MOZA Release Upgraded Wheel – The RS V2 Steering Wheel

MOZA Racing has just released a new steering wheel, the RS V2. This is an upgraded and redesigned version of the original RS wheel. Here are all of the details including price, where you can buy it and new features!

MOZA Racing RS V2 Steering Wheel
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MOZA Racing has released yet another steering wheel, and it’s available to buy from today. This new steering wheel is an upgraded and redesigned version of the original RS wheel.

Known as the RS V2 (a very original name!), this wheel features a few nice improvements over the older wheel. These improvements bring the design and aesthetic more in line with MOZA’s other products, and they also add some neat functionality.

What is the MOZA RS V2 Steering Wheel

Essentially, the MOZA RS V2 wheel is a refresh of the original RS wheel. It features a few new functionality elements which really elevate this wheel.

It also has had a new lick of paint with a slightly updated design. There is now more forged carbon fibre than ever, and it makes this steering wheel look incredibly premium.

MOZA Racing RS V2 Review

MOZA RS V2 Price

I’ll start by talking about the price of this new steering wheel. With all of the improved features, you may think the price has gone up compared to the original. However, in many regions, the price has actually been reduced a little!

You can pick up the MOZA Racing RS V2 steering wheel for $469, £499, €449, or $689.

In some regions such as the UK, the price has increased a small amount. But in almost every other region including the US, Europe and Australia, the price is actually lower than the original RS wheel retailed for.

You can buy this MOZA Racing RS V2 wheel right away from MOZA’s official web store. It costs;

New Features

This new and improved steering wheel has a few upgraded features which elevate it above the original wheel.

Wired connection

The addition of a wired connection within the quick release of the RS V2 allows it to work completely with the R5 wheel base. Up until now the R5 wheel base only supported the included ES steering wheel. This is a nice feature which expands the compatibility of both this steering wheel and the R5 wheel base.

MOZA RS V2 Upgraded Shifters
Genuine leather hand grips

The next improvement comes in the form of upgraded materials in use. The original RS wheel came in both Alcantara and Nappa leather options. While nice, these materials don’t match the quality of genuine leather.

This new RS V2 wheel is finished in genuine leather allowing it to really stand above the older wheel in terms of quality.

New design

This addition is also paired with a slightly improved and tweaked wheel design. The original steering wheel didn’t utilise as much carbon fibre as this new and improved model, and it also looked a little dated in some areas.

MOZA RS V2 Updated Design

There was a large horn on the front of the wheel, and the buttons and front-facing elements featured bright colours which could be considered distracting.

This new RS V2 wheel tones down the bright colours, and opts for a much more grown-up all-black look. You can add colour to the wheel using the RGB backlit buttons, but the wash of dark materials, removal of the horn and introduction of more carbon fibre really make this wheel feel more grown up.

RGB backlit buttons

And talking about the buttons, these are a new addition to the wheel. All of the push buttons on this upgraded steering wheel are RGB backlit via a series of LED lights.

MOZA Racing RS V2 New Buttons

Each light is customisable allowing you to add as much or as little colour to the wheel as you’d like. This feature is lifted straight off of the GS and FSR wheels and is a nice touch.

I love to set my DRS and ERS overtake buttons to a green colour, and my pit limiter, engine start and other buttons to a different colour. This allows me to quickly and easily see where my different function buttons are located.

Buy the MOZA RS V2 wheel

You can buy this MOZA Racing RS V2 wheel right away from MOZA’s official web store using the links below;

MOZA Racing Steering Wheel Comparison

I have created a quick comparison of MOZA’s current lineup of circular steering wheel rims. This quickly shows you the difference between the new and upgraded RS V2 and the original RS wheel. I’ve also included the more budget-friendly CS steering wheel which shares a lot of its characteristics with its bigger brother.

Read our detailed comparison of the RS V2, RS and CS wheels here.

New Release

MOZA RS V2 Wheel

Original Wheel


Budget Option


Vertagear SL5000
noblechairs HERO
Razer Iskur


All MOZA Wheel Bases


All MOZA Wheel Bases


All MOZA Wheel Bases


Genuine Leather + Forged Carbon Fiber


Alcantara or Nappa Leather + Forged Carbon Fiber


Microfiber Leather + Forged Carbon Fiber


Backlit RGB Buttons

Magnetic Shifters
Dual Clutch
Wired & Wireless
10 Buttons


Magnetic Shifters
Dual Clutch
Wireless Only
10 Buttons


Magnetic Shifters
Wireless Only
6 Buttons


From £449 / $469 / €499


From £249 / $279


From £249 / $279

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.
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