MOZA Racing is revving up the excitement again!

MOZA Racing Unleashes Unprecedented Power and Precision with the 12Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase and KS GT Style Racing Wheel.

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MOZA KS Wheel and R12 Wheel base

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MOZA Racing, the industry leader in sim racing innovation, is proud to announce the launch of two revolutionary products: the 12Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase MOZA R12 and the GT Style wheel MOZA KS. These cutting-edge offerings represent a new era of power, precision, and style in the world of sim racing, elevating the virtual racing experience to unprecedented heights.

MOZA Racing KS wheel mounted

MOZA R12 DD Wheelbase

The 12Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase pushes the boundaries of performance and realism, delivering unrivalled force feedback and responsiveness. With its powerful 12Nm torque, this wheelbase provides sim racers with an unparalleled level of immersion, allowing them to feel every subtle nuance of the track. Whether it’s the rumble of the road or the force of a high-speed turn, the 12Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase brings the virtual racing world to life.

MOZA Racing R12 wheel base

R12 Key Features:

12Nm DD power: With a widely regarded industry sweet spot of 12Nm sustained power, the MOZA R12 flawlessly replicates the steering forces and feedback of real racing cars providing complete immersion to the driver. 

The Motor: The R12 shares the same cutting-edge motor technology found in MOZA Racing’s flagship R21 base, such as the unique slanted pole design and tri-segmented rotor. The result is significantly reduced cogging, electromagnetic vibration and an ultra-low torque ripple compared to conventional motors. This revolutionary motor design ensures a wide high torque speed range with an incredibly low power consumption thanks to its high slot fill rate and high permeability cores. 

Next Generation Force Feedback Filtering Algorithm: The R12 is powered by MOZA Racing’s latest generation force feedback filtering algorithm, providing industry-leading enhanced dynamic feedback that communicates oversteer and understeer with unbelievable clarity and richness. 

Industrial Conductive Slip Ring: The R12 connects to the wheel via a military-grade conductive slip ring. With a life span of well over 5 million revolutions, this patented system provides extremely high stability and durability with an infinite steering angle.

Intelligent Temperature Control: The R12 advanced control system constantly monitors the motor and electronic components, employing intelligent control strategies to deliver stable and reliable performance in all conditions.

Aviation Grade Aluminium: The entire housing is constructed from aviation grade aluminium utilising automotive grade laser etching, providing an extremely durable, long-lasting finish.

MOZA Pit House Control Suite: Pit House is MOZA Racing’s command centre and allows full customisation and fine-tuning of your MOZA Racing devices. With just a single click, you can launch the game directly from the Pit House software and seamlessly configure it to obtain telemetry data. The software also lets you synchronise the rpm lights and dash display effortlessly. 

MOZA KS Wheel and R12 Wheel base


Perfectly complementing the R12 and fully compatible with all the wheelbases in the MOZA Racing’s lineup is the KS GT Style Racing Wheel, a true masterpiece of design and engineering. Crafted with a blend of carbon fibre and high-performance polymers, this racing wheel combines durability and lightweight construction for optimal performance.

MOZA Racing KS Steering wheel features

KS Key Features:

300mm Butterfly Design: The KS is MOZA Racing’s Esports-ready GT-style wheel. Its sleek butterfly design and 300mm size deliver ultimate realism and precision.

MOZA Racing KS Steering Wheel Buttons

Cutting-Edge Material:
The carbon fibre reinforced composites and high-strength steel construction of the KS GT Style Racing Wheel ensure exceptional strength and rigidity whilst keeping weight to a minimum. This results in improved handling and reduced fatigue during long races.

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Programmable short travel RGB buttons:
Featuring 10 fully customisable RGB buttons, each with 8 selectable colours, the KS wheel offers a fully customisable experience. The short 0.25mm travel buttons with an industry-leading button force of 600gf inspire ultimate confidence with lightning-fast responses and accidental press protection. The KS wheel also comes supplied with transparent button stickers to match your preferences.

8 colour RPM LEDS:
With 10 High brightness LEDS, each customisable with 8 different colours, the KS rpm offers an impressive 100 million RGB combinations. The RPM mode and timing are also fully customisable in Pit House. 

Hall sensor magnetic paddles:
The KS wheel has anodised aluminium paddles utilising non-contact ultra-reliable Hall sensors with an impressive precision of just 0.03mm. This ensures that the paddles provide an unbeatable high level of stability and precision. The KS also has pre-installed silencer pads fitted to ensure a smooth, noise-free experience.

Ergonomic Design:
The KS GT Style Racing Wheel is designed with ergonomic principles in mind, Its TPE rubber grips provide drivers with a comfortable, soft grip with an extremely high level of precision and control. Its intuitive button layout and paddle shifters allow for seamless control without compromising on style or functionality.

70 programmable inputs:
The KS wheel features three 12-position rotary encoders, two 20-position thumb encoders and 2 multi-directional de-pressable joysticks giving 70 programmable inputs. Rapid on-the-fly in-game adjustments are now easier than ever. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Immersive Aesthetics:
The carbon fibre finish of the KS GT Style Racing Wheel exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic, elevating the visual appeal of any sim racing setup. The attention to detail and craftsmanship makes this wheel a true work of art.

Prices and availability:

Both the R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase and the KS GT Wheel are now available to order direct from MOZA Racing’s official website

Founded in 2012 by a team of highly skilled engineers and dedicated sim racing enthusiasts, MOZA Racing has continued to innovate and astound the sim racing world. With an already impressive product lineup boasting a broad spectrum of sim racing equipment, these new additions to the MOZA Racing family are sure to set the industry alight once again!

Where to buy MOZA Racing products

The best place to buy any of these formula-style MOZA racing wheels is from MOZA directly. They ship globally and offer the best turnaround times. You can also purchase from official resellers, although MOZA offers the best prices.

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