MOZA Reveal New H-Pattern Shifter: Price, Release Date + Review

MOZA Racing has just announced their latest product, the HGP Shifter. This 7-speed H-Pattern is the companies first shifter. Here are all the details including price, release date, review and more.

MOZA Racing HGP Shifter Reveal

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MOZA Racing is continuing its trend of releasing new sim racing products in very quick succession. They’re just off the back of releasing the HBP Handbrake and re-releasing the R21 wheel base.

This new product is MOZA’s first-ever sim racing shifter, introducing the HGP shifter.

What is the MOZA HGP Shifter?

The MOZA HGP Shifter is the company’s first sim racing shifter, and at first glance, it looks incredibly sleek. It takes a similar form to other shifters that we have seen in the past but has an incredible level of polish.

All exterior components are constructed from CNC-machined aluminium finished in a black powder coat. This lets it blend seamlessly with the rest of the MOZA product lineup.

The shifter uses a H-pattern configuration with seven forward gears and a reverse gear. Both seventh and reverse gears are locked behind a pushdown mechanism which prevents you from accidentally selecting either of these gears in the heat of a race.

Inside, there is an intelligent downshift feature which automatically matches your revs when downshift. This means you don’t need to master the tricky heel-and-toe technique to downshift seamlessly.

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This shifter is fully compatible with all of MOZA’s current product lineup including the MOZA universal hub. It also has a direct connection to your PC if you wish to use it allowing you to use it with any sim racing products from any brand.

How much does the MOZA HGP Shifter cost?

This new shifter from MOZA costs over £/$100 less than the Fanatec ClubSport Shifter and £/$20 less than the popular Thrustmaster TH8A shifter, which is mightily impressive.

You can pick up the MOZA HGP Shifter from £139/$149.

How good is the HGP Shifter?

Now the price may be very competitive, but just how good is this shifter? We’re happy to report that MOZA’s first attempt at a sim racing shifter is a pretty good success.

The HGP Shifter performs well, and looks great while doing it. Check out our full video review below for our complete MOZA HGP Shifter review. In this review we discuss the overall design, compatibility, mounting and most importantly, just how well this shifter performs.

Watch our full HGP Shifter review below.

What is the release date of the MOZA HGP Shifter?

The great news is that this HGP Shifter is available to purchase right away, from the day of the reveal, which is the 20th February 2023. You can buy your shifter from the MOZA website for the fastest dispatch and delivery.

Is this shifter compatible with Xbox and PS5?

Unfortunately for console sim racers, MOZA continues their trend of not releasing console-compatible products. The HGP Shifter is not compatible with either Xbox or PS5, and instead only works on PC.

This is a shame, but to be expected as MOZA hasn’t focused on console sim racing at all as of yet. Here’s to hoping this trend will change soon.

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