MOZA Racing Release New Discounted R9 V2 Bundles

MOZA Racing have revealed three new R9 V2 bundles that bring together popular products. These R9 V2 bundles are available with a discounted price compared to buying individually.

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MOZA Racing R9 Bundles

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MOZA Racing has just announced three new bundles to their product lineup. Each of these bundles includes the upgrade MOZA R9 V2 wheel base and one of their most popular steering wheels.

Each bundle is available at a lower price compared to buying the wheel base and steering wheel separately, representing good value for sim racers looking to enter the MOZA Racing ecosystem.

MOZA Racing R9 V2 Bundles

MOZA has announced three different bundles. Each one includes the R9 V2 wheel base and a specific steering wheel. Three of MOZA’s most popular steering wheels are included in these bundles, the CS V2, the RS V2 and the GS V2 GT wheel. Below are more details on each bundle including the price of each MOZA R9 bundle.

CS V2 wheel bundle

The CS V2 MOZA wheel bundle is the most affordable R9 bundle available. It includes the budget-friendly CS V2 steering wheel, which in itself is a great steering wheel.

MOZA CS V2 Wheel bundle

Each of the MOZA R9 bundles includes the brilliant MOZA quick release system allowing you to interchange steering wheels. The prices for the R9 CS V2 wheel bundle are;

  • United States – $669
  • Europe – € 739.00
  • United Kingdom – £649
  • Australia – AUD 1,199
  • Japan – JPY 99,900

You can buy the MOZA CS V2 wheel bundle from MOZA’s website.

RS V2 wheel bundle

The MOZA RS V2 bundle includes the incredible RS V2 steering wheel along with the R9 V2 wheel base. This is possibly the best pick of the bunch due to the RS V2 wheel.

MOZA RS V2 Bundle

This steering wheel looks and feels incredibly premium thanks to the carbon fibre design and expanded features over the cheaper CS V2 wheel. There are extra inputs on the RS V2 including rotary encoders, buttons and joysticks.

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    The prices of the MOZA RS V2 wheel bundle in each region are;

    • United States – $839
    • Europe – €899
    • United Kingdom – £839
    • Australia – AUD 1,358

    You can buy the MOZA RS V2 wheel bundle from MOZA’s website.

    GS V2 GT wheel bundle

    The final R9 V2 bundle available features a formula-style steering wheel. The GS GT wheel was one of the very first steering wheels that MOZA released, and has seen an upgrade to various parts in the V2 upgrade.

    MOZA GS GT V2 Wheel bundle

    This steering wheel has the largest number of inputs of all wheels that are a part of this R9 bundle collection. There are more rotary encoders, extra thumb encoders, and a complete dual clutch paddle system included.

    The prices of the MOZA GS V2 GT wheel bundle in each region are;

    • United States – $869
    • Europe – € 949
    • United Kingdom – £859
    • Australia – AUD 1,438

    You can buy the MOZA GS V2 wheel bundle from MOZA’s website.

    MOZA Racing’s official press statement

    Below is the official announcement from MOZA.

    Revolutionize Your Sim Racing Experience with MOZA’s Exclusive Bundle Offer

    Leading the way in sim racing innovation, MOZA is excited to announce three R9 bundle offers that are set to take your racing experience to the next level. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, the MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase is now available in three exclusive bundles featuring the CS V2 wheel, RS V2 wheel, and GS GT V2 wheel.

    The MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase: A Game Changer

    The MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase is no stranger to excellence. As one of our best-selling products, it has earned a reputation for its unrivaled performance, durability, and precision. Equipped with advanced features and meticulously engineered for perfection, the R9 offers the most immersive sim racing experience you can imagine.

    Introducing the Ultimate R9 Racing Bundles at a Reduced Price

    MOZA understands the diverse preferences of sim racers, which is why we are thrilled to introduce three distinct steering wheel bundles that cater to all types of racing enthusiasts and to make things sweeter, we are offering them at a reduced price!

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    Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.