What Simulator Does Lando Norris Use? – Sim Wheel & Rig Breakdown

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What Simulator Does Lando Norris Use?

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What simulator does Lando Norris use?

Jumping straight in, we want to show you guys the exact Lando Norris sim rig setup, that Lando is running at the moment. This sim rig build is crazy high spec, and comes in around £30,000 when totalled. This isn’t your average consumer sim setup that’s for sure! Although, if you have enough money to burn, this entire rig can be purchased and installed in your own home.

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Watch Lando run through his simulator setup

Who built Lando Norris Sim Rig?

Lando uses a company called Cool Performance to supply his complete sim setup. Cool Performance are well known for supplying many racing drivers and Formula 1 drivers with sim rigs. And the sim rigs that Cool Performance build and supply are as close as you can get to the real deal!

Cool Performance aren’t necessarily targeting the average sim racer with their product. Instead they are aiming to create the perfect training tool for racing drivers.

The sim racing rig that Lando has is supplied as one complete unit, with upgradable parts. This means that the simulator includes everything a driver needs to start racing, from the frame, seat, wheel and pedals.

Cool Performance Simulator

What sim racing wheel base does Landon Norris use?

We are unsure what exact wheel base Lando uses, but it is one of the SimSteering2 units from Cool Performance and Leo Bodnar Electronics. These wheel bases are completely direct drive and are designed to emit forces of up to 26Nm. That beats almost all other direct drive wheel bases on the market.

These units are among the best of the best, and have been designed alongside racing drivers such as Norris and Adrian Quaife-Hobbs. This allows this wheel base to perform much more realistically than other consumer wheel bases.

What sim racing wheel does Lando use?

Lando has upgraded his wheel rim to a custom LM-PS. This fully carbon fibre wheel rim gets you as close to a real Formula 1 car as you can get with a consumer product. It comes in at exactly 280mm diameter which matches a real Formula 2 car, and features a full colour 4.3″ LCD display.

LM-PS Simulator Steering Wheel

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The display itself almost matches a real F1 car’s wheel display in size, and can be customised to show a wide range of real timing telemetry. Lando Norris has custom software on his wheel to display his own branding and his personal preference of telemetry.

You can also see that the wheel includes a wide range of buttons and dials for maximum adjustability during a race. All of this is compatible with sim games such as iRacing (Lando’s favourite sim racing game), Assetto Corsa and others.

There are also a whole host of other features to this wheel, including magnetic paddle shifters, a 3 point quick release system and more. And it can be yours for the small price *AHEM* of just £2,200!

What pedals is Lando using?

The pedals that are a part of Lando’s simulator, come supplied with the rig itself. They are fully hydraulic and have been designed to replicate the real strength and feel of brake pedals in real Formula race cars.

The unit itself can require brake pressures of up to 200kg of braking force. For example as to how strong that is, a real world Formula 2 car requires just 120kg of brake force to apply maximum brake pressure. Even a real world Formula 1 car doesn’t require 200kg of braking force. That is how strong this braking system is!

How much does Lando Norris F1 simulator cost?

The Evolution F1 simulator that Lando Norris uses at his home, starts from an eye watering £24,350. That is the base price of the unit and only rises from their once you included upgraded wheels and accessories. The exact simulator that Lando Norris has setup costs in excess of £30,000.

Cool Performance are the guys that have created the magnificent Evolution F1 simulator. If you don’t have a very deep savings pot to afford a £25,000 simulator, they do offer the individual parts for much less.

For example, if you wanted the wheel base that Lando uses, that comes in at a much more reasonable £2,400. That isn’t too far away from the high end direct drive units that are on offer from other manufacturers.

Check out all of the sim racing products that Cool Performance offer.

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