Logitech G923 vs MOZA R5: Which Racing Wheel To Buy in 2024

The MOZA R5 wheel base sits just a little higher than the Logitech G923 in terms of price. How do these two sim racing wheels compare, and which is the better racing wheel to buy?

MOZA Racing R5 Bundle

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The Logitech G923 is one of my most recommended budget racing wheels. It provides a good sim racing experience with everything you need to go sim racing at a relatively low price. MOZA has their own entry-level racing wheel which can be purchased either individually or as part of a bundle.

While the MOZA Racing R5 racing wheel does have a performance advantage over the Logitech G923, it comes at an increased price. This leads to the question of whether the MOZA R5 is worth the extra money and if it is a better racing wheel to buy than the Logitech G923.

Comparing the Logitech G923 vs MOZA R5

At the outset, both the Logitech G923 and MOZA R5 offer fairly different sim racing experiences. However, there are a lot of similarities, and because there isn’t too much of a price difference between them, many sim racers will face the decision of whether the MOZA R5 makes better sense than the underpowered Logitech G923.

Below is a direct comparison of both the MOZA R5 and Logitech G923.

Logitech G923 Racing WheelMOZA Racing R5 Bundle
Logitech G923MOZA R5
IncludesG923 Racing wheel
Built-in table clamp
Racing wheel
Built-in table clamp
FFB Strength2.3Nm5Nm
FFB TechnologyGear drivenDirect drive
Bundle Price£299.99 / $349.99£459 / $599
Individual PriceN/A£299 / $299
Where To BuyBuy from AmazonBuy from MOZA

What’s included with both bundles?

Both of these racing wheel bundles come with a very similar set of equipment. Both are ready to race, all you need to do is connect a few cables and power everything on to get started with both the Logitech G923 and MOZA R5.

When you unbox the Logitech G923, you will find the steering wheel already attached to the racing wheel base. This is because the steering wheel isn’t designed to be detached from the base. The MOZA R5 is slightly different with the steering wheel packaged separately from the R5 wheel base.

This is one area where both racing wheels differ greatly. With the MOZA R5 wheel base, you have the option to mix and match different steering wheels and wheel rims with the base to create your own individual sim racing setup. That is in contrast to the Logitech G923 where you cannot remove or swap the included steering wheel without getting the screwdriver out and voiding your warranty!

What’s included with the Logitech G923?

Bundled as part of the Logitech G923, you’ll get the racing wheel with steering wheel attached. You will also receive a pedal set that features three pedals, a clutch, a brake and a throttle.

There isn’t a separate table clamp included. This is because the Logitech G923 has an in-built table clamp as part of the racing wheel. You will also receive all of the required cables and power supply to get up and running.

What’s included with the MOZA R5 bundle?

Inside the MOZA R5 bundle box, you get both the R5 wheel base and ES steering wheel. These are not pre-installed together, however, are very easy to attach with the included MOZA quick release that is on the rear of the ES steering wheel.

You also get a set of SR-P Lite pedals, although these only include two pedals compared to the three you get with the Logteich G923. You can upgrade them by purchasing a third pedal individually which I’d recommend doing, especially if you like to race using manual gears.

There is a table or desk clamp included with the MOZA R5 bundle. This is individual to the wheel base, but very easy to mount. All required screws and cables are included as well as a sticker sheet with stickers for your steering wheel.

Design and build quality comparison

When it comes to the design of both racing wheels, they are very different. The newer MOZA R5 follows the trend of looking like a small box that has been commonplace over the past few years with small direct drive racing wheels. Fanatec started this trend with the release of the CSL DD racing wheel, and many other brands have since followed.

The MOZA R5 utilises small fins around the outer sides of the wheel base to help disipate internal heat and prevent the motor getting too hot. This is in contrast to the Logitech G923 that uses an internal fan to keep temperatures down.

The majority of the R5 is constructed from metal, giving it a premium feel with only a little plastic on the rear of the wheel base. Again, this is different to the Logitech G923 that has an entirely plastic construction, making it feel a little cheaper.

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However, the Logitech G923 does have a very good table clamp solution which is an integral part of its design. There are two tabs on the top of the wheel base that can be screwed to tighten or loosen the clamp. In practice these work well, and very rarely come loose during gameplay. Check out this Logitech G923 review.

Steering wheel comparison

Both steering wheels feel relatively equal in terms of quality. Both are on the smaller side giving them more of a toy-like appearance rather than feeling like a real-world steering wheel. There are metal face plates on both of the steering wheels combined with a range of plastic buttons. These buttons can control actions while racing on track and help navigate through menus.

The outer rim of both wheels utilise leather which feels pretty plush and nice for a wheel at this price range. Around the back, you get metal shifters on both wheels and both steering wheels actually feel very similar during use.

As mentioned earlier, the MOZA ES steering wheel can be detached from the R5 wheel base. You can swap almost any MOZA steering wheel in its place. This is great if you fancy buying a second steering wheel or upgrading your sim racing setup over time.

Pedal comparison

The pedals that are included really are the weak points of both racing wheels. However, given the price range, they are both par for the course and very comparable with other sim racing pedals within this budget.

The Logitech fairs better by adding three pedals instead of just two. The brake pedal on the Logitech G923 has been improved over older models to feel stiffer and more realistic. On the MOZA SR-P Lite pedals you get just two pedals included, and both pedals are easy to depress which isn’t the most realistic.

However, the MOZA pedals do have Logitech beaten in terms of quality. They are constructed only from metal, while the G923 pedals utislies plastic throughout.

Performance comparison

When it comes to performance, the MOZA R5 have a clear advantage over the Logitech G923. MOZA utilise direct drive technology inside the R5 which is both more powerful and allows for greater levels of detail.

MOZA R9 Motor Animation

Logitech sticks with the tried and tested method of gear-driven force feedback. This can feel clunky at times while racing as you can often feel the gears interacting with each other, and you can also hear them. Gear-driven force feedback also limits the maximum strength output to just 2.3Nm compared to 5Nm of the MOZA R5 wheel.

Read our guide on how direct drive differs from gear driven racing wheels.

The force feedback available from the more budget-focused Logitech G923 is more than respectable at this price range. The 2.3Nm of peak torque lets you feel how your car is reacting with the track surface and allows you to make informed decisions to improve your lap time.

Logitech introduced a new technology called TrueForce with the G923. This translates in-game audio and outputs it as vibrations in the steering wheel. You will feel your engine revving and other audio effects through your wheel rim which adds immersion.

MOZA do not have any tricks like TrueForce, instead they rely on delivering higher performance than the Logitech G923. The R5 is over double the strength of the G923 giving it a big force feedback performance advantage. This results in a wider performance band where you can feel more details and distinguish between feedback better than you ever could with a G923.

Console compatibility

It is worth noting that the MOZA R5 is not compatible with PS5 or Xbox consoles. If you are planning on racing on PC only, this isn’t a problem. If you do most of your sim racing on either console though, you can rule out the R5 as an option.

There is the MOZA R3 which is Xbox-compatible. And there is a way of connecting your MOZA R5 to a PS5, albeit, you need to buy an adapter which isn’t cheap. Read about how to connect a MOZA wheel to a PS5.

The Logitech G923 does have two different versions that enable console compatibility. You can get a PS5 version of the G923, or an Xbox version. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single version of the Logitech G923 that works on both consoles, so ensure you choose the right one for your preferred platform.

Which racing wheel is a better buy?

When deciding which racing wheel is a better buy, you need to consider your own circumstances. The MOZA R5 is a better-performing racing wheel, no doubt. However, the R5 bundle also costs around £150/$250 more than the Logitech G923.

If you are new to sim racing and buying a racing wheel for the first time, the Logitech G923 may be better suited for you. If you find that you don’t enjoy sim racing, or you don’t race as much as you thought you would, you won’t have suffered such a big outlay of money.

However, if you know you will be sim racing for a good amount of time. This applies if you have owned a racing wheel before, or if you know that you’ll enjoy it. Then the MOZA R5 is a more future-proof option. The R5 will give you more headroom to turn the force feedback strength up, and you can pair it with other MOZA equipment over time, letting you expand your sim racing setup.

MOZA Racing R5 Bundle

Racing Wheel – MOZA R5
Compatibility – PC
Price – £299/$299
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel

Racing Wheel – Logitech G923
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £379/$399
Where to buyBuy Logitech G923 UK/EU / Buy Logitech G923 US

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MOZA R5 a budget racing wheel?

The MOZA R5 is one of the most affordable racing wheels that MOZA currently sell. Only the R3 is cheaper, making both the R3 and R5 budget-friendly racing wheels.

Is MOZA better than Logitech?

The MOZA R5 is a higher-performing racing wheel than the Logitech G923, making it better in the performance category. The Logitech G923 may, however, be a better budget racing wheel due to its lower price.

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