How To Update MOZA Racing Drivers & Firmware: How To Guide

You may be excited to jump in and start racing with your new MOZA Racing wheel. However, setting it up correctly and updating the firmware ensures it runs at its best.

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MOZA Pit House Software

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After unboxing and admiring your new MOZA sim racing wheel, pedals or peripherals, the first thing you’ll want to do is jump in and start racing. However, spending a couple of minutes to update the firmware and tweak a few settings can make your whole experience that much better!

In this guide, I’ll run through exactly how to update firmware for a variety of MOZA Racing products including racing wheels, pedals and other peripherals.

Why update MOZA firmware?

You may ask, “Why do I need to update my MOZA wheel’s firmware?” It’s a good question. When any MOZA sim racing product is boxed and shipped, it will most likely have the most up-to-date firmware at the time of boxing, which could be months before it arrives at your door. Or it may just have the factory default firmware. One thing is for sure, by the time you plug in your new MOZA product, the firmware will almost certainly be out of date.

Firmware is responsible for software updates that power any MOZA product. Much like game updates, or iOS updates, MOZA updates its firmware over time. These updates introduce new features, fix any bugs and can improve the overall experience you have with their products.

As new games are released, MOZA may update the firmware to add compatibility, which is one of the biggest reasons to update the firmware. Also, if you run into any niggles or issues, a firmware update may fix the problem you’re having.

Which MOZA products require firmware updates?

All MOZA Racing products utilise onboard technology and software to control elements such as lighting, compatibility, inputs and feedback. This software could require updating whether that’s for a bug fix or to improve or add features.

This means that any MOZA product could require a firmware update, and they aren’t limited to just racing wheels. I would always recommend checking Pit House periodically to see if any firmware updates are available. It is incredibly easy to see if an update is available and takes just one click to check and update the firmware for all MOZA products.

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MOZA Pit House Firmware Update
Should I update the firmware of an Xbox or PS5 MOZA product?

If you have a console-compatible MOZA sim racing product such as the R3 racing wheel, updating the firmware is still a good idea. You could plug your MOZA R3 wheel straight into your Xbox and start racing. But, if you spend the time to connect it to a PC and update the firmware, you may have a better experience.

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Step 1 – Download & install MOZA Pit House

The first step in checking for firmware updates and installing updates is to download the MOZA Pit House software. This piece of software is completely free to download and can be found on MOZA’s support website. Link to Pit House.

Select the correct version of Pit House, normally it is the version labelled “MOZA Pit House Online Installer”. Once downloaded, click on the installer to start the installation process. Follow the instructions on the installer to finalise the Pit House installation.

Step 2 – Connect your MOZA products to Pit House

With Pit House installed, connect your MOZA products to your PC and turn them all on. I would recommend connecting all of your MOZA products at once, as you can update all products in one go.

Ensure the products are connected to your PC via USB and Pit House is open. Once your sim racing hardware is powered on, you should see it in the Pit House dashboard. You can use the icons in the left navigation bar to select between each peripheral you have connected.

Moza Pit House Main Screen

Step 3 – Update the firmware

To update the firmware of all your MOZA equipment, click on the icon in the side navigation that looks like a cloud. This will take you to the firmware update page. You should once again see all of your connected hardware with information about the firmware version underneath each one.

If any need updating, they will show with a blue message just underneath them. you can see in the image below I have both the HBP handbrake and SGP shifter connected. The handbrake has the latest firmware installed, while the SGP shifter has a firmware update available.

To proceed with the firmware update, click on the button that says “One click to upgrade all”. This will start the firmware update process, and run through each piece of MOZA hardware you have connected, updating the firmware as it goes. You may notice your hardware turning on and off during this process, that is completely normal.

Once the MOZA firmware update is complete, it will show a message under each peripheral that the latest firmware is installed.

MOZA Pit House Firmware Update

Step 4 – Tweak any force feedback or Pit House settings

You can now safely jump into any game using the launcher on the side of the Pit House window or via Steam knowing that all of your sim racing hardware is up-to-date. However, there is one step I’d advise doing before jumping into a game, and that is to tweak the settings inside Pit House.

There are a tonne of different settings that you can change in Pit House for each peripheral you have connected. With racing wheels, you can adjust a wide range of force feedback settings. You can change deadzones and input curves with pedals and adjust the RGB lighting across all of your hardware.

Below are some quick links to our recommended force feedback settings for a few sim racing games.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.