How To Connect A Fanatec Wheel To PS5: How To Guide 2023

With the release of the Gran Turismo DD Pro, it is more important than ever to know how to connect your Fanatec wheel to a PS4 or PS5. This how to guide will run you through the whole process.

How to connect fanatec to ps5
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Setting up your Fanatec racing wheel to your PlayStation console is the first step towards sim racing on PS4 or PS5. However, with so many peripherals in play, connecting your racing wheel isn’t always the easiest task.

Below I run through an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for connecting your Fanatec wheel to PS4 or PS5.

This PS5 and PS4 connection guide for Fanatec applies to all Fanatec racing wheels, including the new Gran Turismo DD Pro, Podium F1, and older PlayStation compatible racing wheels.

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Step 1 – Ensure you have a PlayStation-compatible Fanatec wheel base and wheel rim

The first step, and probably the most crucial step, is to ensure your Fanatec wheel base is actually a PlayStation-compatible model.

Fanatec handles PlayStation and Xbox consoles differently, meaning most Xbox-compatible wheel bases won’t work on PlayStation consoles. This is true of the CSL DD wheel base and the higher-spec DD1 and DD2 wheel bases.

For a more in-depth breakdown of how differently Fanatec handles Xbox and PlayStation compatibility, check out our complete Fanatec ecosystem guide.

When the PlayStation 5 was released, Fanatec announced that all of their current PS4-compatible racing wheels will be PS5-compatible. So if you are upgrading from a PS4 to a PS5, you will be able to continue to use your current Fanatec racing wheel.

If you’re buying a new Fanatec racing wheel, you will be able to see on their webshop which products are PlayStation compatible. At the time of writing, the Gran Tursimo DD Pro racing wheel is the only PlayStation 5 compatible racing wheels that Fanatec sell.

Step 2 – Connect all peripherals to your Fanatec wheel base

The first real step you will have to do once you have unboxed your new Fanatec racing wheel is to connect your wheel base to the power. Use the power supply cable that is supplied with your racing wheel, and connect it to the rear of your wheel base, and then into a wall power socket.

Then connect your pedals to the rear of your wheel base using the RJ12 cable that should be supplied with your pedals.

Fanatec GT DD Pro Connections

If you have any other peripherals such as a handbrake or shifter, connect them to the rear of your wheel base using the supplied cables. Essentially, when racing with a Fanatec racing wheel on PS5 or PS4, all peripherals should be connected to the rear of your wheel base.

If you are racing with the powerful Podium F1 racing wheel, you can also connect the supplied torque key to the rear of your wheel base to enable the full force feedback power.

Finally, connect the supplied USB cable to the rear of your wheel base, and then into your PC. The reason we connect the wheel to your PC before the PlayStation console is so we can ensure we have the latest firmware installed.

This is also the stage where you would look to mount your wheel base to your sim rig or cockpit or desk. Ensure you use the correct table clamp or mounting method for your wheel.

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Step 3 – Fanatec PS4 & PS5 firmware update

Once you have everything connected up correctly you can turn your racing wheel on at the wheel base. This next step will take you through the process of updating your wheel’s firmware. We do this to ensure it is running the latest software to give you the best racing experience possible.

Follow the steps below to update your wheel base and steering wheel to the latest firmware and drivers.

Fanatec Website Downloads Page
  • Head over to
  • Select your Fanatec product from the thumbnail list
  • Click on the downloads tab and download the most recent drivers in the list
  • Click download and save the updated drivers to your PC
  • Once downloaded, open the downloaded update file to start installing
  • The setup will run through the installation process and restart your PC once complete
  • Once your PC has restarted, click on the new icon on your desktop called “Fanatec wheel property page”. This property page will show you the wheel you have connected
  • Click on your wheel within this menu, and click properties
  • You should then have a popup window asking to update your wheel’s firmware. Click yes to start the firmware update
  • Follow the steps in this install to complete the firmware update, click “connect”, then click “flash firmware”
  • Once complete you can disconnect your wheel from the PC

Step 4 – Connect your Fanatec wheel to your PS4 or PS5

Connect the USB at the rear of the wheel base into the USB slot of your PS5 or PS4. Power on your console and then power on your wheel base. Once powered on, ensure your racing wheel is in the correct compatibility mode. Some racing wheels will have a different way of doing this, but generally, you switch compatibility mode by quickly pressing the power button.

Most Fanatec wheel bases such as the new Gran Turismo DD Pro feature a few compatibility modes. These are;

  • PlayStation mode – For use on PS5 and PS4 consoles
  • PS4 Compatability mode – This needs to be enabled for some games which don’t detect the newer PS5 compatible wheels
  • PC Mode – For use on PC only
  • PC Compatability mode – Much like the PS4 compatibility mode above. This only needs to be enabled if your PC game doesn’t immediately recognise your wheel

Step 5 – Calibrate the wheel centre

The first thing you should look to do once your Fanatec wheel is connected to your PS5 or PS4 is to calibrate the wheel centre. This will ensure your wheel is perfectly centred and aligned.

Do this by pressing the tuning button on your steering wheel to enter the tuning mode. Then make sure the wheel is centred to your wheel base. Depending on the steering wheel you are using, you may have to then press a different button combination to confirm the wheel centre.

With the Podium F1 steering wheel, you press the analogue and FunkySwitch at the same time. With the Gran Turismo DD Pro you press the start and x buttons together.

Step 6 – Calibrate your shifters

The shifter calibration is needed if you are using a H-pattern shifter peripheral. To enter shifter calibration mode, again you will need to press a different button combination depending on which PS5 compatible Fanatec racing wheel you’re using.

Read our in-depth guide to calibrating your Fanatec shifter.

With the Podium F1 wheel, press the tuning button and the lower right push button together. With the Gran Turismo DD Pro, press the tuning button and the start button together.

The screen on the steering wheel or wheel base will then ask you to engage each gear individually. Confirm each gear by pressing either the lower right button on the Podium F1 or the start button on the GT DD Pro. Then repeat this process for every gear.

Step 7 – Tune your wheel – Settings explained

After the above step, your Fanatec racing wheel will be ready to use with your PS5 or PS4. However, you can still make adjustments via the tuning options that are built into all Fanatec wheels.

These options include various force feedback settings as well as access to your different profiles.

Below is a quick overview of the Fanatec tuning options and how each one affects your wheel. You can scroll through each tuning option using the FunkySwitch if your steering wheel has one.

Some of these settings do differ from wheel to wheel.

Sensitivity – SEN (default = 900)
This is the degree of rotation for your wheel. This can be changed from 90° through to 1080° on most steering wheels. There is also an auto mode which is designed to automatically detect the in-game steering rotation.

Force Feedback – FF (default = 100)
This setting changes the maximum strength of the Force Feedback. This can be adjusted from 0% – 100%.

Shock – SHO (default = 100)
The shock changes the strength of the shock motors inside the steering wheel. This can be adjusted from 0% – 100%.

Anti-Lock Braking System – ABS (default = OFF)
This setting changes the amount of feedback you receive whilst applying braking force through the pedals.

Drift Mode – DRI (default = OFF)
This setting reduces the steering wheel resistance allowing you to rotate the wheel much easier.

Force – FOR (default = 100)
This setting changes the force strength that is applied to the wheel in a special direction.

Spring – SPR (Default = 100)
The spring changes how hard the steering wheel will be automatically centred.

Damper – DPR (default = 100)
Damper affects the wheel weight of your steering wheel when applying steering lock.

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