MOZA Release A Range of New Sim Racing Products

MOZA Racing has released a range of new sim racing products and upgraded various older products. Here are all of the details about this big product launch.

MOZA New Product Announcement December 2022
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MOZA Racing has made the 6th December 2022 a pretty significant day in their growth within the sim racing sphere. They have announced a variety of new sim racing products along with various upgrades to older products. Here is all of the information.

Below are all of the products that MOZA has announced today. I’ve noted next to each product whether it is new or an upgrade of an existing product.

  • MOZA GS V2 Racing wheel – Product Upgrade
  • CS V2 Racing Wheel – Product Upgrade
  • ES Formula Wheel Mod – New Product
  • MOZA Universal Hub – New Product
  • Wheelbase Adapter for the FSR – New Product
  • R5 Adapter Plate – New Product
  • Standalone R5 Base & ES Wheel – Announcement

As you can see from the list above, we have a range of new product announcements as well as a couple of product upgrades. Below I will detail each announcement individually, showing you exactly what is new.

MOZA GS V2 Racing wheel

The MOZA GS V2 racing wheel has been upgraded to include compatibility with the MOZA R5 wheel base. The rest of the wheel remains unchanged apart from the hand grip material.

The hand grips on the new MOZA GS V2 are now wrapped in perforated microfibre leather just like the more premium FSR wheel. This is a change from the original Alcantara hand grips, and is probably a better choice as it will wear better over time.

MOZA GS V2 Wheel

Key features:

  • Forged carbon fiber frame
  • Carbon fiber shift paddles with photoelectric sensors
  • Carbon fiber paddle dual-clutch system
  • Ten programmable backlit mechanical buttons
  • Customizable sequential flow RGB rpm/shift LEDs
  • Five programmable rotary dials
  • Dual thumbwheels
  • Dual joysticks

Steering Wheel – MOZA GS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £469/$469
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

CS V2 Racing Wheel

The MOZA CS wheel has also been upgraded to include compatibility with the R5 wheel base. This is the only change to this popular steering wheel.

MOZA CS V2 Wheel

Key features:

  • 300mm wheel
  • Stitched microfibre leather grips
  • Aviation-grade alloy frame
  • Photoelectric shifters with carbon fiber paddles
  • Customizable sequential flow RGB rpm/shift LEDs
  • Six programmable mechanical buttons
  • Two universal joysticks
  • Dual 20-segment rotary dials

Steering Wheel – MOZA CS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £269/$269
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

ES Formula Wheel Mod

The MOZA ES Formula wheel mod is the first new product in this announcement. It is a modification kit that can be applied to the ES steering wheel.

The ES steering wheel is the wheel rim that is currently included in the MOZA R5 bundle, and that is now also available to purchase individually.

MOZA ES Formula Wheel Mod

This wheel rim is designed to be MOZA’s entry-level steering wheel. And this formula mod transforms it from a circular design into a formula-style wheel rim.

The dimensions are spot on for a formula sim racing wheel at 280mm across, and the mod includes an aviation-grade 4mm aluminium with environmentally friendly TPU rubber grips.

Steering Wheel – MOZA ES Wheel Mod
Compatibility – PC
Price – £39/$39
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

MOZA Universal Hub

The new MOZA Universal Hub is designed to act as a hub for multiple MOZA products, allowing you to connect them to your PC, minimising the connection ports that are being used.

MOZA Universal Hub

But more importantly than that, this new Universal Hub allows for MOZA products to be used outside of the MOZA ecosystem. Using this hub, you can connect the MOZA FSR steering wheel to other wheel bases, and still have all of the functionality of the wheel work as it should.

The hub itself is manufactured using aviation-grade aluminium, and it features a dual power supply system to ensure stable operation across all sim racing setups.

Wheelbase Adapter for the FSR wheel

The new MOZA Wheelbase Adapter works alongside the Universal Hub to allow the FSR wheel to be used with popular racing wheels from other brands.

The adapter connects to the FSR steering wheel via the standard quick release, and then connects to a third-party wheel base using the pre-drilled holes.

MOZA wheel base adapter

This product release is possibly the biggest one here, as it finally expands the compatibility of the MOZA FSR and potentially future products with a wider range of wheel bases.

The Wheelbase Adapter is CNC machined using aviation-grade aluminum, and the adapter features two different hole patterns for increased compatibility.

R5 Adapter Plate

The MOZA R5 adapter plate will help make mounting the R5 wheel base much easier. The R5 was so tiny, that it used a 40mm mounting pattern, which is smaller than the standard 60mm pattern.

This adapter plate sits between the R5 wheel base and your sim rig, allowing it to be mounted using a standard 60mm hole pattern.

This mounting plate is CNC machined using high-strength steel, ensuring zero loss in force feedback strength and detail.

Standalone R5 Base & ES Wheel

The final announcement is that both the R5 wheel base and the ES steering wheel are now available to purchase individually.

MOZA R5 Wheel base

Previously, the only way to get both the R5 wheel base and the ES wheel was to purchase the R5 bundle. Now, you can buy them both separately.

This is important for the R5 wheel base, as it now makes it the cheapest stand alone direct drive wheel base you can buy.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R5
Compatibility – PC
Price – £529/$529
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

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