How To Connect a MOZA Racing Wheel To PS5

One of the biggest questions surrounding MOZA is, "can you use a MOZA Racing wheel on PS5?" In this guide, I look at MOZA compatibility and a way of connecting any MOZA wheel to a PS4 or PS5.

MOZA Racing R3 Wheel gameplay

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MOZA Racing currently have an ever-growing lineup of racing wheels, pedals and sim racing peripherals. Up until now, the majority of these racing wheels have only been PC-compatible. The MOZA R3 has come along and changed this by adding console compatibility.

But what about MOZA Racing PlayStation compatibility? In this guide, I’m going to look at which MOZA Racing wheels are compatible with PS5, and show you a way of connecting any MOZA wheel to PS5 and get it working.

Which MOZA Racing wheels are PS5 compatible?

Let’s start with the big question, are there currently any PS5-compatible MOZA Racing wheels? And the answer officially is no. All MOZA Racing wheels are designed to work on PC, and the MOZA R3 is the first console-compatible wheel, however, the R3 is only compatible with Xbox consoles and not PS4 or PS5.

While MOZA Racing doesn’t officially support PlayStation compatibility with any of its wheels, pedals or other sim racing products. There is still a way to get any MOZA wheel working on a PS5 console.

How to get any MOZA wheel working on PS5

Currently, no MOZA wheel will work when connected directly to a PS5 console. To enable PlayStation compatibility with MOZA racing wheels, you’ll need an extra piece of hardware to enable the connection.

The extra hardware you’ll need is the Mcbazel Brook Wheel Converter. This is an adapter that helps connect any non-compatible racing wheel to a console and in theory make it compatible. With MOZA wheels including the R5, R9 and R12, this method has been confirmed to work.

Brook Adapter For Sim Racing

One of the downsides of using this method is that the Brook Ras1ution 2 converter is another piece of hardware you need to purchase. And it isn’t exactly cheap to buy. The Brook adapter costs around £/$100, and can be purchased from both the Brook website and Amazon.

Adapter – Brook Ras1ution 2
Compatibility – Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5, Switch
Price – From €/$99.99
Where to buy – Buy from Amazon

Buy the Brook Ras1ution 2 Racing Wheel Converter on Amazon

Which MOZA wheels work on PS5 using the Brook Adapter?

Using the Brook Adapter in between your PS5 console and MOZA Racing wheel enables compatibility for a variety of different MOZA wheels and peripherals.

The supported MOZA wheels for PS5 on Brook’s official website include;

  • R3, R5, R9 V2, R12, R16 and R21 wheel bases
  • KS, ES, CS V2, GS V2, RS V2, FSR steering wheels
  • CRP and SR-P Pedals

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How to use the Brook Adapter to connect a MOZA wheel to PS5

To start with, I would recommend ensuring your MOZA Racing wheel has the latest firmware. This can be done by connecting your MOZA wheel to your PC and checking the firmware in Pit House. Once that is done, follow the instructions below on how to connect your MOZA wheel to your PS5.

  1. Connect the Brook adapter to your PS5

    The first thing is to connect the Brook adapter to your PS5 console using any USB port on the console.

  2. Connect your MOZA wheel to the Brook adapter

    Next, connect the USB that comes out of the back of your MOZA Racing wheel to the port on the Brook adapter. You can check which port to use on Brook’s website. With most MOZA Racing wheels, you’ll want to use Port 1. Then use Port 2 for your MOZA pedals.

  3. Power on your PS5 and MOZA wheel

    With your MOZA wheel and pedals connected to the Brook adapter, and the Brook adapter connected to your PS5, turn everything on. I’d recommend powering on the PS5 first. Wait until you see the screen on the Brook adapter light up. Then power on your MOZA wheel.

  4. Start using your MOZA wheel on PS5

    With everything powered on, ensure the Brook adapter screen shows PS5 mode. Then your MOZA wheel should start functioning right away. You can use the face buttons on your wheel to control your PS5 just like you would with a supported Logitech wheel for example. When in a game, your MOZA wheel will show up as a Logitech wheel, but force feedback will work.

How good is the MOZA force feedback on PS5

The way the Brook adapter works is by converting the MOZA Racing wheel to act just like a Logitech wheel. Doing this lets the buttons on your steering wheel work just like they would on a Logitech wheel. This also allows the force feedback on your MOZA wheel to also work. However, there is one catch.

Due to the PS5 console thinking that a Logitech racing wheel is connected, the force feedback won’t be as detailed as it would be if the MOZA wheel were officially supported. This means some forces may feel clunkier or a little heavier than they would if you were to race with your MOZA wheel on a PC.

However, despite the slight downgrade to the overall force feedback detail, the wheel will still behave normally. You will be able to feel the weight of your car as you throw it into corners and receive real-time force feedback through your MOZA wheel while racing on PS4 or PS5.

Best MOZA PS5 wheel settings

With your MOZA Racing wheel working on your PS5 console, you can start to tinker with various force feedback settings. Doing this can help improve the overall feel of your wheel. However, as mentioned above, the wheel will never feel as good as if it were connected to a PC. Despite this, I will list some of our recommended MOZA wheel settings below for various games for you to tinker with.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you use MOZA Racing R5 on PlayStation?

Officially, you cannot use a MOZA Racing wheel with PS5 as no MOZA wheel currently has official PS5 compatibility. However, using the method in this guide and the Brook Adapter, you can get the MOZA R5 wheel working on PS4 and PS5.

Will MOZA release a PS5 racing wheel?

MOZA has been speaking to PlayStation about compatibility for future sim racing wheels. Currently, MOZA has an Xbox compatible wheel with the R3, so it is only a matter of time before MOZA release a PS5 racing wheel, although nothing has been confirmed.

Can you get a MOZA PS5 adapter?

In this guide I run through how to use a MOZA PS5 adapter to get any MOZA Racing wheel working on a PS5 console.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.