MOZA Racing GS V2 Wheel Review – The Same, But Better…

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Moza Racing GS V2 Review

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Looking at these two steering wheels, you have to look really hard to see a difference. But one of them is the original MOZA GS Steering wheel, and the other is the second iteration, the upgraded GS V2.

In this quick review, I’m going to take a look at the GS V2 wheel, and see what has been changed and upgraded.

MOZA Racing is recently off the back of the much upgraded RS V2 steering wheel. That wheel featured an all-new design, with upgrades across the board.

Now, MOZA has announced their latest V2 steering wheel, and it is an upgrade of the second steering wheel the company ever produced.

The GS V2 formula wheel is an upgraded version of the original GS steering wheel. But unlike the RS V2, the GS V2 looks an awful lot like the original wheel. So what’s new?

What is the MOZA GS V2 steering wheel?

The MOZA GS V2 steering wheel is a very minor evolution of the original GS wheel. That wheel really impressed me when it was announced with its formula-style design.

The original GS steering wheel is possibly responsible for really putting MOZA Racing on the map, along with their launch of the R9 wheel base.

MOZA has obviously realised the popularity of this formula-style sim racing wheel, as it is expanding its compatibility with the rest of MOZA’s product range.


And it’s that expanded compatibility that is really the point of this GS V2 wheel. As MOZA hasn’t gone to the extent of redesigning or updating the design of the original wheel as it did with the RS V2.

And that is probably for the best. Because the GS steering wheel has a really nice design and layout and it’s a lovely looking sim racing wheel.

The MOZA RS wheel in comparison was in desperate need of a design refresh. The original wheel was released a few years ago in MOZA’s infancy as a sim racing brand. And the new design served as the perfect opportunity to bring the wheel up-to-date and reflect MOZA’s current standing in the sim racing space as a grown-up, professional brand.


But going back to the GS V2 wheel and its design. It has a width of 300mm across which is ever so slightly wider than a lot of other formula-style wheels on the market. But it feels great to use, and the added width almost adds a little to the feeling that you’re using a real-world steering wheel.

It features a range of inputs including 10 individually LED backlit push buttons, and you can change the colour of each individual button as I have done with my wheel.

I like to set my go faster buttons as I call them, things like the DRS and ERS overtake buttons to green. Then I’ll have another colour set for my control buttons, things like MFD controls, tyre temperatures etc. And finally, I’ll pick out important buttons such as my pit limiter in another colour.

There are also 5 front-facing rotary encoders which all feel nice and clicky. Using the included Pit House software, you can change the function of these encoders to switch between a rotary encoder and individual switches which is great in games such as ACC where you have set engine and traction control modes.

Although, there is still a little work needed on the final quality control, with some of the stickers not lining up properly with the indent in the rotary encoder.

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There are also a couple of thumb encoders which are great for quick adjustments to your brake bias, and each thumb encoder also has a click function. These encoders are just as clicky as the front facing ones.

You’ve also got a couple of joysticks on the front for navigating menus or looking around your car, and the signature RGB light bar on the top.

All of these features are identical to the previous GS steering wheel, so what is new?

Improvements to the GS V2

There are two real improvements to this GS V2 wheel, the first of which is for the hand grips.

Hand grip material

The original GS wheel comes in an Alcantara finish to the hand grips. This looks lovely but during use can wear quite badly, especially if you aren’t racing with gloves on. You really do have to remember to wear protection when racing with the GS wheel!

But now, you can opt for a perforated microfibre finish on the hand grips. This is a similar leather finish that is found on the more premium FSR wheel and it would be my pick. The leather won’t wear as badly as the Alcantara, allowing you to use the wheel for longer before you see any signs of wear.

R5 Wheel base compatibility

Other than the hand grips, the GS V2 steering wheel doesn’t look much different from the original wheel, but it does add compatibility for newer MOZA wheel bases. Namely, the budget-friendly R5 wheel base.

The R5 wheel base was released in early 2022 and served as the perfect entry point for any sim racer looking for a budget direct drive racing wheel. However, it caused a few problems for MOZA, namely compatibility with older steering wheels.

Some old steering wheels such as the original RS and GS wheels weren’t compatible with the technology in the R5 wheel base. This meant if you owned an R5 wheel base, you wouldn’t be able to use some older steering wheels.

Now, the GS V2 is fully compatible with the R5 wheel base, as is the RS V2 steering wheel. This really expands the product lineup for owners of the R5 who have been wanting to get their hands on the original GS steering wheel.

You’ll see in these comparison shots that the quick release is ever so slightly different than the older GS quick release, and it is this that has been changed.

How much does the MOZA GS V2 cost?

The new and upgraded MOZA GS V2 steering wheel costs roughly the same as the original. In the US it costs a little less than the original wheel and in Europe and the UK, a little more at £469 / €499 / $469.

Are the improvements worth re-buying the GS V2?

Deciding on whether to buy the MOZA GS V2 really comes down to a few factors. First of all, do you currently own the original GS wheel? And secondly, do you own an R5 wheel base?

Below are a few example scenarios, and my thoughts on whether you should consider buying the GS V2 steering wheel.

I own the R5 wheel base & I don’t own the GS wheel

Should you buy the GS V2? Yes

If you own the R5 wheel base, and do not own the original GS steering wheel, then yes, by all means. The GS V2 is a brilliant formula-style steering wheel to sim race with.

It is now compatible with every MOZA wheel base, allowing you to use it with the R5 wheel base, and other wheel bases if you upgrade in the future.

I don’t own the R5 wheel base & I do own the GS wheel

Should you buy the GS V2? No

If you do not own the R5 wheel base and already own the original GS steering wheel, then no. There really isn’t any incentive to purchase this upgraded wheel.

The new wheel functions in the exact same way as the original GS does. Meaning the added compatibility for the R5 wheel base isn’t a game changer.

I don’t own the R5 wheel base or the GS wheel

Should you buy the GS V2? Yes

If you do not own the R5 wheel base or the original GS steering wheel, then the new GS V2 wheel could be the one to purchase.

If you are currently racing with any of MOZA’s other wheel bases other than the R5, the original GS wheel would still be compatible. But you may as well purchase the GS V2 just to cover future compatibility.

MOZA GS V2 release date

The MOZA GS V2 is available to purchase from the 18th November 2022. You will no longer be able to purchase the original MOZA GS steering wheel from this date.

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