New Logitech G Adapter: Use Logitech G923 With Pro Racing Pedals

Logitech has just released a brand new adapter which allows you to combine Logitech racing products for the first time. This guide will share all specifics and details of this exciting new product.

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Logitech G Racing Adapter Launch

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Logitech has launched an adapter that a lot of sim racers who currently use Logitech gear were asking for. The Logitech G Racing Adapter allows sim racers to mix and match Logitech racing gear both old and new.

In this guide, I’ll run through exactly what the new Logitech Adapter is, what it does and how much it costs.

What is the Logitech G Racing Adapter?

As mentioned, this new adapter solves a problem that many owners of Logitech racing wheels were facing. Before the adapter, if you were racing with a Logitech G923 and a Driving Force Shifter, you couldn’t then upgrade just your pedals or just your racing wheel to the new Pro Racing Wheel.

Instead, you would have to completely change over to using all of the new Pro Racing products. You couldn’t as an example use the new Pro Racing Pedals with the old Logitech G923 wheel. And you couldn’t use the old shifter with the new Pro Racing Wheel.

The new Racing Adapter serves to fix this, allowing you to mix and match products. It also has a built-in brake pressure control wheel built in which allows you to quickly adjust your brake pressure mid-race.

How much does the Logitech G Racing Adapter cost?

The adapter itself is relatively good value, costing just £/$39.99. This is an additional cost that will have to be paid if you are planning on upgrading your racing wheel setup one part at a time.

But if you do fancy upgrading just your pedals, for example, it can save you the cost of the Pro Racing Wheel which is currently around £/$1000.

What products work with the Logitech G Adapter?

The great news is that this new adapter supports all of Logitech’s current lineup of products. This includes the older G29, G920, G923 wheels, the new Pro Racing Wheel and Pro Racing Pedals, and the Driving Force Shifter.

Use the table below to view the compatibility between each product.

ConnectionsPro Racing WheelG920/G29 Racing WheelG923 Racing Wheel
Driving Force ShifterYesNoNo
Pro Racing PedalsNoYesYes
G923/G920/G29 Racing PedalsYesNoNo

As you can see from the table above, this new adapter opens up some great ways of modularly upgrading your racing setup. You can now use the older gear shifter with the new Pro Racing Wheel. Or you can upgrade either your racing wheel or pedals from the older Logitech products to the newer Pro products.

How to connect old and new racing wheels, pedals and shifter using the adapter

The adapter is designed with three individual ports, each designed for a specific peripheral. This is to avoid the wrong peripheral being connected to the incorrect port. Simply use the table matrix above to find which products are compatible with each other, and connect each to their respective input port.

Below are a couple of the most common scenarios with a more detailed how-to guide.

How to use the Pro Racing Pedals With Logitech G923

One upgrade that has been requested possibly more than all others is to be able to upgrade the Logitech G923 pedals to the new Pro Racing Pedals.

The Pro pedals feature a load cell brake pedal and are a vast improvement over the pedals that come included with a G923 racing wheel.

To use both the G923 racing wheel and Pro pedals together, you simply connect them both to the Racing Adapter and then connect the adapter to your PC.

  • Step 1 – Connect Pro Pedals to Adapter via the USB port.
  • Step 2 – Connect the G923 wheel to the adapter via the 9 pin serial port.
  • Step 3 – Connect the adapter to your PC via USB.

How to use the Driving Force Shifter with Logitech Pro Racing Wheel

The method for connecting the older shifter to the new racing wheel or pedals is very similar to the method mentioned above. Simply connect the peripherals to the adapter. And then connect the adapter to your PC or console via USB.

This allows you to finally use a Logitech shifter with the new Pro Racing Wheel which has been a missing feature since the Pro Racing Wheel launched back in 2022.

Is the Adapter compatible with Xbox and PS5?

The good news is that the Logitech G Adapter is compatible with PS5 and Xbox consoles. You must be using the correct console compatible products for it to work. But as long as you are, it will work with your console allowing you to upgrade certain parts of your sim racing setup.

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