Logitech Pro Racing Wheel – Brand New Direct Drive Wheel!

Logitech has just released the Pro Racing Wheel, their first direct drive sim racing wheel. Here is everything you need to know, including price and specs of the new Logitech racing wheel.

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Logitech Pro Racing Wheel

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What is the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel?

Logitech has just made company history by releasing its first-ever direct drive sim racing wheel. For over ten years, Logitech has dominated the budget sim racing market with its low-cost, entry-level products.

But since the old Logitec G923 was released a few years ago, much has changed in sim racing. Direct drive racing wheels are becoming much cheaper and more accessible. And this meant that Logitech really needed to step into the direct drive ring.

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Announced

So Logitech has taken up the challenge by releasing the Pro Racing Wheel, an 11Nm direct drive racing wheel.

The Pro Racing Wheel features a wide range of features that have never been seen on a Logitech product before. These include the use of direct drive technology over gear-driven force feedback.

Then there are also magnetic paddle shifters on the rear of the steering wheel, and an integrated quick release. This allows you to remove the steering wheel from the wheel base completely.

Watch our Logitech Pro Racing Wheel review

We have had our hands on the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals for a little while. And this has allowed us to bring you our review of this new sim racing product.

In the review, I’ll talk about the design, along with compatibility, mounting and most importantly performance. Watch the review below, or if you prefer, you can read the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel review here.


Direct Drive Logitech Racing Wheel

11Nm of direct drive force feedback

The first thing to talk about with this new racing wheel, is the direct drive technology. Logitech has opted to move away from belt or gear-driven force feedback, and has turned to direct drive.

Direct drive force feedback is much more detailed and can be a lot stronger than other forms of force feedback generation. This makes direct drive the go-to choice for professional racing drivers, esports drivers and hardcore sim racers.

The motor inside the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is capable of up to 11Nm of maximum torque which is very impressive. As a comparison, the Fanatec CSL DD produces just 5Nm of torque in its standard mode and 8Nm with the Boost Kit.

So that firmly puts the Logitech Pro Wheel ahead of Fanatec’s budget direct drive wheels, and behind professional wheels such as the DD1 and SimuCube Sport.

Logitech TrueForce


TrueForce debuted on the Logitech G923 a few years ago and introduced a new form of force feedback technology. Using TrueForce, Logitech were able to process engine sound along with other specific details and send them to the driver using vibrations.

Well, the good news is that TrueForce returns with this Pro Wheel. TrueForce has been updated to dynamically process forces and incorporate them into the wheel’s output.

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    This results in very layered force feedback allowing you to really decipher between different sensations. You can now feel elements such as tyre scrub, shifting jerks, extra rumble strip details, engine vibration and much more.

    Logitech Pro Quick Release

    Quick release

    The quick release that has been added to the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel allows this new lineup of Logitech sim racing products to grow over time. The steering wheel can be completely detached, allowing other wheels to be mounted.

    Logitech hasn’t spoken of its future plans, but you can bet that this feature hasn’t been added just to make it easier getting in and out of your sim rig. I can almost guarantee that if the Pro Wheel is popular, there will be more steering wheel attachments to come.

    The quick release design is very simple to use. Simply pull on the lever and the wheel will come away from the wheel base. Then line up the arrows on the quick release to push the steering wheel back onto the wheel base.

    During use, this quick release also has almost zero play, making it extremely sturdy.

    Are pedals included with this racing wheel?

    Not content with just releasing a direct drive wheel base, Logitech has also announced a new set of sim racing pedals. Much like the racing wheel, the Pro pedals feature a large upgrade in quality and technology over previous models.

    Logitech Pro Pedals

    There is a 100kg load cell brake pedal included, and each pedal utilised contactless hall effect sensors. This is combined with metal pedal construction and a whole host of adjustability.

    The pedal spacing can be adjusted, and each pedal can be completely removed and mounted individually. You can also adjust the pedal plate positioning with up to 12 different positioning holes.

    If a 100kg load cell brake is daunting, don’t panic. You can fully customise the brake pressure along with the linearity curve of each pedal inside the G Hub software.

    How much does the Pro Racing Wheel cost?

    The brand new Logitech Pro Racing Wheel costs from £849, €1099 and $999. This includes the 11Nm direct drive wheel base, the steering wheel with quick release and the table clamp.

    How much do the Pro Pedals cost?

    Logitech is selling the Pro pedals separately from the racing wheel. These are compatible with the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel or can be used individually with other racing wheels.

    The Pro pedals cost from £299, €389 and $349.


    Much like the previous CSL Elite Pedals, these V2 pedals are compatible with all platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

    For them to work across Xbox and PlayStation consoles, they need to be connected to a console-specific wheel base via the included RJ12 cable. With a PC, they can be connected either to a wheel base or directly to your PC via a USB cable.

    They are also compatible with all current wheel bases and products including the Fanatec CSL DD, GT DD Pro and Podium range of wheel bases.

    Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Compatibility

    Where to buy the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel?

    Logitech has announced that the exclusive place to purchase the Pro Racing Wheel is via their own online shopfront. You can use any of the links below to click through to the relevant country-specific store.

    When is the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel release date?

    The great news is that you can purchase the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel right away. It is available for immediate dispatch from the 21st September 2022.

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    Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.