MOZA Complete Buyers Guide: MOZA Racing Ecosystem Explained

In this MOZA Racing guide, I take a complete look at MOZA's entire ecosystem of sim racing products including all of their wheel bases, racing wheels, pedals and other peripherals.

MOZA Racing Product Lineup

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MOZA Racing can no longer be looked at as a new entry into the sim racing space, as they’ve been around for a few years now and have released an absolute tonne of products. MOZA Racing boasts one of the largest ecosystems of any sim racing brand in 2023.

So I’ve created this guide to run through every product that MOZA offers, whilst bringing you some top tips and recommendations on which products to consider, which products are compatible with each other and which products to avoid.

I’ll break down this MOZA ecosystem guide into segments that are categorised by product type. Then I’ll show you every product that MOZA offers within that category, and give you our recommendations on the top pick.

This is going to be a detailed guide, so you’ll find quick links below to be able to quickly scroll to the section you are interested in.

MOZA wheel bases

I’m going to start this MOZA ecosystem guide by looking at all of the wheel bases MOZA offers. And this category has quickly grown to become quite extensive.

MOZA only offers direct drive wheel bases which is a very good thing. Direct drive technology mounts a large motor directly to the driveshaft of a wheel base.

This allows for more detailed force feedback than other technologies, as well as being able to produce extremely strong force feedback. If you’re looking for the best sim racing wheel base, direct drive is certainly the way to go.

Currently, MOZA offers four different wheel bases. Each wheel base offers a different level of performance at a different price range. This is ideal for sim racers who want to access direct drive performance at different budgets.

MOZA Racing wheel bases overview

The table below includes a quick overview of each wheel base that MOZA Racing sells in 2023. You’ll see that as you move up the product range, both the strength of the force feedback which is dictated by the Nm figure, and the price increase.







MOZA Racing R9
MOZA Racing R16
  • £399/$399

  • 3Nm

  • £319/$396

  • 5Nm

  • £409/$508

  • 9Nm

  • £589/$589

  • 12Nm

  • £849/$1055

  • 16Nm

  • £1039/$1292

  • 21Nm


Racing Wheel – MOZA R5
Compatibility – PC
Price – £299/$299
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The MOZA Racing R5 wheel base is the entry level wheel base and the cheapest that MOZA currently sells. It is also one of the cheapest direct drive wheel bases from any brand making it incredibly impressive.

It produces up to 5Nm of peak torque which is equal to or better than most gear or belt driven racing wheels. And it does this for a relatively comparable price to racing wheels that utilise belt or gear driven force feedback.

This is impressive, because direct drive force feedback is much more detailed regardless of the maximum strength.


Racing Wheel – MOZA R9
Compatibility – PC
Price – £409/$439
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The MOZA R9 wheel base was the first small form factor wheel base that MOZA created, and was designed to rival the Fanatec CSL DD. And it does that incredibly well. It produces more peak torque than the CSL DD at 9Nm, and the force feedback is very comparable in terms of detail and fidelity.

I’d recommend reading our MOZA R9 vs Fanatec CSL DD guide for a detailed comparison where I pit both wheel bases head to head across a range of categories.

If I were to recommend a single MOZA Racing wheel base, it would be the R9. It is right around the sweet spot for a direct drive wheel, which I always say is about 10Nm of peak torque. Much stronger than this and the strength of the force feedback can fatigue you during a race.


Racing Wheel – MOZA R16
Compatibility – PC
Price – £799/$799
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

MOZA Racing R16 wheel base

If you fancy more performance from your racing wheel, the MOZA R16 is the next step up from the R9. This wheel base produces 16Nm of peak torque which is more than enough for most sim racers.

This level of performance allows you to detune the maximum strength, whilst allowing the wheel base to keep a wide range of performance. The benefit of using a higher-powered direct drive wheel base is that even if you do lower the maximum torque, you will benefit from a wider dynamic range than you’d get from a lower-powered wheel base.

The MOZA R16 should be a serious consideration if you like to play around with the strength and detail of your force feedback. Especially in sim titles such as iRacing that can really utilise the added power to produce incredible levels of force feedback detail.


Racing Wheel – MOZA R21
Compatibility – PC
Price – £999/$999
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

At the very peak of the range of performance sits the MOZA Racing R21 wheel base. This is the most powerful wheel base that MOZA currently offers, and it produces a whopping 21Nm of peak torque.

This level of force feedback performance elevates the R21 wheel base into competition with some seriously good wheel bases such as those from Simucube and the Fanatec Podium range.

The MOZA R21 holds up extremely well when compared to either of those brands, and the performance and most importantly the range of performance is incredible. You can really feel incredibly fine details from small track surface changes, whilst also feeling incredible power and resistance when your car becomes heavily loaded.

This wheel base is the pinnacle of MOZA’s wheel base lineup, and I’d highly recommend it for those chasing extreme performance. Watch our full MOZA R21 review for our complete thoughts.

MOZA steering wheels

When it comes to sim racing steering wheels, MOZA has an ecosystem that is designed to be interchangeable. Thanks to the excellent quick release that is found on every MOZA product, you can swap each steering wheel with any of the wheel bases, although some small restrictions apply for the budget-friendly R5 wheel base.

MOZA originally launched their sim racing campaign with a single circular steering wheel called the RS wheel. Since then, MOZA has released four other steering wheels as well as upgrading the original RS wheel to the much improved RS V2.

Recently, MOZA has also released a few steering wheel mods for the cheaper ES steering wheel. The mods include a larger circular wheel along with a smaller formula-style wheel. These can be purchased individually to modify the ES steering wheel which is the main compatible steering with the R5 wheel base, and comes included in the R5 bundle.

Below is an overview of all of the steering wheels that MOZA currently offers.






MOZA Racing ES Wheel
MOZA Racing CS Wheel rim
MOZA Racing GS GT Wheel
MOZA FSR Formula Wheel
MOZA Racing RS V2
  • £129/$160

  • £269/$334

  • £469/$583

  • £579/$720

  • £439/$546


The MOZA ES steering wheel is the most budget-friendly steering wheel that MOZA offers. Until recently, the only way to buy the ES steering wheel was as part of the R5 bundle which includes the R5 wheel base and pedals as well.

However, MOZA has decided to sell the ES wheel individually which is great for those looking for a budget-friendly steering wheel.

This steering wheel is the smallest circular wheel of any from MOZA’s range and is much closer to a wheel such as the Logitech G923 rather than a full-sized realistic steering wheel.

There are a couple of wheel mods for the ES steering wheel which allow you to change the grips and faceplate. These mods allow you to turn the ES wheel into a formula-style wheel rim or add a larger circular wheel similar to the CS steering wheel.

This flexibility really elevates the ES steering wheel and allows sim racers to pick up a budget steering wheel and transform it into a style that really suits their racing preferences.


Steering Wheel – MOZA CS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £269/$269
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The original budget steering wheel before the ES wheel was released was the MOZA CS steering wheel. This wheel features a full-sized circular design making it appear much more realistic than the ES wheel.

The front of the steering wheel features a range of push buttons, a couple of joysticks and two rotary encoders to allow you to really delve into adjusting your car mid-race.

Around the back of the CS steering wheel are two magnetic paddle shifters that allow you to change gears with precise and responsive magnetic shifters.

This steering wheel is essentially a budget-friendly version of the RS V2. It features a very similar overall design, with a few inputs stripped away to allow it to carry a cheaper price tag.

It is worth noting that this steering wheel is not compatible with the R5 wheel base, which is why MOZA released the circular wheel rim mod for the ES steering wheel.


Steering Wheel – MOZA GS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £469/$469
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The GS GT formula wheel is a steering wheel that I personally called one of the very nicest formula wheels I’d driven with. This was before the release of the even more impressive FSR wheel, however, the GS GT remains an incredible formula-style wheel rim.

The design features a 300mm diameter which is slightly more realistic than formula-style wheels from other brands, and this alone is a nice choice as it feels more realistic to use.

The front of the wheel is constructed from forged carbon fibre and features a load of inputs. These include four rotary encoders, two thumb encoders, ten push buttons and two joysticks.

All of these inputs can be customised to control your car in any sim racing game and provide more than enough control over elements such as DRS, ERS, traction control, brake bias and more.

Around the back are a set of magnetic shifters that are constructed from forged carbon fibre, along with two dual clutch paddles. These can be used to perfect your standing starts in games such as F1 23 and iRacing.


Steering Wheel – MOZA FSR Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £649/$649
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

MOZA’s FSR formula wheel takes the fantastic foundation provided by the GS GT wheel, and it elevates it by introducing a huge 4.3″ digital dash.

This included screen is the real selling point of this steering wheel. In terms of functionality, much is the same as the GS GT wheel. There is the same number of inputs in practically the same layout, although the rotary encoders have moved slightly to accommodate the screen.

On the reverse of the steering wheel are magnetic paddles that are incredibly similar to the GS GT. You also get the dual clutch paddles much like you do on the GS GT wheel.

Going back to the large digital dash that is mounted into the front of the wheel. This allows you to view live telemetry from directly in-game. You can choose between a wide range of screen layouts, and MOZA add new screen designs over time.

Some of the key information that you can see are your tyre temperatures, brake bias and traction control settings, your lap times and predicted lap times.

The combination of the GS GT features along with the inclusion of the large screen make this one of the very best formula wheels available in 2023.


Steering Wheel – MOZA RS V2 Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £449/$449
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The MOZA RS V2 is a second iteration of the original RS wheel. The first RS wheel was the first steering wheel that MOZA released and after a few years it really needed a design upgrade to portray where MOZA Racing had progressed to in this short amount of time.

The RS V2 introduced a series of upgrades that turned the RS into a wheel that was really worthy of being a premium steering wheel.

Some of the upgrades include a design overhaul that introduces the up-to-date design language that MOZA uses across its other products. There is forged carbon fibre all across this steering wheel. The LED-backlit buttons from the GS GT wheel have been added, and the rotary encoders and shifters are much improved.

This steering wheel sits at the top of MOZA’s product range and is a truly premium circular steering wheel. There is genuine leather that wraps the handgrips and carbon fibre throughout making it a true premium wheel.

MOZA pedals

MOZA doesn’t just specialise in racing wheels and wheel bases, they also have a range of sim racing pedals. Their sim racing pedal range includes a high-end pedal set featuring a high-performing load cell brake.

They also offer a mid-range pedal set and a budget pedal set that is only available as part of the R5 bundle. Both the mid-range and budget pedals come in either a two or three-pedal layout with the option to add on a third clutch pedal if required.

Below is an overview of all three pedal sets that MOZA currently have.


MOZA SR-P Pedals

MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals

MOZA SR-P Pedals
MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals
  • £459/$570

  • 150kg load cell

  • £173/$215

  • 75kg load cell

  • Part of R5 Bundle

  • No load cell


The top-of-the-range MOZA CRP pedals feature a pretty premium and well-constructed design. The majority of these pedals are built from CNC aluminium, making them incredibly sturdy.

Behind the brake pedal is a strong load cell sensor that is designed to measure the force and the speed at which you apply that force. It then converts that force into brake input in your sim of choice.


One of the main perks of these pedals along with the load cell brake is how adjustable they are. You can adjust the resistance of each pedal individually, as well as change out the springs and damping blocks. There are also adjustments available for the travel of each pedal.

One other key area where these pedals excel is in the clutch pedal. This is often part of a sim racing pedal set that is overlooked. The clutch in the CRP pedals is a 3-stage design with varying resistance depending on the pedal travel.

Overall, this pedal set is a truly premium load cell pedal set that is worthy of your time if you’re looking to put together a premium sim racing setup.

MOZA SR-P Pedals

Pedals – MOZA SR-P Pedals
Compatibility – PC
Price – From £179/$179
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

The SR-P pedals take on a design philosophy that was initially created by Fanatec. Each pedal is mounted to the footrest individually, which allows you to adjust the pedal spacing.

While the pedal set comes in a two-pedal form, you can add an additional clutch pedal which mounts to the footrest in the same way as the brake and throttle.

This pedal set is designed to be an affordable budget to mid-range set. There is a load cell in the brake pedal which allows for a relatively realistic feel to the brake pedal. This gives sim racers a way to become consistent under braking.

This is the most popular pedal set that MOZA sell as it fits right into the mid-range price bracket.

MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals

If you are looking at buying the MOZA R5 bundle, you’ll get the SR-P Lite pedals included. There is currently no way of individually purchasing these pedals, other than buying the R5 bundle.

These pedals utilise a similar design philosophy as the SR-P pedals but without the load cell brake pedal. Instead, a more basic potentiometer brake pedal is included, which is the weakest part of these pedals.

There is a brake upgrade kit which increases the firmness of this brake pedal, and I’d highly recommend picking it up if you have this pedal set. It will vastly improve the overall braking performance.

This pedal set is a watered-down version of the SR-P pedals, and because of this, they feel relatively budget. I’d recommend opting for the SR-P pedals if your budget allows it.

MOZA handbrake

Handbrake – MOZA HBP Handbrake
Compatibility – PC
Price – From £95
Where to buy – Buy from MOZA

Currently, there is only one single handbrake available from MOZA Racing. The MOZA HBP Handbrake is an impressive piece of engineering which results in a high-performing handbrake.

This sim racing handbrake connects to your PC via USB and can therefore be used with any racing wheel from any brand. The design features an all-aluminium construction with two mounting angles. This means it can serve as a vertical or horizontal handbrake depending on your preference.

There are also adjustments that can be made to the brake force by swapping out the springs, as well as being able to adjust the stop position. This adjustability means it is a fantastic sim racing handbrake option.

MOZA shifter

Shifter – MOZA HGP Shifter
Compatibility – PC
Price – From £140
Where to buy – Buy from MOZA

Much like their handbrake offering, MOZA currently only sell one external shifter. The MOZA HGP Shifter is a 7-speed H pattern shifter with a locked 7th and reverse gear.

Unfortunately, this shifter is locked to a H pattern mode, and there is no possibility of converting it into a sequential shifter. That is the biggest downside of this otherwise very good shifter.

The chassis of the shifter is constructed from metal, much like many other MOZA products, and is finished in a MOZA-esque black powder coating.

We recently reviewed this shifter, and found it to perform incredibly well. You can watch our full video review of the MOZA HGP Shifter here.

MOZA digital dashes

MOZA currently has two different external dashboards available. The RM HD digital dash is designed for both the R16 and R21 wheel bases, and the CM HD dash is designed for the smaller direct drive wheels, the R5 and R9.

Moza Racing CS Dash

Both of these dashboards feature large HD displays that can display a range of different layouts. Much like the display of the FSR formula wheel, these displays show a range of live telemetry from tyre temperatures to your lap time.

Both displays are relatively pricey accessories, with the CM HD dash costing £150 and the RM HD dash costing £250.

However, if you are running a wheel base without the FSR steering wheel, both dashboards offer a good immersive sim racing addition.

Dash – MOZA CM HD Digital Dash
Compatibility – PC
Price – £150
Where to buy – Buy from MOZA

Dash – MOZA RM HD Digital Dash
Compatibility – PC
Price – £250
Where to buy – Buy from MOZA

Other accessories

Outside of racing wheels, pedals and other sim racing products, MOZA offers a range of different accessories. These range from wheel mods for the ES wheel that I mentioned earlier, to quick release adapters and universal hubs.

These accessories expand the MOZA ecosystem to become more adjustable and customisable. You can adjust the stiffness of your brake pedals with the SRS-P accessory kit, or mount your steering wheel further away from your wheel base with the extension rod.

Where to buy MOZA Racing products

Currently, MOZA Racing sell all of its products from their own web store, and this can be the best place to make any purchase. MOZA ship their product globally, and often sell them for the best price online.

You can shop the whole MOZA product range using the links below;

Grab Your Sim Racing Gear Here

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