MOZA Racing SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit Transforms The SR-P Lite Pedals

The SR-P Lite Brake Performance Kit transforms the SR-P Lite pedals into one of the better budget sim racing pedal sets.

How to install MOZA SR-P Lite Brake Performance Kit
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MOZA’s recent SR-P Lite pedals were designed to be a budget-friendly sim racing pedal set. They can only be purchased as part of the R5 bundle which includes a small direct drive wheel base, a steering wheel, a table clamp and the SR-P Lite pedals.

This is a great option to offer those who don’t want to spend too big on their sim racing setup. The only problem with the SR-P Lite pedals, was that all three pedals felt almost identical. And this is due to them all using a linear application rather than a load-cell or some form of a resistor on the brake pedal.

The SR-P Lite brake pedal performance kit is designed to solve this issue.

What is the SR-P Lite brake performance kit

Now, the SR-P Lite brake performance kit is a rather long name, so I’m going to refer to it as the performance kit from now on. But what this performance kit does, is it adds a layer of resistance to the brake pedal mechanism.

SR-P Lite Brake Performance Kit

I features an entirely new mechanism to the brake pedal, featuring a spring and a damping block. This gives the SR-P Lite brake pedal a much more realistic feel.

The block simply mounts to the rear of the brake pedal, which is actually rather simple to do. This adds two additional layers of resistance to the brake pedal during use.

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You will first feel the resistance from the spring, which is relatively light, and then you will feel the much stronger resistance from the damper.

What’s included in the kit?

Along with the damping block, there are two different springs and two different spacer blocks included. This allows you to further customise the strength of the resistance of the brake pedal.

You also receive the performance kit itself and everything you need to mount this kit. There are a few M3 screws and some Allen keys to help with installation.

MOZA SR-P Lite Brake Performance Kit

How much does the performance kit cost?

So the good news is that this performance kit doesn’t cost too much. It is available for just £29. And for that cost, if you own the SR-P Lite pedals, it is a no-brainer as it transforms the overall pedal experience.

How to install the SR-P Lite brake performance kit?

This performance kit couldn’t be much easier to install. You don’t need to disassemble any of the original SR-P Lite pedal. Instead, you simply bolt this kit to the rear of the brake pedal.

Watch our how to install the MOZA SR-P Lite brake performance kit below. This video will run through the whole process of installing the performance kit onto the SR-P Lite brake pedals.

Is this performance kit worth buying?

I don’t often say that certain sim racing products are must-buys, as I’m a big advocate for keeping costs down. However, with the SR-P Lite performance kit, I have to say that if you own the SR-P Lite pedals, it really is a must-buy.

The additional performance and brake pedal feel that this performance kit offers is staggering. It completely transforms the pedals from a bare basic, not very engaging pedal set. And it elevates them to compete with the best non-load-cell pedal kits.

And for the relatively small cost, this is well worth it. It would have been nice to see MOZA include this performance kit as standard, as it wouldn’t have really affected the overall price of the R5 bundle. And it makes such a huge difference to the whole sim racing experience.

MOZA SR-P LitePerformance Kit

Where to buy the performance kit

The best place to pick up this performance kit is from MOZA directly. They ship worldwide from their own web store and they offer a variety of different shipping options.

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