How To Connect a MOZA Racing Wheel To Xbox

MOZA Racing has entered the world of console sim racing, but which racing wheels are Xbox compatible? In this guide, I'll run through how to connect any MOZA Racing wheel to an Xbox console.

MOZA R3 Xbox racing wheel bundle

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MOZA Racing has typically only released its racing wheels and sim racing products on PC, with no console compatibility. That changed when MOZA Racing announced the R3 wheel. The R3 is the first officially Xbox compatible racing wheel that MOZA has launched.

With the MOZA R3 being the first Xbox compatible MOZA racing wheel, it leads to the question, which other MOZA wheels can be used on Xbox consoles? In this guide, I’ll run through how to connect any MOZA wheel to an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One.

Which MOZA Racing wheels are compatible with Xbox?

At the time of writing only the MOZA R3 wheel is officially compatible with Xbox consoles. MOZA released the R3 with Xbox buttons on the steering wheel, and with the Xbox compatibility as its big selling point. The MOZA R3 is an entry level racing wheel, however it does incorporate direct drive technology, giving it an advantage over other budget-friendly Xbox racing wheels.

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Has the MOZA R3 released yet?

The MOZA R3 sim racing bundle was revealed at the end of 2023, however, it hasn’t officially been released yet. If you visit MOZA’s website, there is a “notify me” button where you can sign up for updates on when the MOZA R3 will officially be released and available to buy.

Other MOZA Xbox racing wheels

Other than the MOZA R3, no other current MOZA Racing wheels have official Xbox support, although there is a hint that the upgraded R16 and R21 version 2 wheel bases are geared up to support Xbox compatibility. Both of those wheel bases include all of the necessary connection ports at the rear in order to work on console, however, we haven’t had any official word on whether Xbox compatibility will appear on those wheels at any point.

How to connect the MOZA R3 to Xbox

MOZA has done a good job ensuring that the R3 racing wheel is as easy to set up and get working as any other racing wheel. It comes as a plug-and-play bundle that includes a steering wheel and pedal set, and this makes the initial set up incredibly easy.

Simply ensure the R3 wheel base is connected to the pedals and the USB is connected to your Xbox console. Then power on your racing wheel and power on your console. When you jump into a racing game, your wheel should be recognised and function like any other racing wheel.

You will be able to change the force feedback settings in whichever game you are playing, and also change the button mapping in many racing sims. If you want to check the firmware and change any settings on the R3 wheel directly, you can connect the wheel base to your PC, download the free MOZA Pit House software, and adjust any settings.

How to get any MOZA wheel working on Xbox

While only the MOZA R3 Racing wheel is officially supported for Xbox sim racing, there is a way of connecting any MOZA wheel to an Xbox and getting it working. This is by using an adapter that converts any racing wheel to be console compatible.

The Brook Ras1ution 2 is a racing wheel converter that works on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. The fundamentals are that you connect the adapter to your console and your racing wheel to the adapter. The adapter then converts the inputs and forces to ensure your racing wheel is recognised and works on your console.

Adapter – Brook Ras1ution 2
Compatibility – Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5, Switch
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Which MOZA wheels work on Xbox using the Brook Adapter?

According to the Brook website, the supported MOZA wheels are;

  • R3, R5, R9 V2, R12, R16 and R21 wheel bases
  • KS, ES, CS V2, GS V2, RS V2, FSR steering wheels
  • CRP and SR-P Pedals

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How to use the Brook Ras1ution 2 to connect a MOZA wheel to an Xbox console

Using the Brook adapter to get any MOZA wheel working on Xbox is very easy to do and not much more complicated than using your racing wheel directly with the console without an adapter. There is just one extra step to complete. View a complete how to guide below for setting up a MOZA wheel with an Xbox using the Brook Ras1ution adapter.

  1. Connect the Brook adapter to your Xbox console

    Step one is to power on your Xbox console and then connect the Brook Ras1ution 2 to any of the USB ports on the Xbox.

  2. Connect your MOZA wheel to the Brook Ras1ution

    With the Ras1ution connected to your console, next connect your MOZA racing wheel to Port 1 of the Ras1ution. Then connect your MOZA pedals to port 2. Ensure the Ras1ution is in Xbox compatibility mode on the front of the device. If it isn’t, you can use the buttons on the Ras1ution to scroll consoles.

  3. Start racing with your MOZA wheel

    Once your racing wheel is powered on, your Xbox console will recognise it as an input device. By standard, the Brook Ras1ution 2 converts the MOZA wheel’s inputs so the console thinks it is a Logitech G923 racing wheel. This lets you control your game using the buttons on the MOZA wheel and feel force feedback while racing.

Is the force feedback good on Xbox?

If you are racing on Xbox with a MOZA R3 racing wheel connected directly to the console, the force feedback is as good as it would be if used with a PC. The MOZA R3 produces a peak torque of 3Nm which is created via a direct drive motor that is mounted directly to the steering shaft.

The force feedback detail is very good due to the direct drive technology allowing for small details to be present in the force feedback. With the peak torque topping out at 3Nm, the R3 isn’t the most powerful wheel and cannot compete with other direct drive Xbox racing wheels in terms of power. However, as a bundle, the MOZA R3 does offer good value.

If you are connecting a different MOZA Racing wheel to an Xbox console using the Brook Ras1ution 2 adapter, the force feedback won’t be quite as good as connecting to the console directly. This is due to the way the Ras1ution 2 translates the force feedback to ensure compatibility.

Essentially, the adapter converts the wheel inputs and game outputs to match a Logitech G923 racing wheel. This will limit the detail you get from the force feedback, especially if using a more powerful MOZA racing wheel such as the R12 or R16. However, this compromise does mean you can race with force feedback enabled with any MOZA racing wheel on an Xbox console, so may be worth it for some sim racers.

Best MOZA Xbox wheel settings

With the MOZA R3 set up directly to an Xbox console or any other MOZA wheel with the Brook adapters, you can start tweaking force feedback settings. Adjusting settings in game can make the force feedback feel better and give you a better sense of what the car is doing in game.

Below are links to our recommended MOZA wheel settings for a variety of titles that can be found on Xbox.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.