With each wheel looked at, hopefully, you can make a relatively informed choice in which wheel is right for you.

The MOZA CS wheel offers a lot of the performance of the RS V2 wheel, but with a reduced feature set and slightly less impressive materials in use.

While the RS V2 surpasses the original RS wheel to become the new top dog in MOZA Racing’s lineup. With both wheels being very similar in terms of price, you should certainly look to pick up the MOZA RS V2 over the original wheel.

The RS V2 has both improved features and higher quality materials, making it one of the nicest sim racing steering wheels within its price range.

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