MOZA Racing Drop Prices Inc R9 & R12 Bundles

MOZA Racing has dropped the prices of some of their most popular sim racing bundles including various R9 and R12 bundles. Here are all deals and discounts.

MOZA Racing Sales
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MOZA Racing is starting 2024 strong with a new year discount that is available across a range of their sim racing bundles. There are eight deals in total and they all include a direct drive wheel base and a steering wheel combination.

What MOZA Racing products are on sale?

Included in this new year sale are a range of R9 and R12 bundles. There are four deals that include the MOZA R9 wheel base and a steering wheel, and another four that include the same steering wheels but paired with the MOZA R12 wheel base.

If you are in the market for either the R9 or R12 direct drive wheel base, making use of any of these deals is a great way of reducing the cost a little bit. The four MOZA Racing steering wheels that are included in the discount are the CS V2, RS V2, KS and GS V2 steering wheels. Below are all of the new MOZA Racing deals.

MOZA Racing R9 V2 and CS V2 BundleR9 V2 + CS V2 Wheel$659 / €729
MOZA Racing R9 V2 and R9 V2 BundleR9 V2 + RS V2 Wheel$819 / €899
MOZA R9 + KS Wheel BundleR9 V2 + KS Wheel$659 / €729
MOZA Racing R9 V2 and GS GT BundleR9 V2 + GS V2 Wheel$819 / €899
MOZA R12 + CS Wheel BundleR12 V2 + CS V2 Wheel$819 / €909
MOZA R12 + RS Wheel BundleR12 V2 + RS V2 Wheel$979 / €1079
MOZA R12 + KS Wheel BundleR12 V2 + KS Wheel$819 / €909
MOZA R12 + GS Wheel BundleR12 V2 + GS V2 Wheel$979 / €1079

Are these new MOZA deals any good?

If you were shopping around for a sim racing wheel or bundle before Christmas, these deals may look very familiar to you. And that is because MOZA released a set of very similar discounts during December. However, some of the deals available today in this new sale are actually better than the deals from 2023.

For example, before Christmas 2023, the MOZA R9 V2 and RS V2 bundle was discounted from €858 to €838. Now, in this most recent MOZA sale, you can buy the same bundle for just €819. That is a further €20 discount on top of the €20 discount that was available in December.

In that instance, these new MOZA Racing deals are a great way to start 2024. January is never a big shopping month due to many recovering from the gift-giving season of December! However, MOZA Racing is trying to entice us sim racers to part with our money by dangling these new discounts in front of us!

You can view all of the MOZA Racing deals and discounts on their website.

View more MOZA Racing deals and discounts.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.
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