How To Fix Loud shifters on MOZA Steering Wheels

You can quickly and easily reduce the noise that MOZA steering wheels make when shifting. This quick fix can be implemented in just minutes. I'll show you exactly how in this guide.

How To Fix Loud MOZA Shifters
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MOZA Racing are a sim racing brand really on the rise. They’ve released a tonne of new sim racing products across the past year or so, with a lot of them being fantastic.

However, one small criticism I’ve always had about MOZA steering wheels is that the paddle shifters can be too loud. This is due to them using a magnetic engagement which results in a great feeling shifter.

Thankfully, there is a really easy fix for the loud shifters on all MOZA steering wheels. This fix is actually included in the box with every MOZA wheel, so you should already have all of the tools required to implement this fix.

MOZA Silencing Pads

I’m talking about the silencing pads. These silencing pads are included with every MOZA steering wheel and are designed to soften and remove some of the noise from the paddle shifters.

They’re pretty easy to install and require just a few minutes of work. You do have to partially disassemble the paddle shifters to install these, but it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it here.

MOZA Shifter comparison with and without silencing pads

Before I show you exactly how to install the silencing pads, I’m going to first show you a quick comparison of the noise of the shifters both with and without the pads installed.

So on the left is the shifter with the silencing pads installed. And on the right, we have the stock shifter paddles without the pads installed.

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So you can hear that there is a pretty big difference between before and after. While the pads won’t silence the MOZA shifters completely, they will reduce the noise a lot.

And this can be the difference between being able to focus more on racing without noticing the shifter noise and annoying your partner in the next room whos trying to catch up on Real Housewives while you’re lapping Suzuka for the 500th time.

How to install the silencing pads

So now let’s jump in and have a look at exactly how to install the silencing pads. The process is explained on an included instruction manual but that is pretty basic. And it can look daunting when you realise you need to disassemble some of the shifter components.

On the rear of all MOZA wheels that include these magnetic shifters, you’ll see a hex bolt. Unscrewing this and removing the bolt will allow us to partially remove the shifter. Once the shifter is out, we can then install the mute pads and re-assemble the wheel.

  1. Remove the hex screw

    So, let’s take an Allen key and remove this hex screw. Simply unscrew it until it completely comes out.

  2. Remove the bolt

    Next, slide the bolt out far enough to be able to release the shifter paddle. If your steering wheel has a dual-clutch as this FSR wheel does, you won’t need to remove the clutch paddle underneath, just the main shifter paddle.

  3. Install the silencing pads

    Once you can pull the shifter arm away from the wheel, you can access the two parts where you need to install the silencing pads. Stick one pad on the rear of the shifter where the hole to the magnet is. Then stick the second pad on the front side of the shifter arm where it makes contact during activation.
    You can see on my wheel here exactly where that is as there are some contact marks from where I’ve used this wheel without the silencing pads.

  4. Reassemble the shifters

    Once the pads are installed, push the shifter back into place, and reinsert the bolt through the shifter. Then return the hex screw and tighten it all back up.

And that is all you need to do to fix the loud shifters on MOZA wheels. Simply repeat that process for the second shifter on the other side of the wheel, and you’ll be able to sim race in relative peace!

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Article written by Mjolnir

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.
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