Moza Racing Release 5 Brand New Products!

Moza Racing have been making a stir in the sim racing world with all of their new products. Today they announced 5 brand new products! Here is all the info!

MOZA Racing 5 Product Launches

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Moza’s New Product Launches

Moza Racing have had a pretty big day today, announcing a selection of new sim racing products. These products include two new steering wheels, a new wheel base, a new pedal set and a new table clamp.

The majority of these new sim racing products are available in the new R5 bundle. This bundle includes the new wheel base, steering wheel, pedals and table clamp.

The other new product is possibly the more exciting of the bunch, and that is the brand new FSR Formula wheel.

The Moza FSR steering wheel takes all of the functionality and design from the GS steering wheel, and adds a large 4.3″ HD screen. The screen is mounted directly into the wheel, fitting seamlessly. And it can show a variety of different displays with live telemetry readouts.

Moza FSR Formula Wheel

Let’s take a quick look at the new formula-style sim racing wheel, the FSR wheel.

This steering wheel is one of the cheapest sim racing wheels on the market to feature a screen other than Thrustmaster’s SF1000. The screen is capable of displaying a wide range of live telemetry including lap time, lap delta, fuel and tyre information, lap count and much more.

Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel Review

There is a wide range of different screen layouts which you can choose from. Some are targeted for GT racing while others look like Formula 1 screens and some even replicate a real-world car’s dashboard.

Much like the GS steering wheel that came before, this FSR formula wheel also features a wide selection of push buttons and encoders allowing you to change car settings and functions in-game.

The Moza FSR specifications are;

  • 10 push buttons
  • 5 front-facing rotary encoders
  • 2 thumb encoders
  • 2 magnetic paddle shifters
  • 2 joysticks
  • 2 dual clutch paddles
  • 4.3″ HD screen
  • 11 customisable rev lights


While this wheel packs a lot into its 280mm diameter body, the price isn’t extremely high. The FSR formula wheel costs $649 and is available to purchase directly from Moza Racing.

While a price tag of $649 does put it into the premium category, it is still a long way from other wheels with screens that have a four-figure price tag.

Release date

As mentioned, the Moza Racing FSR wheel is available to purchase right away on Moza’s online shop. Stock is available and can be purchased today.

Check out our in-depth guide to the new FSR wheel here.

Moza R5 Bundle

The second purchasable product that was announced is the Moza Racing R5 bundle. This includes four brand-new products, all combined to create a ready-to-race bundle.

MOZA Racing R5 Bundle

This R5 bundle includes Moza’s brand new R5 direct drive wheel base, the ES steering wheel, SR-P Lite pedals and their new table clamp.

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This package will allow sim racers to go sim racing without the need for any other peripherals. Simply connect all of the elements, mount it to your desk or table using the table clamp and you’re ready to go racing.


The Moza R5 bundle is available for $599.

Release date

Much like the FSR wheel above, the R5 bundle has officially been released and is available to purchase right away on Moza’s online store.

Check out our in-depth guide to this new R5 bundle here.

Moza R5 Wheel Base

The first part of the R5 bundle is the brand new R5 wheel base. This is a 5.5Nm direct drive wheel base based on the popular Moza R9 wheel base.

Moza R5 Wheel base

This new wheel base borrows a lot of the design and technology from the R9 but packages it all into a smaller, slightly less powerful form.

The force feedback from the R5 is incredibly sharp and precise, and 5Nm is the perfect starting point for a direct drive wheel base.

We have had the R5 wheel base for a little while to test out, and you can watch our full review of the R5 wheel base and bundle below.

View more detailed info on the R5 wheel base.

ES Steering Wheel

The second component in the R5 bundle is the new ES steering wheel. This wheel is a budget-friendly steering wheel. It is smaller than many other Moza wheels, making it perfect for those without much space.

MOZA ES Steering Wheel R5 Bundle

The wheel itself features a range of push buttons allowing you to control your car in-game with just a push of a button. And all of these buttons are configurable in your racing game of choice.

This ES wheel uses high-quality materials in its build, featuring a leather grip and metal face plate.

View more info on the ES steering wheel.

SR-P Lite Pedals

The third piece of the R5 bundle is the new SR-P Lite pedals. These are based on the SR-P load cell pedals but slimmed down.

MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals

In the R5 bundle, they come in a two-pedal configuration, with a third pedal being an optional extra. They utilise the same great build quality as the SR-P pedals using the same metal footrest and similar metal pedal design.

The brake found in the SR-P Lite pedals does away with the load cell, instead opting for a spring mechanism. All pedals utilise contactless hall sensors for extra precision and durability over time.

View more info on the SR-P Lite pedals.

Moza Table Clamp

The last part of this Moza bundle is the table clamp, and this is a new design specifically for the R5 wheel base. The table clamp mounts onto the underside of the R5 wheel base with a series of four bolts.

MOZA Table Clamp

Then there are two strong clamps for attaching the wheel base to your table or desk. These clamps are incredibly sturdy once installed, and simply screw up to the underside of your surface.

View more info on the table clamp.

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