MOZA Formula Wheel Comparison: FSR vs GS vs KS

In this detailed comparison guide, I'll look at which steering wheel is the best formula wheel from MOZA Racing. Here's our comparison of the FSR vs GS GT vs KS steering wheels.

MOZA Formula wheel comparison
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MOZA Racing has an increasingly large ecosystem of wheel bases, racing wheels and other sim racing peripherals. But recently, they have launched the new KS formula wheel which is their third formula-style steering wheel.

In this guide, I’m going to look at all three MOZA Racing formula-style wheels, to see which is the best and which we would recommend.

Before I go any further, below is a quick overview of each formula wheel and its cost.




  • €299/$259

  • £469/$583

  • £579/$720

MOZA KS Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel – MOZA KS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – €299/$259
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The newest formula-style racing wheel that MOZA has released is the KS steering wheel. This is actually the cheapest of the three formula wheels that MOZA sell but has some great features that we think are actually better than the GS GT or FSR wheels.

One of the biggest improvements that the KS steering wheel has over other MOZA wheels is its compatibility. Much like the FSR formula wheel, it features a hard-wired port which allows it to be used with third-party wheel bases.

You can simply connect the steering wheel to the MOZA Universal Hub and it will work with any racing wheel such as those from Fanatec or Simucube.

The new KS steering wheel has a 300mm diameter much like the older GS GT wheel. This puts it on the larger side for a formula-style wheel rim, but I actually prefer this size choice than the smaller FSR wheel which sits at 290mm. Being slightly wider, it feels more realistic.

As mentioned, the KS wheel is the cheapest of the three formula-style wheels that MOZA sell, and this can be seen in its design. Both the GS GT and FSR wheels have carbon fibre elements such as the face plate and the shifter paddles.

However, the KS wheel does away with the real carbon fibre, and instead uses a carbon fibre pattern on a plastic composite material. This plastic composite feels cheaper than metal or real carbon fibre, however, it still feels solid resulting in zero flex. And from afar, it looks almost identical to a real carbon weave.

The push buttons on the KS wheel follow a similar design to the GS GT and FSR by being RGB LED backlit. This gives you a lot of customisation when choosing which colour you want each button to be. One point of difference though is that the buttons on the KS wheel do not feature labels.

Instead, you get a sticker sheet where you can put your own stickers onto each button. This is a great design choice as it doesn’t lock you into using push buttons for inputs that MOZA recommend. Instead, you can fully customise each button’s label.

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Another area of improvement is the RGB rev bar. Gone is the diffused strip that MOZA Racing has used on all their previous wheels. And in its place are individually mounted rev lights. This is a big improvement to the aesthetics of the wheel and makes this part of the design look more premium than other MOZA wheels.

However, the good news doesn’t continue through to the shifters, unfortunately. While the shifters are still magnetic and do feel good to use, and they do include an in-built silencing pad making them much quieter than other MOZA wheels. They are also mounted closer to the body of the wheel which can mean you might hit your thumb while performing shifts.

Overall, the KS steering wheel from MOZA is a great formula-style sim racing wheel, and the fact that it offers a lower point of entry compared to the GS GT and FSR wheels is great. This is much more of a budget-friendly formula wheel, without feeling too budget.

Steering Wheel – MOZA KS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – €299/$259
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

MOZA GS GT Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel – MOZA GS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £469/$469
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The MOZA Racing GS GT formula wheel was one of the first racing wheels that MOZA released a few years back. It was the first formula-style wheel and it received an incredible reception upon launch.

It delivered excellent ergonomics along with a high-quality design and was rather pleasing on the eye. The only real negatives of this wheel upon launch were the rev lights which were hidden by a diffused light bar giving a slightly cheap look, and the incredibly loud shifter paddles.

There has been a revision of the GS GT since launch which has added extra compatibility and also brought a different grip material. You can now pick up the GS GT with both Alcantara hand grips and leather.

Much like the new KS wheel, this GS GT wheel features a 300mm diameter adding a level of realism to the wheel. There are also slightly more inputs than on the KS wheel. There are five front facing encoders compared to the three on the KS wheel.

Other than the increased number of encoders, the KS wheel has the same inputs as this GS GT wheel, including the same number of push buttons, thumb encoders, joysticks and shifter paddles.

The big difference between between this wheel and the cheaper KS wheel other than the increased number of inputs is the build quality.

The design of the GS GT wheel consists of real forged carbon fibre across the body and the shifter paddles. The rest of the chassis uses metal as its choice of material compared to the plastic composite on the KS wheel.

These premium materials do add some weight and make the wheel feel nicer in your hands. This is the wheel that sits in a great middle ground between the more premium FSR wheel and the budget KS wheel.

Steering Wheel – MOZA GS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £469/$469
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

MOZA FSR Formula Wheel

Steering Wheel – MOZA FSR Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £579/$579
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

MOZA’s FSR formula wheel sits above both the GS GT and KS wheel as the company’s premium formula-style racing wheel.

It uses the groundwork that was laid out by the GS GT wheel, and it adds a huge 4.3″ digital display which serves as an in-built dashboard. This digital display is where the real added value is for the FSR.

It utilises the same inputs that can be found on the GS GT wheel, although the rotary encoders and buttons have moved slightly to accommodate the large screen.

Other design changes include the loss of forged carbon fibre, which ahs been replaced by a real carbon fibre weave. This weave looks a little smarter than the forged carbon on the GS GT wheel, but that is down to personal preference.

The handgrips are also different as they come in a perforate leather compared to Alcantara on the GS GT wheel and rubber on the KS wheel. The final big change is that the FSR wheel is actually slightly smaller in diameter than the other two formula wheels at just 290mm.

Looking at the screen in more detail, this display is designed to give you live telemetry while racing. The information available includes lap time, speed, tyre temperature and much more.

There are a variety of different screen layouts and MOZA seem to add more display layouts quite regularly. There aren’t many formula-style racing wheels in this price range that look this good, making this one of our picks of the bunch when it comes to the best formula wheels around.

Steering Wheel – MOZA FSR Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £579/$579
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Which MOZA formula wheel is best? KS, GS GT or FSR?

Answering which formula wheel is best is relatively easy as the MOZA FSR takes the crown in almost every department. The KS wheel is the newest and does feature some upgrades such as the quieter shifters, improved rev bar and more customisable buttons.

MOZA FSR vs GS vs KS Steering Wheel Comparison

However, it doesn’t offer enough in terms of build quality and features to compete with the FSR. The large in-built display makes the FSR one of the better formula wheels across all sim racing brands.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly MOZA wheel, then the KS wheel offers fantastic value. Coming in at half the price of the FSR wheel, it certainly isn’t half as good. It delivers a great formula-style racing experience at a much more palatable price range.

Where to buy MOZA Racing products

The best place to buy any of these formula-style MOZA racing wheels is from MOZA directly. They ship globally and offer the best turn around times. You can also purchase from official resellers, although MOZA offers the best prices.

You can shop the whole MOZA product range using the links below;

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.
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