How To Setup a MOZA Racing Wheel

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a MOZA Racing wheel and other sim racing products on PC. I'll run through firmware updating, calibration and the best wheel settings.

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How to set up MOZA Racing wheel

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Setting up any racing wheel shouldn’t be a daunting task, although some manufacturers do make it harder than it should be. Yes, I’m talking about you Thrustmaster which has an incredibly dated setup process. Thankfully, setting up a MOZA Racing wheel or any MOZA product isn’t overly time-consuming or tricky.

I am going to run through how to set up a MOZA Racing wheel, pedal set or any other MOZA product in this guide. Follow this guide step-by-step and you’ll be up and running with your new MOZA product in no time.

Check out our guide on the very best racing wheels you can buy today to see which MOZA wheels we’d recommend.

What equipment do you need to set up a MOZA Racing wheel?

Lets get started wth our MOZA set up guide by first looking at what equipment you’ll need. When setting up your MOZA wheel there are definitely a few things you need, primarily they are your MOZA Racing wheel, a set of pedals, and your console or PC. You will also require the power brick and a USB cable to connect your MOZA products to your PC or console.

If you are racing on a PC, you can mix and match products from different brands. If you have a MOZA racing wheel, you can use it with a set of sim racing pedals from another brand such as Asetek or Fanatec.

Alternatively, if you are using a set of MOZA pedals, you can use them with a racing wheel from another brand. I almost always have equipment from different brands in use at once. Currently, I’m using a MOZA sequential shifter and handbrake with a set of Asetek pedals as one example.

If you are racing with a MOZA Racing wheel on an Xbox, you will require Xbox-compatible MOZA pedals and a racing wheel such as the MOZA R3 bundle. If you want to race with a MOZA wheel on PS5, check out our compatibility guide to see how to get this working.

Recommended wheelsRecommended pedalsOther peripherals
MOZA R3SR-P PedalsSGP Shifter
MOZA R5CR-P PedalsHGP Shifter
MOZA R9HBP Handbrake

Setting up a MOZA Racing wheel quick guide

Before looking at the set up process in too much detail, I want to run through a quick overview that you can follow when setting up any new MOZA product. Then, I’ll run through each step in a bit more detail.

  1. Mount and connect your racing wheel or product

    The first thing to do is always mount your new MOZA product securely. If it’s a racing wheel, this is most important so it doesn’t fly off when you first boot it up, but it’s equally important for pedals and shifters too. Once mounted, ensure all products are connected to your PC and powered on.

  2. Download & install Pit House

    You will require MOZA’s Pit House software to configure any MOZA product. It’s a free download that is available from MOZA’s support website. Once downloaded, simply install it by following the on-screen instructions.

  3. Update firmware

    Once Pit House is installed and your products are turned on and connected to your PC. You can update the firmware by selecting the one-click upgrade in Pit House. This will update all MOZA products that are connected to ensure they’re running the latest firmware.

  4. Adjust settings

    At this stage, you’re ready to start sim racing. Your MOZA products should be recognised in any sim title. However, you can adjust the settings of any MOZA product connected to Pit House.

Setting up a MOZA wheel on Xbox

If you want to set up a MOZA Racing wheel on Xbox, you will need an Xbox-compatible wheel such as the MOZA R3. This bundle was designed specifically for Xbox consoles and includes a set of sim racing pedals, the R3 wheel base, a steering wheel and a table clamp.

Read our complete guide on setting up a MOZA wheel on Xbox for an in-depth explanation of how to set up your wheel.

Setting up a MOZA wheel on PS5

Setting up a MOZA wheel on a PS5 is a little bit trickier as MOZA doesn’t currently have any PS5-compatible racing wheels. However, it is still possible to use a MOZA Racing wheel and pedals on a PS5 console using a third party adapter.

Read our guide on how to set up a MOZA Racing wheel on PS5 for more information.

How do I install drivers for my MOZA Racing wheel?

MOZA Racing products don’t require drivers to be installed in the same way many racing wheels do. Instead, you will need to install a piece of MOZA software called Pit House. This will be your hub to manage all of your sim racing products, update the firmware and adjust any settings.

You can download Pit House from MOZA’s support website or by following this link. There are a few download options available, but generally, you’ll want the latest version of Pit House, which is normally the top option.

Follow the installer to install Pit House, which is a very simple process, then you can start the software. Here, you’ll see various options to change the settings of your products which I’ll talk about more later in this guide. You will also use Pit House to update the MOZA firmware for the next step.

How do I update the firmware of my MOZA Racing wheel?

To update the firmware, you should be in Pit House with your products connected to your PC and powered on. Then, in Pit House, click on the icon in the left bar that looks like a cloud. This is your firmware section of Pit House.

You will see icons on this screen showing all MOZA products that you have connected. You can see in the image below that I have both the SGP Shifter and the HBP Handbrake connected. And both are showing that new firmware is available to download.

MOZA Pit House Firmware Update

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To update the firmware, click the button that says “One click to upgrade all”. This will automatically download and run through the firmware update process for all products that are connected to your PC.

How to rollback MOZA firmware

If you encounter any issues and do need to roll back the firmware to a previous version, you can use the “Rollback firmware version” button. This will take you to the MOZA website where you can download a piece of software to complete this task.

Do you need to calibrate a MOZA Racing wheel?

Once you have updated your firmware using the step above, you’re technically set and ready to start sim racing. Unlike some wheels like those from Fanatec and Logitech, you don’t need to complete a manual calibration process. Instead, most of this will be handled in the racing sim that you choose.

After updating the firmware, jump into whichever sim racing title you want to race and you should see the MOZA Racing wheel, pedals and any other peripherals you have connected in game. You can then calibrate them in the game’s settings.

MOZA Racing wheel settings

After updating the firmware of your MOZA products, the only thing left to do other than go sim racing is to tweak any settings in Pit House. All MOZA products have settings that can be changed, with their racing wheels having the most comprehensive set of options to adjust.

In the settings pages on Pit House, you can adjust various wheel settings including the strength, your steering lock, and other various parts of how your wheel behaves. You have an incredible amount of control, too much to discuss in this guide. I will include links below to some of the most popular MOZA wheel settings for individual games.

Recommended MOZA Racing wheels

Below are a few MOZA Racing wheels that I would happily recommend. Each of these racing wheels offers a different level of performance at a different price point. The best thing is, each of these wheels has extremely high build quality that MOZA is becoming renowned for, and each wheel base is compatible with most of MOZA’s ecosystem of sim racing products.

Racing wheelStrengthPrice
MOZA R5 Wheel BaseMOZA R55.5Nm$319
Moza R9 Wheel BaseMOZA R99Nm$409
MOZA R12 Wheel BaseMOZA R1212Nm$589
MOZA Racing R21 Wheel baseMOZA R2121Nm$999

Best premium MOZA Racing wheel

The best premium MOZA Racing wheel you can buy has to be the R21. It is the most powerful racing wheel that MOZA has in its lineup, and in 2023, it saw an update to integrate some of the technology that MOZA released after the original R21 was launched.

The R21 produces a whopping 21Nm of peak torque from its large direct drive motor. Its widely compatible with all of MOZA’s current range of steering wheels and pedals, minus the ES steering wheel that is designed to be used with lower-powered MOZA wheels.

It is also very competitively priced, beating out competitors from Fanatec, Logitech and Asetek in the price-to-performance ratio. Ultimately, this is the king of all MOZA Racing wheels, and well worth considering if you are after the highest level of sim racing performance available.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R21
Compatibility – PC
Price – £999/$999
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best budget MOZA Racing wheel

When looking at the best budget MOZA wheel, there are a few options. You have the MOZA R3 which is the smallest and cheapest racing wheel MOZA have ever created, and the R5 which is slightly more powerful.

You can buy both of these racing wheels as part of a bundle that includes a steering wheel and a set of pedals. However, these bundles include pedals which aren’t the greatest. To really get the most out of these two cheap MOZA bundles, I’d recommend upgrading the pedals to a load cell pedal set.

For that reason, I would recommend buying the MOZA R5 individually, and choosing a steering wheel and pedal set to go with it. This will give you ultimate control over your entire sim racing setup, and ensure that you have the highest quality sim racing products.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R5
Compatibility – PC
Price – £299/$299
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Read our guide on the best cheap MOZA Racing bundle that we’d recommend to see this custom bundle in more detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you center a MOZA steering wheel?

You can recenter your MOZA Racing wheel using the center button in Pit House. Its recommended that you do this when setting up a new wheel base or attaching a new steering wheel.

What are the best MOZA wheel settings?

We have a range of guides on the best wheel settings for MOZA Racing wheels in various games. Check out this guide for links to each of the best game specific force feedback settings.

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