Moza GS Steering Wheel – A New Sim Racing Challenger

Moza Racing are relatively new to the world of sim racing. But they've made a huge splash with the launch of the new Moza GS Steering Wheel. Here is everything you need to know.

Moza GS Review

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Introducing the GS Steering Wheel

Moza racing isn’t a brand that is overly well known in the sim racing community just yet. However, with sim racing products like the GS steering wheel and R9 wheel base, I’m sure they’ll become a household brand pretty quickly!

The GS Steering Wheel is the second steering wheel product that Moza Racing has launched. It follows the launch of the RS Steering Wheel last year. While the RS steering wheel was released to a mixed reception, the GS Steering Wheel has so far been met which much higher praise.

In fact, we have a GS Steering Wheel in our possession and have to say we’re impressed. A full review will be coming soon!

Moza is really looking to position itself as a challenger to those sim racing manufacturers that sit in the mid to high end of sim racing equipment. Brands such as Fanatec that have dominated this part of the market for years should certainly be taking note of product releases from Moza Racing. In many ways, this GS Steering Wheel is a direct competitor to Fanatec’s Formula V2.5 wheel rim.

Moza GS Steering Wheel features

The GS Steering Wheel has an impressive spec sheet. It features high-end motorsport grade materials such as a forged carbon fibre body and carbon fibre shifters along with real Alcantara for the handgrips.


Coming in at 300mm across, the GS Steering Wheel is slightly larger than the Fanatec Formula V2.5 which is 270mm. At 300mm, this Moza steering wheel is the same diameter as the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel rim. This diameter feels just right in the hands. The slightly larger diameter allows it to feel a step closer to a real racing car steering wheel.

Moza GS Steering Wheel

Sitting on the top of the steering wheel is a sequence of RGB lights or a light bar to be more specific. This utilises in-game telemetry to give you a visual cue for when to shift. This can be fully customised using Moza’s Pit House software, allowing you to change the behaviour and colours of this lightbar.

While not overly realistic to real shift lights found in many race cars, this RGB lightbar does look super cool during use and is one of the flashier parts of this steering wheel.


Looking at the reverse side of the Moza GS Steering Wheel, you will find a high-quality dual-clutch paddle shifter. This is constructed from carbon fibre just like the main faceplate of the wheel, which feels great to touch.

Moza GS Carbon Shifters

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The two main shifters are magnetic and use contactless photoelectric technology to produce reliable inputs. The contactless technology allows the shifters to not wear over time. And the magnetic mechanism gives an extremely positive feel to each and every shift.

Underneath these are two analogue clutch paddles. These allow you to configure a dual clutch allowing for super precise application of the clutch. Extremely useful when getting off the line in iRacing, ACC and other racing sims!

Buttons and inputs

On the front body of the GS Steering Wheel are 10 push buttons that are RGB backlit. The colours of these buttons can be fully customised in Moza Racing’s software, where you can choose from 8 different colours for each button. All 10 of these buttons feature a mechanical mechanism which results in a very satisfying click each and every time.

Moza GS Steering Wheel Inputs

There is also a wide selection of other inputs on this steering wheel. These include 5 rotary encoders, 2 thumb encoders and 2 joysticks.

Quick Release

The quick release is a strong point for Moza Racing products. It is built directly into the reverse side of the GS Steering Wheel and allows you to quickly swap out wheel rims in seconds.

It is currently only compatible with Moza Racing wheel bases, but allows for the steering wheel to transfer power and input wirelessly with the wheel base. This means there are no cables running from the wheel rim allowing for a good range of motion.

Moza GS Quick Release

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Moza GS Steering Wheel review

Our full review of the Moza GS Steering Wheel will be coming soon. However it is fair to say that so far during my play-testing I’ve been extremely impressed with this sim racing wheel.

I’ve paired it with the R9 wheel base, which is a mid-range direct drive wheel base, not too dissimilar to the Fanatec CSL DD. The Moza Racing R9 Wheel Base creates 9Nm of torque putting it right in the sweet spot of force feedback strength.

You can read more about the Moza R9 wheel base here.

Who are Moza Racing?

Moza Racing is a relatively new brand to sim racing, but Moza themselves are big players in the world of camera stabilization systems. Gudsen Moza have been around since 2012 offering a range of camera stabilization products.

In 2021, Moza Racing was designed to offer sim racing products to compete with popular sim racing brands. So far at the time of writing this, they’ve released two wheel bases and two steering wheels.

You can view all of Moza Racing’s sim racing products here.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.