MOZA Racing Announce Their Black Friday Deals

MOZA Racing has unveiled their Black Friday deals for 2022. Here are all of the details about every product included in the sale.


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MOZA Racing has broken cover and become the latest sim racing brand to reveal its Black Friday deals for 2022.

The offers that MOZA are offering on their sim racing products for Black Friday are small with only a few products discounted. This may be a reflection on just how well MOZA Racing has done across the past 12 months.

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What sim racing products are discounted for Black Friday?

MOZA Racing has discounted three of their most popular products for the 2022 sim racing Black Friday event. These three products all include a set discount from £/$20 to £/$30.

The products that MOZA has discounted for Black Friday are;

  • MOZA CS Steering Wheel – £/$30 off – Buy here
  • MOZA GS Steering Wheel – £/$30 off – Buy here
  • MOZA SR-P Pedals – £/$20 off – Buy here

MOZA CS Steering Wheel

The CS steering wheel is MOZA’s entry-level stand-alone steering wheel. While the R5 bundle does include a cheaper steering wheel, the R5 steering wheel isn’t available to purchase individually, while this CS wheel is.

This sim racing steering wheel follows a similar design to the more premium RS V2 steering wheel. However, it has seen a few features removed in order to keep the price down.

This CS steering wheel features a series of push buttons along with two rotary encoders and joysticks. All of these allow you to easily control your car in-game. You can map each input to an in-game input such as adjusting your car’s traction control, or turning your pit limiter on and off.

On the rear of this steering wheel are a couple of magnetic paddle shifters. These are constructed from carbon fibre and feel great during use.

There is also the MOZA quick release which allows this wheel to be compatible with most of MOZA’s sim racing wheel bases.

MOZA GT GS Steering Wheel

The GS steering wheel was the first sim racing steering wheel that MOZA released and is now a year or 2 old. However, its age doesn’t prevent this wheel from being one of the best formula sim racing wheels on the market in 2022.

MOZA’s GS steering wheel features a range of LED backlight push buttons, along with thumb encoders, rotary encoders, joysticks, and a full dual-clutch system.

There are a lot of parts of this steering wheel that can be customised. You can change the colours of each push button individually. This allows you to quickly spot the function of each push button, even when sim racing in the dark.

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You can also customise multiple parts of the LED rev bar. You can change the colours of each part of the rev bar as well as the timing of each LED light.

The shape of this steering wheel is perfect for sim racing in games such as F1 22. It allows you to feel as though you are really behind the wheel of an open wheel race car.

MOZA SR-P Pedals

The last product to be discounted as part of the MOZA Black Friday sale is the SR-P Pedals. These are the best budget-friendly load cell sim racing pedals you can buy from MOZA Racing.

They come in a variety of combinations, from a two-pedal set to a three-pedal set with individual pedals available to buy separately.

The brake pedal features a load cell allowing them to closely replicate the feeling of a brake pedal in a real race car. While not as impressively realistic as hydraulic pedals, a load cell is the closest thing you can get without spending an obscene amount of money!

When does MOZA Racing’s Black Friday event start?

These sim racing products are available at their discounted rate from Friday 25th November. The discounts will be available from the early hours of Friday morning.

These three deals will finish at the end of Monday 28th November. This gives you all of Black Friday weekend to decide on whether these MOZA products are worth buying.

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Where to buy MOZA products over Black Friday?

The only place to get these discounts on MOZA steering wheels and pedals throughout Black Friday is on MOZA’s own webshop.

MOZA’s shop is accessible worldwide, with worldwide delivery options available.

If you are ordering from the USA, you can receive fast domestic shipping allowing you to receive your MOZA product in 3-7 days.

Who are MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing are a relatively new sim racing brand. They released their first product less than 2 years ago. But since then, they have released a whole bunch of sim racing products including direct drive wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals and other peripherals.

What products have MOZA released in 2022?

The past 12 months have been incredibly positive for MOZA, with the release of the budget-friendly R5 racing wheel which is one of the cheapest direct drive racing wheels on the market.

2022 has also seen the launch of the FSR steering wheel. This formula-style steering wheel included a large HD screen allowing you to see live telemetry from in game.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.