MOZA Racing Compatibility Explained: Console & Other Brands

I take a look at MOZA compatibility, running through all sim racing products that are compatible with MOZA Racing wheels, as well as looking at how to mix MOZA products with other brands.

MOZA R16 connectivity

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MOZA Racing has a large ecosystem of sim racing products thanks to a few years of intense product releases. They’ve got a good number of different racing wheels, a wide variety of steering wheels and a mixture of sim racing pedals and peripherals.

With so many products, it does lead to the question, are all MOZA Racing products compatible with each other? Can you mix and match any MOZA product, and what about combining MOZA Racing hardware with sim racing products from other brands?

In this guide, I’m going to look at which MOZA products work with each other. I’ll also look at whether you can use MOZA Racing products with other brands such as Fanatec, Thrustmaster and more. And I’ll touch on MOZA’s console compatibility as well.

Do all MOZA products work with each other?

With a wide range of sim racing products it is important to know which MOZA products are compatible across their product lineup. As MOZA grew their sim racing lineup, they have changed technology within some products which has led to some compatibility issues.

The bottom line is that not all MOZA products are compatible with each other. This is mainly due to different connection technology within the MOZA quick release.

The first iteration of wheel bases such as the MOZA R9 V1 used wireless Bluetooth technology to transfer data between the steering wheel and wheel base. MOZA has revamped this approach on newer racing wheels, including the MOZA R9 V2 which now uses wired pins to form a connection.

The result of this change in technology means some older MOZA products may not work with newer products. The main compatibility issues come with the first wave of MOZA wheel bases that used Bluetooth. These include products such as the GS V1 steering wheel, the CS V1 steering wheel and the MOZA R9 v1.

  • If you buy any V2 steering wheel, they will work with any MOZA wheel base.
  • If you own a CS V1 or GS V1, it will not be compatible with the R5 or R12 wheel bases.
  • The ES Steering wheel is NOT compatible with the R9 V1, R16 or R21.
  • The SR-P Lite pedals are ONLY compatible with the R3 wheel base.

Outside of the above situations, all other MOZA sim racing products are compatible with one another. If you are buying a new steering wheel or wheel base from MOZA’s website, you are guaranteed compatibility as they no longer sell the older V1 versions of any product that has been upgraded.

Read our MOZA Racing buyers guide for our top recommendations on which products are the best buys.

MOZA Racing products explained

MOZA Racing doesn’t separate its products into different ranges like some brands. Instead, there is a more iterative approach, with each product fitting in between others. The MOZA wheel base lineup for example has multiple wheels that each increase in performance and price as you move up the lineup. Below are all current MOZA wheel bases to showcase this.







MOZA Racing R9
MOZA Racing R16
  • £399/$399

  • 3Nm

  • £319/$396

  • 5Nm

  • £409/$508

  • 9Nm

  • £589/$589

  • 12Nm

  • £849/$1055

  • 16Nm

  • £1039/$1292

  • 21Nm

As mentioned in the compatibility segment above, there are a few MOZA products that are not compatible with each other. These are older products that are no longer for sale, however, if you were an early adopter of MOZA hardware, you may find that you have one of the older products.

MOZA R9 V1 vs V2

The most common compatibility issue with MOZA products will be the R9 wheel base. This is the first small direct drive racing wheel that MOZA produced and was one of its most popular products for a long time.

The V1 version of the R9 utilised Bluetooth connectivity to transfer the inputs made on the steering wheel to the wheel base. This technology has since been superseded by wired pins within the quick release. This means that some newer steering wheels like the ES wheel will not work with a R9 V1 wheel base.

The MOZA R9 V2 introduced the wired pin technology into the quick release which solved these compatibility issues. This means that the R9 V2 is compatible with all current MOZA steering wheels.

GS V1 and CS V1 steering wheels

The other likely scenario is that you purchased either the GS V1 steering wheel or the CS V1 steering wheel. Much like the R9, these two wheels were among the first released by MOZA Racing and are therefor some of the oldest MOZA products around.

Again, these used the older technology to transfer data which means they are not compatible with some nwere MOZA wheel bases. Both the GS V1 and CS V1 steering wheels are not compatible with the newer R3, R5 and R12 wheel bases.

Both of these steering wheels have since been replaced with V2 iterations, meaning the older versions are not available to buy directly from MOZA. If you are purchasing either of these wheels, or the R9 wheel base from MOZA, you will receive the second version which will be compatible with everything.

Are MOZA products compatible with Xbox?

MOZA Racing recently announced its first-ever Xbox-compatible racing wheel. The MOZA R3 wheel is a small direct drive racing wheel that comes bundled with the ES steering wheel and a set of SR-P Lite pedals. This was a pretty big announcement for MOZA as all of its product lineup previously had only been PC compatible.

The introduction of the R3 racing wheel allows MOZA to start competing with other budget-friendly Xbox racing wheels such as the Logitech G923, Thrustmaster T248 and Fanatec CSL DD.

Other than the MOZA R3, no other MOZA Racing product is compatible with Xbox. There have been rumours that the revised R16 and R21 wheel bases may include Xbox compatibility as they both have the required connection ports on the rear of the wheel base. However, nothing has been confirmed regarding this.

Are MOZA products compatible with PS5?

Currently, MOZA Racing does not have any PlayStation-compatible racing wheels. They have not announced any plans to release a PS5 racing wheel any time soon, so it may be a while before this happens.

PlayStation compatibility is notoriously hard to achieve with larger brands such as Fanate struggling with this in the past. Recently, the Fanatec ClubSport DD+ wheel base was delayed while they waited for the PlayStation 5 compatibility to be finalised.

Can you use other branded wheels with MOZA products?

MOZA Racing is one of the few sim racing brands that have released various quick release adapters. These adapters allow you to mix and match a variety of products with MOZA hardware.

Using the MOZA quick release adapter, you can use steering wheels from brands such as Cube Controls, Gomez Sim Industries and more with a MOZA wheel base. The only thing you need to ensure is that the steering wheel you are planning on using has a way of transferring data to your PC. This can be either wirelessly or via a hard-wired connection.

You can also mix and match peripherals such as pedals, shifters and handbrakes. For example, you could use a MOZA racing wheel with a set of Heusinkveld pedals or a Fanatec shifter. This is possible by connecting each peripheral individually to your PC via a USB cable

If you are sim racing on an Xbox console, unfortunately, you cannot combine the MOZA R3 with any other product. Only the included products in the MOZA R3 bundle can work together on Xbox.

Are MOZA products compatible with Fanatec?

Much like the process I mentioned above, you can mix and match various MOZA and Fanatec peripherals together while sim racing on a PC.

Can I use a Fanatec steering wheel with a MOZA base?

You can go one step further and use a Fanatec steering wheel on a MOZA wheel base by using the MOZA quick release adapter. Doing this will allow the MOZA wheel base to create force feedacbk like normal, however, the Fanatec steering wheel will not function. None of the inputs on the Fanatec steering wheel will work as there is no way of transferring data from a Fanatec steering wheel without using a Fanatec wheel base.

Can I use a MOZA wheel with a Fanatec base?

Flipping the scenario allows for better success. If you own any Fanatec wheel base such as the GT DD Pro or ClubSport DD, you can use a MOZA steering wheel. This is achieved again by using the quick release adapters that both companies sell.

The difference in this scenario is that if you are using a MOZA FSR or KS steering wheel, you will be able to use the inputs on the steering wheel. Both of these wheels include a hard-wired port on the rear that let you connect the steering wheel to your PC via a cable. This means that the MOZA FSR screen will function normally when used with a Fanatec wheel base.

Read our guide on how to connect MOZA and Fanatec together and get everything working.

Are MOZA products compatible with Logitech?

If you are sim racing on a PC, you can mix and match MOZA and Logitech products together. You cannot use a Logitech steering wheel on a MOZA wheel base or vice versa. However, you can utilise a set of Logitech Pro racing pedals with a MOZA racing wheel.

Are MOZA products compatible with Thrustmaster?

Much like the scenario above with Logitech products, you can mix and match MOZA and Thrustmaster products. You cannot use a MOZA steering wheel on a Thrustmaster wheel base or vice versa due to Thrustmaster not offering a compatible quick release adapter.

However, you can still use a set of Thrustmaster sim racing pedals with a MOZA wheel for example, or a shifter from either company. Again, this is achieved by connecting all produces individually to your PC.


Hopefully, this MOZA compatibility guide has been helpful when trying to create your perfect sim racing setup. It shows that you can use MOZA Racing products with various other brands, and it also highlights which MOZA products are compatible with one another.

Read our complete guide on the MOZA ecosystem for a more in-depth look at all MOZA products including recommendations on the best products to buy.

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What is the difference between MOZA R9 V1 and V2?

The older MOZA R9 V1 wheel used Bluetooth technology in its quick release, while the newer MOZA R9 V2 uses wired pins to transfer data. This means that some newer steering wheels will not be compatible with the older R9 V1 wheel base.

Is MOZA ES steering wheel compatible with MOZA R9?

The newer MOZA R9 V2 wheel base is compatible with the ES Steering wheel. However, the older R9 V1 wheel base is NOT compatible with the newer ES steering wheel.

Can I use a MOZA wheel with a Fanatec base?

You can connect any MOZA steering wheel to a Fanatec wheel base using the quick release adapters that both brands sell. Only the MOZA FSR and KS steering wheels can transfer data while connected to a Fanatec wheel base, making them the only true compatible steering wheels.

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