MOZA Racing R12 vs Logitech Pro Racing Wheel

The MOZA Racing R12 stacks up to be incredibly similar to the Logitech Pro Racing wheel in terms of performance. But there are some big differences. Which direct drive wheel is the better buy?

MOZA R12 vs Logitech Pro Wheel

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Both the MOZA R12 wheel base and the Logitech Pro Racing wheel are incredibly similar in the performance department. They are both mid-range direct drive racing wheels that produce 12 and 11Nm of peak torque respectively.

Despite these similarities, both racing wheels offer a rather different set of reasons to buy. But which direct drive racing wheel is the better buy out of the Logitech Pro Wheel and the MOZA R12 wheel base?

Comparing specs

I want to start by looking at an overview of the two racing wheels. This is always a great way to see the similarities and differences right away. I have included a price for both racing wheels if purchased individually and as part of a bundle. This is because both are available as stand-alone wheel bases, yet both have bundles that include a steering wheel as well.

MOZA R12 + RS Wheel BundleLogitech Pro Racing Wheel
MOZA R12 RS V2Logitech Pro Wheel
Bundle Price$979 / €1079 (Exc Tax)$/€999
Wheel Base Price$559 / €619 (Exc Tax)$/€669
FFB Strength12Nm11Nm
CompatibilityPCPC, Xbox, PS5
Release DateJune 2023September 2022
Where To BuyBuy from MOZABuy from Logitech

You can see from the comparison above that there are differences in both sim racing wheels but also some similarities. To start, they both produce incredibly similar force feedback.

The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel produces 11Nm of peak torque and has a feature called TrueForce. TrueForce creates vibration effects to enhance the force feedback that is translated from the in-game audio.

The MOZA R12 beats out the Logitech Pro wheel by producing 12Nm of peak torque. It also utilises a unique force feedback algorithm that lets rumbles and vibrations feed through the FFB for added immersion.

Both racing wheels are priced relatively similarly. The MOZA R12 is cheaper on paper if purchased individually, however, you do need to factor in sales tax or import tax depending on where you’re shipping it to. With tax accounted for, the R12 comes in at roughly the same or a touch more than the Logitech Pro wheel.

The big difference is that you can buy both an Xbox and a PS5-compatible version of the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel. Whereas the MOZA R12 is restricted to just PC compatibility only.

Price comparison

I’m going to start our in-depth head-to-head of the MOZA R12 and Logitech Pro wheel by looking at the price of both racing wheels. I’ll start by looking at the bundles that you can get with both racing wheels as this is the best way to save a little money when buying either racing wheel

The Logitech Pro Racing wheel only has a single steering wheel that can be attached to the wheel base. This makes it almost pointless at the moment to purchase the Logitech Pro wheel base individually. We’re hoping that over time Logitech will release other steering wheels that can be attached.

The MOZA R12 can be purchased with four different steering wheels as part of the R12 bundle. The cheapest option is the CS V2 and KS bundles. These include the R12 wheel base and either the round CS wheel or the formula-style KS wheel. You can also purchase the more premium RS V2 and GS V2 steering wheels with the R12 for a bit more money.

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel$/€999.95 (Inc Tax)
MOZA R12 CS V2 Bundle$819 / €909 (Exc Tax)
MOZA R12 RS V2 Bundle$979 / €1079 (Exc Tax)

You can see from the bundle price comparison above that the MOZA Racing bundle with the CS V2 steering wheel is significantly cheaper, especially in the United States. However, you will need to factor in sales tax as this isn’t included in the price at the time of purchasing from MOZA’s website.

The RS V2 bundle is roughly the same price as the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel bundle. However, once you factor in sales tax, it will be more expensive than the Logitech Pro Wheel.

Below is a quick comparison of both wheel bases if purchased individually without a steering wheel. As I mentioned, the Logitech Pro wheel is only compatible with the Logitech Pro steering wheel currently. This makes it a little pointless to purchase the Logitech Pro wheel individually at the moment.

Individual WheelsPrice
Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Base$/€669 (Inc Tax)
MOZA R12 Wheel Base$559 / €619 (Exc Tax)

Force feedback performance

Moving on to the performance comparison, this is one of the hardest-fought categories between these two wheels. As mentioned, they both produce very similar torque levels making the peak force feedback strength very similar. Both wheels also have their own vibration and rumble integration which goes a long way towards added immersion.

Logitech Pro Racing wheel force feedback

Starting with the Logitech Pro Racing wheel, this is the older of the two direct drive wheel bases. The Pro wheel released towards the end of 2022, a whole 8 months or so before the MOZA R12. This was really around the time where most other sim racing brands were packaging their direct drive racing wheels into smaller packages.

The Logitech Pro Racing wheel is a more traditional direct drive wheel. It utilises a large wheel base design to house the large motor. This motor produces a peak torque of 11Nm, which is really around my own personal sweet spot.

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Beyond around 10Nm of peak torque, there are diminishing returns compared to how much you have to spend. Many sim racers won’t venture too far beyond 10Nm of peak torque as above this the wheel can become very heavy and tiring to race with over long sim racing sessions.

The Pro Racing Wheel is Logitech’s first wheel that utilises a direct drive motor, and they have nailed the force feedback pretty well. The detail of force feedback is great and the wheel has so much more power than the next best Logitech wheel, the G923.

The Logitech Pro wheel utilises TrueForce technology. This translates in-game audio from elements such as the engine and converts it into vibrations. These vibrations can then be felt through the steering wheel.

This results in you feeling the normal force feedback effects from your car’s weight shifting and how it is interacting in the game. Then you get extra vibrations that are linked to your engine revs making you feel more immersed. TrueForce was first introduced with the G923 racing wheel over 5 years ago but has been improved for the Pro wheel.

MOZA Racing R12 force feedback

The MOZA R12 racing wheel is a result of lessons learned from previous racing wheels that MOZA released. Thats not to say any older MOZA racing wheel was bad, they have all been great. However, the R12 feels like the first wheel that puts everything together in one place to produce truly outstanding force feedback.

MOZA R9 Motor Animation

The force feedback algorithm powering the overall FFB allows for some of the most detailed and immersive force feedback available at this price range. The clarity of force feedback is fantastic and everything feels silky smooth.

What impresses me most with the MOZA Racing R12 racing wheel is the vibration and rumble effects that are not too dissimilar to TrueForce in the Logitech Pro wheel. While it hasn’t been confirmed by MOZA how these forces are created, they do feel similar to TrueForce which utilises the in-game audio.

Much like TrueForce, as you drive over kerbs or a rough road surface, you’ll feel additional rumbling through your steering wheel that was never present in MOZA’s original racing wheels. This rumbling echoes through your entire sim rig or cockpit in a good way, making it feel like you’re firmly sitting in your car’s race seat.

I have been personally using the MOZA R12 in regular rotation on my sim racing rig since it was released in 2023. And it is the racing wheel that impressed me the most during 2023. If you are debating between buying a MOZA R9 or R12, I would highly recommend the additional cost to purchase the R12.

Design and build quality

Wheel base design

The design is one area where both sim racing brands went in different directions. The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is much more traditional in its aesthetics. It utilises a large wheel base design which can look a bit too big and clunky from some angles.

This is due to a traditional internal fan being required to dissipate heat. The Pro wheel is constructed almost exclusively from plastic meaning it cannot dissipate heat through the chassis like other wheel bases, and this leads to the larger size.

The MOZA R12 on the other hand does not include an internal fan. Instead, the exterior case is constructed from metal and designed to draw the internal heat out and away from the motor. This results in a much smaller-sized wheel base, and it’s a design philosophy that I much prefer.

Steering wheel design

The steering wheel is a much closer comparison due to both wheel rims being of excellent quality. I’m comparing the Logitech Pro wheel with the MOZA RS V2 as this is the most comparable wheel. However, rest assured, all MOZA wheel rims are high quality due to their metal construction and use of high-quality materials.

Both the Logitech Pro wheel and the MOZA RS V2 include plenty of inputs that include push buttons, joysticks and rotary encoders. These inputs feel great on both wheels and allow you to control your car in whichever game you’re racing.

You can see the similarities in the design when comparing both wheels face-on. They both aim to replicate a real-world aftermarket steering wheel, and both do so well. You’ll find genuine leather on the hand grips for both racing wheels, and a set of metal shifter paddles on the rear.

Ultimately, both steering wheels are incredibly similar in both design and quality. This really is a case of which design you prefer out of the two as there isn’t a clear winner in this category.


The compatibility comparison is always a segment that can rule out certain racing wheels from your buying decision. MOZA Racing up until this point has only really offered PC compatibility throughout its ecosystem.

They recently released the MOZA R3 which is the company’s first Xbox-compatible racing wheel. However, that is very much a budget wheel. Unfortunately, the MOZA R12 is only compatible with PCs, and so are all of the steering wheels that come bundled with the R12.

The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is completely different in that you can buy separate versions of the Pro wheel that are compatible with both Xbox and PS5. Whichever version you buy, you will also get PC compatibility, making this a much more versatile racing wheel.

Which bundle is better?

In conclusion, both of these direct drive racing wheels are excellent. They are very comparable in terms of performance with both wheels offering incredibly good force feedback.

Where they differ vastly is in their approach. The MOZA R12 is much more compact and offers a much wider variety of steering wheels and peripherals that you can pair with it. This comes at the cost of Xbox or PS5 compatibility.

The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel on the other hand doesn’t have as much customisation. You’re limited to just a single steering wheel and a single set of sim racing pedals to choose from. However, you do get much wider compatibility, allowing you to race this direct drive wheel on both Xbox and PS5 consoles.

If you’re only planning racing on a PC, I would recommend the MOZA R12 over the Logitech Pro wheel due to the added customisation. However, if you are looking for a console-compatible racing wheel, the Logitech Pro wheel is your best choice.

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