Best iRacing Logitech G923 Force Feedback Settings

Here are the best iRacing force feedback settings for the Logitech G923. We'll also show you how to set up the G923 TrueForce wheel with iRacing, and ensure TrueForce is working.

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In this settings guide, I’m going to run through the best force feedback settings for iRacing while using a Logitech G923 racing wheel.

The Logitech G923 is a racing wheel that has been incredibly popular. Logitech has cemented itself as one of the best sim racing wheel brands, with a heavy focus on producing racing wheels that are affordable.

The G923 racing wheel is often sim racers first wheel, and it’s widely supported by almost all sim racing titles, including iRacing.

The TrueForce feature of the G923 was a game-changing piece of technology, that has gone on to be a staple of Logitech’s premium Pro Racing Wheel.

In the G923, TrueForce takes in-game physics and audio from iRacing, and translates it into vibration feedback that you can feel while holding the G923.

Below I will show you how to correctly set up your Logitech G923 racing wheel with iRacing. And I’ll show you how to get the most out of it by tuning some hidden settings to allow this wheel to really perform well.

How to setup the Logitech G923 wheel in iRacing

iRacing fully supports the TrueForce feature of the Logitech G923 racing wheel. But in order to truly make use of it, you need to correctly set up your racing wheel.

This involves ensuring that your wheel is updated, you have the best force feedback settings in iRacing, and editing the App.ini file. All of these steps are very quick and easy to do, and can dramatically affect your racing wheel.

  1. Connect your Logitech G923 to your PC

    The first step to get your G923 wheel working in iRacing is to connect your wheel to your PC via USB, and ensure the wheel is switched on. Also ensure that your pedals are connected to your wheel base.

  2. Download the latest drivers and software

    The next step is to download the G Hub software from Logitech’s website. This is a free piece of software and will ensure your wheel is working correctly in iRacing.

    Once downloaded, open G Hub and you should see an image of your G923 wheel. Click the settings icon in the top right of the app, and check for updates. This will ensure that your software is up to date.

  3. Adjust your wheel settings in iRacing

    Now we know the G923 is connected and working, head over to the iRacing app, and start up a test session. Once your session has loaded, head into the options menu and over to the misc tab.

    Here, you can ensure that iRacing is using the TrueForce feature of the G923 wheel. Make sure that the “Enable TrueForce” option is ticked, and so is the “Use physics effects”.

    The “TrueForce Master” option below this allows you to adjust the intensity of TrueForce. I would recommend leaving this around the -10dB mark.

  4. Adjust iRacing force feedback settings

    While we are in the options menu for iRacing, you should look to adjust the force feedback settings to fine-tune how your wheel feels. These settings won’t affect the TrueForce feature, we will do that after using the App.ini file.

    Follow our recommended force feedback settings below to get your G923 wheel feeling its best in iRacing.

  5. Adjust .ini settings for more customisation

    Once we know that iRacing is using TrueForce, we can come out of iRacing and adjust the TrueForce settings in more detail. This requires us to adjust the app.ini file. This can be found in This PC > Documents > iRacing.

    Open this file with your Windows Notepad. Once the file is open you can scroll towards the bottom of the file to find the [TrueForce] section. In this section, you will find a range of settings which can adjust how the TrueForce vibration feels while racing.

    Use our settings below to adjust TrueForce. Below we include a description of what all of these settings do. Once you have made changes to the App.ini file ensure you save it and then restart iRacing for the changes to take effect.

iRacing Force Feedback Settings

Here are our recommended force feedback settings for the Logitech G923 in iRacing. These settings can be adjusted from the options menu while in a session.

iRacing in-game settings:

  • Enable force feedback: On
  • Use linear mode: Off
  • Reduce force when parked: On
  • Strength: 30.0
  • Wheel force: 2.2Nm
  • Damping: 10%
  • Min force: 10%

iRacing TrueForce App.ini Settings

Below are the recommended settings for TrueForce for the App.ini file. Follow the steps above to quickly see how to find and edit this file. These settings have a big impact on how the TrueForce vibrations affect how your G923 wheel feels while racing.

  • enableTrueForceVibe=1 ;
    Enable vibrations in Logitech TrueForce wheels
  • loadTrueForceAPI=1 ;
    Enable TrueForce API in Logitech TrueForce wheels
  • trueForceDamperPct=0.050000 ;
    Add a bit of internal damping to the wheel.
  • trueForceVibePhysics=1 ;
    1 – use physics to generate vibrations, 0 – use game audio with Logitech TrueForce wheels
  • volTrueForceMaster_dB=-10.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the TrueForce vibration effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysCarBodyAccel_dB=-20.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the car body acceleration TrueForce effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysDriveShaft_dB=-20.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the drive shaft TrueForce effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysEngineRPM_dB=-40.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the engine rpm TrueForce effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysGearChange_dB=-25.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the gear change TrueForce effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysRevLimit_dB=–35.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the rev limit TrueForce effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysRoadTexture_dB=-10.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the road texture TrueForce effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysRumbleStrip_dB=-3.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the rumble strip TrueForce effects, in Decibels
  • volTrueForcePhysWheelSlip_dB=5.000000 ;
    How much to duck or raise volume of the wheel slip TrueForce effects, in Decibels

The above settings are our recommendations for what to adjust. The important parts to note are that the enableTrueForceVibe, loadTrueForceAPI and trueForceVibePhysics should all be set to 1. This will enable all of these features.

The settings below this adjust how each part of the in-game physics affects the vibrations you feel. The higher the dB number, the more impact they’ll have on vibrations. The lower the number the less impact each setting has. -45dB will disable a setting.

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The wheel slip option is possibly the most important as it will vibrate your wheel as your tyres start to lose grip and slide across the track surface. For this reason, I’d recommend increasing this setting above all others.

How to change the force feedback settings in iRacing

There are a few ways to adjust force feedback settings in iRacing. The main way is through the in-race options menu.

  • Step 1 – Start iRacing and start a test session
  • Step 2 – Once the session has loaded, open the options menu
  • Step 3 – Adjust the force feedback settings in the drive part of the menu
  • Step 4 – Head over to the misc menu tab
  • Step 5 – Ensure TrueForce is enabled

iRacing force feedback settings explained

iRacing offers a few settings to help you adjust your force feedback. Below is a quick explanation of each setting and how it affects your racing wheel.

Use linear mode

This should only ever be enabled if you are using a direct drive racing wheel. If you’re using a belt or gear driven wheel like the Logitech G923, leave this setting turned off.

Reduce force when parked

This setting reduces the force feedback when your car is stationery. This makes the wheel easier to turn when you aren’t moving and should be enabled.


This is the overall strength of your wheel’s force feedback. The higher this setting, the closer your force feedback will be to the peak output of your wheel’s capability.

Wheel force

This should be set to match your racing wheel’s maximum torque output. For the Logitech G923, this is around 2.3Nm.


This changes how smooth your racing wheel feels. The higher this setting, the more iRacing will smooth the force feedback. Lower settings allow you to feel the raw force feedback from your wheel. Normally, a lower setting here is better.

Min force

This setting affects how much force is needed to be applied while the wheel is in a neutral position. Generally, this should be set close to or at 0%. With the Logitech G923, I would recommend setting it to around 10%.

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